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" I staid up later than usual, expecting her return, none being in the house besides myself, how great was my surprise and terror, when, about eleven o'clock at night, I heard the dismal war-whoop of the savages, and found that my house was beset by them.... "
A History of the Valley of Virginia - Страница 419
по Samuel Kercheval, Charles James Faulkner - 1833 - 486 страници
Пълен достъп - Информация за книгата

The Terrific Record and Chronicle of Remarkable and Interesting ..., Том 1

...Knowing their cruelty and merciless disposition, and wishing to obtain some favour, he desisted firing ; but how vain and fruitless are the efforts of one man against the umted force of so many ! and of such merciless monsters as he had here to deal with. One of them that...

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