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Jove judicat aequo.—Hor.
Eo ego ingenio natus sum, amicitiam
Atque inimicitiam in fronte promptam gero.—Ennius.

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I. NINEveli AND ITs REMAINs: with an account of a visit to the Chaldaean Christians of Kurdistan, and the Yezidis or Devilworshippers, and an inquiry into the manners and arts of the ancient Assyrians; by AustEN HENRY LAYARD, Esq., D.C.L. New-York : G. P. Putnam. 1849. 2. vols. 8vo. 1

II. FREE School System IN South-CAmolina, - - 31 1. Reports on the Free School System, to the General Assembly of South-Carolina, at the Regular Session of 1839. 2. Suggestions relative to the Free School System in South-Carolina, submitted to the Special Committee of Five appointed to report, &c. 1846. 3. Report on the Free School System in South-Carolina; by R. F. W. ALLston, Esq. 1846.

III. Histoire Des GIRoNDINs: par A. DeLAMARTINE. Tom. i. ii.

Contenantles volumes, i., ii., iii., iv., v., vi., vii, viii. New-
York: F. Gaillardet, Euliteur Bureau du Courrier des Etats
Unis. 12 Park Place. 1847. - - - - 53

IV. OEuvres DE SPINoza. Traduites par EMILE SAIsset, Professeur de Philosophie au Collège Royal de Henry IV.; avec une Introduction du Traducteur. Paris: Charpentier, Libraire-editeur, 29 Rue de Seine. 1824 2 vol. 12mo, 76

W. CALI for NIA. - - - - - - 82 1. Geographical Memoir upon Upper California, in illustration of his Map of Oregon and California; by John' CHARLes FREMont. Miscellaneous Document, No. 148, 1st Session, 3d August, 1848. 2. Western America, including California and Oregon, with the maps of those regions, and of the “Sacramento

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