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She was


river perfectly free and secure private Ship of War Alarm, to
to the vessels of his subjects, as Sir Evan Nepean, Bart. dated
well as of other nations, his ma Guernsey, 23 July.
jesty will immediately direct his
ships of war, which may be sta-

tioned at the mouth of the river

I beg leave to acquaint you, for Weser for the purpose of block their lordships' information, that ading the same, to be withdrawn.

on the 28th ult. in lat. 42 deg. 45 30. A dispatch has been this day min. N. and long. 11 deg. 7 min. received from lieutenant-general W. I fell in with, and after a chace Grinfield, commander in chief of of fourteen hours, captured the his majesty's troops in the Wind- national schooner La Legere, comward and Leeward Charibbee manded by monsieur Collinet, lieuIslands, by the right honourable tenant de vaisseau, and mounting lord Hobart, his majesty's princi- 2 brass four-pounders, and 14 brass pal secretary of state for the war

swivels, with 36 men. department, acquainting his lord- bound fromʻRochfort to Senegal. ship that on the 22d of June the

I have the honour to be, &c. fortress of Morne Fortunée was

DANIEL DE PUTRON. carried by assault, and the Island of St. Lucia captured for the British government.

15. The late accounts from Bombay announce a desperate conflict

to have taken place between our AUGUST.

troops and a numerous body of

Arabs, at Brodera, in Guzerat.Admiralty Office.

The Arabs had agreed to surren

der the place; but, pending the neCopy of a Letter to Lord Nelson. gotiation as to the conditions of

Victory, off Gibraltar, the capitulation, by which they My Lord, July 12. were allowed to march out with all I beg to acquaint your lordship their effects, they brought a numthat on Saturday the 28th ult. in ber of guns to bear upon our peolat. 45 deg: 40 min. long. 6 deg. ple, and commenced a most unex10 min. W. I captured the French pected and destructive fire: our national frigate L'Embuscade (late troops instantly stormed the place, his majesty's-ship Ambuscade, of and, carrying it, inflieted on the 32 guns), commanded by mon

traitors the punishment they mesieur Fradin, capitaine de vaisseau,

rited. We lost in the affair a and manned with 187 men.

great number of officers and men. The Ambuscade was from Cape

Seringapatam, Jan. 27.-Holkar's Francois bound to Rochfort, out

army, comprising 50,000 cavalry thirty days.

and 24,000 infantry, attacked and I have the honour to be, &c.

defeated the allies in October last, (Signed) SAM. Sutton. when several European officers

were slain on both sides, includAdmiralty Office, August 9.

ing the commandant of each party.

A variety of circumstances have Copy of a Letter from Mr. Daniel rendered it necessary that our gode Putron, Commander of the vernment should be prepared, and


almost the whole of our army has Our army will consist of about been ordered for field service. 4000 European and 16,000 native Depôts of military stores, provi. troops, well equipped. Our enemy sions, &c. were forming in all the is brave, and has numbers on his frontier posts, and the commander side ; but from the state of our in chief means to take the field in army we have not a doubt of the person, it is believed, to act against event, if he will once let us bring Holkar. The Mahratta force con- him to action. şists chiefly of cavalry, and with Downing-street, Aug. 15. -A out any other principle of attach- dispatch was this morning received ment than arises from the wealth by the right honourable lord Hoof their employers, and they con- bart, his majesty's principal secrestantly change sides as their inte- tary of state for the war departrests direct.

ment, from lieutenant-general GrinFeb. 3.-The army has already field, commander in chief of his commenced its march from hence majesty's troops in the Windward towards the Mahratta frontiers, and and Leeward Islands, announcing the troops in the Carnatic are like- the capture of the Island of Towise in motion. Should we com- bago, by the British forces, on the mence hostilities, it will be against 30th of June last. Holkar.

