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" Therefore we proclaim, If any spirit breathes within this round Uncapable of weighty passion — As from his birth being hugged in the arms, And nuzzled 'twixt the breasts of Happiness — Who winks and shuts his apprehension up From common sense of what... "
Retrospective Review, and Historical and Antiquarian Magazine - Страница 109
под редакцията на - 1822
Пълен достъп - Информация за книгата

The British Quarterly Review, Томове 75–76

Henry Allon - 1882
...within this round Uncapable of weighty passion, Who winks and shuts his Hpprehension up Fromcommonsense of what men were and are, Who would not know what men must be: let such Hurry amain from our black visaged shows; We shall affright their eyes. The great criminals of Italy were unconscious of...

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