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" The hunting shirt was universally worn. This was a kind of loose frock, reaching half way down the thighs, with large sleeves, open before, and so wide as to lap over a foot or more when belted. The cape was large, and sometimes handsomely fringed with... "
A History of the Valley of Virginia - Страница 334
по Samuel Kercheval, Charles James Faulkner - 1833 - 486 страници
Пълен достъп - Информация за книгата

Family Life in 17th- and 18th-century America

James M. Volo, Dorothy Denneen Volo - 2006 - 323 страници
..."a kind of loose frock, reaching halfway down the thigh, with large sleeves, open before [in front] and so wide as to lap over a foot or more when belted." Made of heavy linen with a shoulder cape of the same material, the hunting shirt was usually trimmed...
Ограничен достъп - Информация за книгата

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