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Church of England,

Examin d and Consider'd j




Earnestly recommended id all its Members^ ac*
cording to the Intent and Meaning of it.

Nothing can be called little, which conduces in any Degree,
to so great an End, as is the decent and orderly Performance of the
fuVick Worship of God.

Directions given by Edmund Lord Bishop of London to
the Clergy of hij Diocese, in the Year 1724.

It is too notorious, that the Book of Common Prayer, is very
little understood by some; and very negligently used by others, e-
ven of dur own Communion.

Bamct's Preface upon the Common Prayert

I wiil "pray with the Spirit, and I will frdy with the Under-
standing also. I will sing with the Spirit, and I will sing with
the Understanding also.

Let all Things be don't decently And in order.

1 Cor. xiv. 15. — 40.'


sprinted for T. Astley, at the Rose in St. Paul's Church-yard j,
and Sold by Mr. Clements and Mr. Keblewhite, Book'
UUenfr&efiraX M. DCC. tfXXVII.

•I,; fse.s. y/.

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HERE being so many Mistakes daily made in. the Performance of the ordinary Service of our Church, notwithstanding its Rubrick was so carefully drawn up, and distinguistYd by a red Character (and therefore so call'd) as it is still printed, in a different one, as a likely Provision to prevent them;

It may not be altogether unserviceable, so

to point them out, that the strictest Observers

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