24. The Italian, who was con

victed a few months ago for sell. Camp in the Mysore Country,

ing indecent prints at boardingFeb. 11.

schools, &c. was pilloried yesterday

from twelve to one o'clock, near Our army is moving forward St. Clement's church, in the Strand. against Holkar, who has deposed The populace did not think fit to the peshwa, 2 cer a severe battle, exercise their privilege on the ocin which many thousands were slain casion, and the man was taken on both sides. The peshwa has down without any appearance of taken refuge in a strong hill fort, being affected by his punishmentcalled Bassine, near Bombay, and He is to stand in the pillory near we are moving into the Mahratta St. Giles's church before the expiterritories, to assist him, and re ration of his imprisonment. place him on the throne; after 26. Our Bombay army is again which a strong subsidiary force will engaged in a most irksome and faprobably be established in Poo. tiguing service. The formidable nah, his capital. No blow has chieftain Mula Row, who lately yet been struck on either side; and opposed the government of Gui. there is yet a probability that the cawar, in Guzzerat, has effected aim of the marquis Wellesley may bis escape from Nerwaad, where he be accomplished by negotiation. If was on his parole, and has col. this termination is not put to the lected a numerous army in the business, in about three weeks we northern mountains : his measures shall cross the frontier, and our are connected with the pirate Egfirst object, I presume, will be the gendi, who had long infested those siege of Darwam, the strongest seas; and it is supposed, from the fortress of the enemy, and which magnitude of his resources and will probably be hereafter converted force, that he is secretly supported by us into a depit.

by some powerful friends. Our


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government has reinforced all the

forts in his neighbourhood, set a
strong corps in motion against

him, and stationed
cruisers along the Pattan coast, to

Copy of a letter from Vice-ad-
prevent his receiving succours by

miral Lord Viscount Nelson, K. B. sea.

Commander in Chief of his Majes-
Goulad Sing, one of the most ty's Ships and Vessels in the Medi-
formidable of the insurgent chiefs terranean, to Sir Evan Nepeati,
in India, has overrun the entire of Bart. dated on board the Amphion,
the Nerwa territory, seised the

at Sea, June 17, 1803.
property of the adherents of the Sir,
legitimate government, and confis I herewith transmit to you, for
cated it amongst his followers. the information of the lords com-
Several strong corps have been dis- missioners of the admiralty, a copy
patched against him, but he has of a letter from captain Mowbray,
either defeated them or bribed of his majesty's ship Maidstonc,
them to retire. A numerous army which was delivered to me by the
was, at the date of our letters, on lieutenant sent in with the vessel
its march against him.

therein mentioned, on the morn-
County of Meath.-At a special ing of the 17th instant, as the
sessions of the peace, or meeting Amphion was getting under weigha

from Malta.
of the magistrates of said county,
convened by Edward Elliot Cham-

I am, &c.
bers, clerk of the peace, pursuant

Nelsox & BRONTE.
to a requisition directed to him by
the most noble the marquis of

His Majesty's Ship Maidstone,
Headfort, governor of said county,

June 14, 1803, 14 Leagues
Christophe A. Nicholson, and

W. from Isle Furo.
Robert Waller, esqrs., it was una My lord,
nimously resolved

I do myself the honour to inform
That, in consequence of a let-

you, that his majesty's ship under
ter received from government, re my command fell in with and cap-
commending the measure, we tured, at six this morning, a brig,
deem it expedient that a memo- in the service of the French repub-
rial be presented to his excellency lic, called L'Arabe, carrying eight
the lord lieutenant, praying “ that

4-pounders and 58 men,
the county of Meath be proclaim- manded by captain Matharin Theo-
ed to be in a state of insurrection, dore Artulam: she was on her re-
or in danger of being so."

turn to L'Orient from Athens.
Dublin, 27.-Two persons,


I have the honour to be, &c.
mean condition, and one some-

thing superior, were brought into Lord viscount Nelson,
town to-day in custody of a party K. B. &c. Mediterranean.
of the military; but though these
arrests continue, the country is Dorning-street, 6. — The king
perfectly quiet, and the yeomanry has been pleased to cause it to be
on permanent pay are reducing in signified, by the right honourable
the southern districts.

lord Hawkesbury, his majesty's




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principal secretary of state for fo. na, as to frustrate in future all the reign affairs, to the ministers of machinations of the enemies to his neutral powers residing at this government. court, that his majesty has thought The latest letters from the Decproper, for the defence of his do can, which have reached Delhee, minions, and the protection of his contain, agreeably to the represubjects, to take the most effectual sentations of Shahnuwaz Khan to measures for the blockade of the his majesty, the following particuentrance of the port of Havre-de-lars :-Holkar is in the most irkGrace, and the other ports of the some situation possible, in conseSeine; and that from this time all quence of that pecuniary distress the measures authorised by the law which in India is almost insepaof nations, and the respective trea- rable from the collection of such a ties between his majesty and the numerous army as he has now on different neutral powers, will be the field round his standard. adopted and executed with respect Futh Sihr Manea, with his di. to all vessels which may attempt to vision of the troops, has been unviolate the said blockade.

