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Fifth Session




State of South Dakota.

Begun and Held at Pierre, the Capital of Said State, on
Tuesday, the Fifth Day of January, A. D. 1897,

and Concluded March 5, A. D. 1897.

Published Under the Authority of the State,


[blocks in formation]


[Approved February 22, 1889.]

AN ACT to Provide for the Division of Dakota into two States, and to Ena

ble the people of North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Washington to Form Constitutions and State Governments, and to be Admitted into the Union on an Equal Footing with the Original States, and to Make Donations of Public Lands to Such States.

$ 1.

Be it Enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress Assembled :

That the inhabitants of all that part of the area of the United States now constituting the Territories of Dakota, Montana and Washington, as at present described may become the States of North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Washington respectively, as hereinafter provided.

§ 2. The area comprising the Territory of Dakota shall, for the purposes of this act, be divided on the line of the seventh standard parallel produced due west to the western boundary of said Territory; and the delegates elected as hereinafter provided to the Constitutional Convention in districts north of said parallel shall assemble in convention, at the time prescribed in this act, at the city of Bismarck; and the delegates elected in districts south of said parallel shall, at the same time, assemble in convention at the city of Sioux Falls.

$ 3. That all persons who are qualified by the laws of said territories to vote for representatives to the Legislative Assemblies thereof, are hereby authorized to vote for and choose delegates to form conventions in said proposed states; and the qualifications for delegates to such conventions shall be such as by the laws of said territories, respectively, persons are required to possess to be eligible to the Legislative Assemblies thereof, and the aforesaid delegates to form said conventions shall be apportioned within the limits of the proposed states in such districts as may be established as herein provided, in proportion to the population in each of said counties and districts, as near as may be, to be ascertained at the time of making said apportionments by the persons hereinafter authorized to make

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