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" After a motion is stated by the Speaker, or read by the Clerk, it shall be deemed to be in the possession of the House, but may be withdrawn at any time before a decision or amendment. "
Journal: 1st-13th Congress . Repr. 14th Congress, 1st Session - 50th ... - Страница 598
по United States. Congress. House - 1854
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Filibuster: Obstruction and Lawmaking in the U.S. Senate

Wawro, Gregory John Wawro, Gregory John Wawro, Eric Schickler - 2006 - 308 страници
...rulings from the chair. When the Senate revised its rules in 1828, Rule XI stated When a question is under debate, no motion shall be received but to adjourn, to lie on the table, to postpone indefinitely, to postpone to a day certain, to commit, or to amend; which several motions...
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