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" With that there came an arrow keen Out of an English bow, Which struck Earl Douglas to the heart, A deep and deadly blow ; Who never spoke more words than these : Fight on, my merry men all ; For why, my life is at an end, Lord Percy sees my fall. "
The Spectator: In Eight Volumes. : Vol. I[-VIII]. - Страница 324
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Bulfinch's Medieval Mythology: The Age of Chivalry

Thomas Bulfinch - 2004 - 292 страници
...of an English how, Whirh struck Erie Douglas to the heart, A deepe and deadly hlow: Who never spake more words than these, Fight on, my merry men all; For why, my life is at an end; Lord Percy sees my fall. Then leaving liffe, Erie Percy tooke The dead man hy the hand ; And said, Erie...
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