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" Wisely regardful of the embroiling sky, In joyless fields and thorny thickets, leaves His shivering mates, and pays to trusted man His annual visit. Half afraid, he first Against the window beats; then, brisk, alights On the warm hearth; then, hopping... "
Time's Telescope for ... ; Or, A Complete Guide to the Almanack - Страница 26
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The Origins of English Words: A Discursive Dictionary of Indo-European Roots

Joseph Twadell Shipley - 2001 - 636 страници
...feels the attraction of earth. James Thomson, in The Seasons (Winter), pictures The redbreast . . . Against the window beats, then brisk alights On the...grown, the table-crumbs Attract his slender feet. tre, tri: three. Skr teapoy (earlier tripoy): three-legged (see/)»'/); folkchanged from its use at...
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The Oxford Illustrated History of English Literature

Pat Rogers - 2001 - 528 страници
...licentious Proud' pursue their pleasures untouched by sympathy; a robin driven indoors by hard weather Eyes all the smiling Family askance, And pecks, and...familiar grown, the Table-Crumbs Attract his slender Feer. (133-6l BOOK ILLUSTRATION. William Kent designed four fronrispieces for James Thomson's complete...
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