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“ You have wisely given your fan&ion to « My Lords and Gentlemen, the extraordinary expedients which it has “ It is his Grace The Lord Lieutenant's been neceflary to employ, in order to preserve pleasure, that this Parliament be prorogued the kingdom from famine. 'And I feel great to Tuesday the 29th day of June next, to le satisfaction in the prospect, that they will be then here holden : and ihis Parliament is ac. prevented for the future by the new and ju. cordingly prorogued to Tuesday the 29th day dicious arrangement of your corn laws, and of June next." the improved extenfion of your agriculture

“ I lee with pleasure the exertions of an LONDON GAZETTE, May 25. humane and liberal principle, which has St. James's, May 25. Yesterday morning prompted you to give encouragement to the George Stone, Esq. arrived with the Defininational industry, by favourable regulations tive Treaty of Peace between his Majefty and and wel! directed bounties. I have warmly the States General of the United Provinces, at heart the advancement of your trade and which was signed at Paris on the 20th int. the success of all your manufactures : and I by Daniel Hailes, Esq. bis Majesty's MiniThall not fail either to consider or to represent fter Plenipotentiary, and by the Ambassadors those instances, whereof ihe peculiar circum and Plenipoienciaries of their High Mighti. fances of the empire have hitherto prevenied beffes. a full inveitigation, and which thali be found to require a further adjustment.

On Tuesday April 6, was opened in Well« The useful regulations proposed to be minster Abby, the monument, wh ch, by a introduced in the collection and management vote of Parliament, is erected to the late Earl of the revenue; the security of private pro. of Chatham. There are fix figures in this perty, and extension of national credit, by monument, and yet the idea on which it is de poliving in the Bank of Ireland the money dengned is the fimpleft pollble. Lord Oha. of suitors in the Courts of Chancery and Ex, tham with prudence and fortitude on a farcochequer; the plans for improving the metro phagus, occupy the upper part; the lower polis, calculated not more for ornament and group confists of Britannia, feared on a rock, splendour, than for health and convenience; with the ocean and the earth at her feel, by your unanimous determinition to defend the which is exhibited the effect of his wisdom freedom of the constitution againft the attacks and fortitude, in the greatness and glory of of licentiousness; and your attention to the the nation. The statue of the Earl is in his support of charitable intiturions, are all un, parliamentary robes; he is in the action of equivocal teftimonies of your wisdom, buma. speaking, the right hand throwo forward and hill at have not failed to convey to, our So- preifing a hard species of oratory for which this vereign the satisfaction you have to decidedly Jordihip was so jufily celebrated. Prudence expressed in the bletings of that happy contti has her usual symbols, a lerpent twisting turion which you enjoy under his Majefiy's round a mirrour; Fortitude is characterised auspicious government. Sensible as you are by the Ibaft of a column, and is cloached in a of these eminent advantages, it can hardly be lion's skin. The energy of this figure ftrongnecessary for me to desire, that you should be ly contrasts the repole and contemplative chaattentive to impress them on the minds of racter of the figure of Prudence; Britannia, others, over whom your fuperiority of rank as mistress of the sea, holds in her right hand and information moit and ought to give you the trident of Neptune; Ocean is entirely a juft and benevolent influence.

naked, except that his fymbol the dolphis is “ I have a fure confidence, that, during so managed, that decency is perfectly feçared your residence in your respective counties, with the leaft posible detriment to the fiatve; you will seek to direct and encourage the in- his action is agitated, and his countevance fee duitry of your neighbourhood in the pursuits vere, which is opposed by the utmost case in bent adapted to their fituations, and by which the figure of the earth, who is leaving op a the community at large may be most effectu- terrestial globe, her head is crowned with ally benefited. You will point out to them fruit, which also lies in some profufion on the real resources of a free and fertile country, the plinth of the statue. This monument is under the bleflings of peace and the mild pro the work of Mr. Bacon, tbe fame artist who tection of the laws; and you will not suffer executed ibat erected to his Lordship at Guild'misapprehenfions to perplex, or salse info: ma hall. The inscription is as follows: tions to misguide them.

Eriéred by the King and Parliament, “ It is my happinefs and pride to reflect,

As a Tiftimony to that our uniied attention has bern and is die

The Virtucs and Ability rected to the same objeels of maintaining and

of advancing the righis, the digniy, and the William Pitt, Earl of Chatham; prosperity of Ireland, and the general intcrefts During whore Administration of the empire."

Divine Providence After which the Lord Chancellor, oy his

Exalted Great Britain Giacc's command, said.