der the necessity of moving to a Kingston, Jamaica.-A most hor- considerable distance, in a southrid conspiracy among the negroes, ern direction, for the subsistence of by which it was intended to mas- his people; and he now actually sacre all the whites without excep- refuses to obey Holkar's orders for tion, and which was just on the the concentration of all his forces point of taking place, has been pro- in the environs of Poona, unless videntially discovered just time speedy and effectual measures be enough to save us all from utter adopted by that chief to relieve the destruction, and (June 22) this pressing wants of the whole army. day two of the ringleaders have The puthan surdors, Meer Khan been executed, and numbers taken and Shuhamut Khan, seem alike up.

indisposed to brave the hardships

of a campaign any longer, under Delhee, Jan. 14. — Shanuwaz SO

so many inauspicious circum . Khan represented to his majesty, stances, which have probably conthat Maharaja Sendheea Bahadgor spired to induce their detachment had approached Indoor, whence he also to remove a short distance has dispatched some detachments from the grand encampment in and of his troops to besiege all the for- round Poona. tresses in the possession of the hol The peishwa is in a situation of kurs, who depending solely upon perfect safety, under the protection their own strength, have dared to of his allies, and seems high in take the field against their nume- spirits with the hopes of immediate rous enemies. He also states, that restoration, by amicable adjusthis highness the peishwa wrote a ment, to his former authority and letter to Sendheca, sending word government, between all the parthat he will come to Sendheea's ties concerned. camp by sea, with a large body of forces, to his assistance, in order Admiralty-Office, Sept. 17. to extirpate the holkurs, and re- Copy of a Letter from Captain establish himself so firmly at Poo Bayntun, of the Cumberland, to



Rear-Admiral Sir J. T. Duck 22. An overland express arrived worth, K. B.

at the India-house yesterday, with His Majesty's Ship Cumberland, the important intelligence of the

between Jeun Rubel and Capé capture of Poonah, the capital of
Nicholu Mole, 30th June.

the Mahratta States. It appears, Sir,

that on general Wellesley's taking Having parted with the convoy, the field, the Mahratta general sent as I had the honour of informing to inform him, that if his march you in my letter of yesterday, I was continued, he would burn the stretched in with the squadron, capital to which our army was diduring the night, for St. Domingo: recting its attention. General Welsoon after daylight, a large sail was lesley, however, being determined seen near the Tortugas, steering to effect its capture, made a forced down Cape Nicola Mole, and from march of 60 miles in one day, the cut of sails I judged her to be a

and arrived at Poonah in sufficient French ship of war; the Cum time to prevent the enemy's being berland, with the Vanguard, were apprised of his progress. soon close up to her, the latter on On the near approach of the the starboard side, and the former British troops, the Mahratta chief on the larboard bow: in this posi- made a precipitate and confused retion she received a few shot from treat, and the place was, in consethe Vanguard, and, having fired quence, carried without the slightone, 'struck to his majesty's squa. est opposition. dron, and was immediately taken

The overland express also anpossession of

nounces the resignation of general She proved to be the Creole, a Stuart, as commander in chief, and remarkably fine national French second in council at Fort St. George. frigate, of 44 guns, carrying 18 pounders, and commanded by citizen Le Bastard, from Cape Fran-' From the Madras Gazette, March 7. cois, bound to Port-au-Prince, at sea one day, having general Mor Camp, l'allapoaloa, Feb. 20. gan(the second in command at Intelligence has been received, St. Domingo) and staff, with 530 that the detachments of the army troops, on board, the crew of the had joined on the morning of the frigate consisting only of 150 men,

21st. two of whom were badly wounded.

The king of Candy and the first While we were taking possession adigar had abandoned the capital, of the prize, a small national schoon- and fied to the province of Ouva, er, commanded by a lieutenant, after having set fire to the palace came into the squadron, and was

and several temples. General Mactaken : she came from Cape Fran. dowall had placed a guard upon cois, and bound to Port-au-Prince, the palace; and by the exertions of having on board 100 bloodhounds the British soldiers the fire had from Cuba, intended to accompany been extinguished, but not until the the army serving against the blacks. building was nearly consuned. I have the honour to be, &c.

Columbo, Feb. 26.
H. W. BaxxtuN. G. O. By the Governor.
Rear-Adm. Sir J. T. Duck.

His excellency the governor is
Worth, K. B.
happy to congratulate major-gene.



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