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" And with a withering look The war-denouncing trumpet took ; And blew a blast so loud and dread, Were ne'er prophetic sounds so full of woe... "
The Young Ladies' Class Book: A Selection of Lessons for Reading, in Prose ... - Страница 383
по Ebenezer Bailey - 1833 - 408 страници
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Pelissier's Columbian Melodies: Music for the New York and Philadelphia Theaters

Victor Pelissier - 1984 - 178 страници
...theme she chose, A soft responsive voice was heard at ev'ry close. And Hope enchanted smil'd, and wav'd her golden hair. And longer had she sung — but with a frown Revenge impatient rose; Allegro vivace He threw his blood-stain 'd sword in thunder down, And with a withering look, The war-denouncing...
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