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buildings has a small window in the centre to the east, the walls are three feet thick, and both measure twelve feet in height. The foundation, with two or three courses of the building is laid of cut mountain rit; the door is fix feet eight inches high, two feet four inches wide at top, and two feet eight inches at bottom, most of the stones run through the entire thickness of the wall; the lintel is five feet eight inches in length, by eleven inches and an half in depth, and a rude cornice, projecting about five inches, and measuring four feet ten inches long, by fix inches in depth, is worked out of the same stone. A round belfry rises from the westend of the church, the entrance to it is through a square hole in the cove of the church, over which, between the cove and the roof, is a large space, open to the belfry, that received its light from a small window. The height of this tower is about forty-five feet; the roof, both of the church and tower, is composed of thin stones, very neatly laid, and with a very high pitch ; the ridge of the roof is about thirty feet above the ground, and the double building, at the rear, is only twenty feet; having ascended the roof of this building, we discover a groove cut in the east-end of the larger building, which shews that this was not the original tower, but much higher and narrower than the former; indeed the walls of the double building are seperated from those of the large, and though undoubtedly very ancient, yet the inferiority of the materials and workmanship, evidently shew that this work was posteriour to the former, and erected by much lets skilful builders. “OUR LADY's CH torch, the most westward of the seven, and

nearly opposite to the cathedral; is now almost in ruins, but from the door way, and the few remains of walls, it appears to have been built with more knowledge of the art than the other buildings. The door confists of only three courses; the lintel is five feet fix inches in length, and fourteen inches and an half in depth ; the door is six feet four in height, two feet fix in width at top, and two feet ten at bottom; a kind of architrave is worked around the door fix inches broad, and in the bottom of the lintel an ornament is wrought in a cross resembling the flyer of a stampingpress. The walls are carried up with hewn stone, in general of a large fize, to about the height of the door, and the remainder are of the rude mountain rag-stone, but laid incomparably well. At the east end was an arch of hewn stone exactly fimilar to that of the cathedral. “THE RHE FEART, literally the sepulchre of kings, is famous for having seven princes interred within its limits ; in this church is the tomb of M*Mthuil, or O'Toole, the ancient chieftain of the count:v. with the following inscription, in the Irish character:—

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