To an height of Prosperity and Glory

Unknown to any former Age.


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Solicitude concerning the Prince of Orange EAST INDIA INTELLIGENCE.

and his tamily, and the reftoring of harmony FROM the Eaft Indies we learn the fol- and good underítanding anongtt the different lowing.

members of the goveromeot were proofs of Crocodile frigate arrived at St. Helena the the King's wisdom and friendlhip to the 24th March, 1784, failed from thence 25th, States, but that the Regency of Amsterdam and was wrecked off the Start gth May. being obliged to abide by the sense of the ma

Rodney failed from Bengal 4th Decem. jority of the said State, they muft decline ber, 1783, and arriv.d at St. Helena 12th giving a positive answer, pledging themselves March 1784.

in the mean time to support the just preroga, Worcefter failed from Bengal žoth Decem- tives of the Stadtholder and the conftitutional ber, 1783, arrived at St. Helena 15th March, rights of the people. 1784.

Utrecbi, April 30. The goveroment, and Royal Henry failed from China, 12th De. the whole provioc', is in a fate which eno pember, 1783, and arrived at St. Helena 22d gages general attention and coriohry. The March 1784.

people aprear unanimous for reforming the Dutton failed from China 12th December, abuses, under which they have labopred for 1783, and arrived at St. Helena, 224 March, so many years, Happily the magißrates, ad 1784.

greeing with the people, engage themselves Northumberland sailed from China 12th to promote this falutary purpose. They have December, 1783, and left the Cape of Good issued a publication, inviting all the citizens, Hope 146h March, 1784.

burgetres, and inhabitants, to propose fucta Winterton, General Eliott, Raymond, and plans and ideas as may seem proper for the re Beiborough spoke with by the Rodney of the

formation of government. Illand of Ceylon 19th December, in her way Extract of a letter from Toulon, April 10. from Bombay to Bengal.

" A survey has lately been taken by ordet No account of the Resolution,

of the Intendant of Marine, of all the thips Captain Cooke of the Worcester dead, laid up at this port, which fince laft year a.

The following thips were left at Bengal, mount to 67 (ail of men of war, of which 34 the roth December ;

are of the line, from 110 to 60 guns. The Atlas, Barnwell, Norfolk, Halsewell, Pin following have been declared fit for imme, got, Earl of Oxford, Major, Natsau, War- diate service, withouç any repairs whatever : ren Hattings, Fox, Earl Talbot, Cores; La Majefteux 100° LeMagnanime 74 Hinchinbroke and Earl of Chesterfield to fail La Invincible 150 | Le Scipion

74 for Bombay; and Bulbridge and Belmont, for

La Terrible

Le Temeraire 74 For St. George,

La Couronne 86 Captain Wert in the Straights of Sunda La Bourgognepife 84 $La Provence 64 learnt that five English thips were at Batavia, La Monarque 80 La Tritone names not known; h. left at China, the 12th S L'Alcide

74 || Le Michael 64 of December, the following thips, viz.

Le Cenfeur 74 Le Mercurie 64 Montague, Yorke, Morle, Walpole, Le Deftin


Le Dictateur 64 Houghton, Stormont, Latcelles, General Le Dauphin Royal 74 Le Bienfaisant 64 Coote, and Frances, to call in two fleets; the s Le Hercule 74 | Le Lion

04 firit is three weeks after the Dutto, &c. a "Those thus i marked have had a comsecond in the same dittance of time after the plete repair fince the peace was signed. first.

" Those with this g mark are guard-ships Comm. King with his fquadron sailed from at the port ; the Invincible of 110, and the the Cape the 19th of March, and Sir R. Bice Couronne of 86, the two three-deckers, being kerton with two Ibips was to leave the Cape admirals Aags. thortly after the Commodore.

“ The thips thus marked are new, being Cannanore caken without much loss che zoth launched fince December 1782. December, with great ireasure.

« There are now five thips in dock, and Caprain Joseph Hall, of the Raymond East the fame number of new are building, viz. Indiaman, died on his passage home.

two of 110, one of 94, and two of 74 guns." Hague, April 30. His Excellency Baron de Thuleneyer, Envoy Extraordinary from

PREFER M E N T S. the King of Prusia, presented to the Regency of Amsterdam, a memorial fimilar to that LONDON GAZETTE, May 1. laid by him before the States of Holland, re: Whiteball, April 28. The King has been commending from his royal master a ftrenuous pleased to appoint Daniel Hailes, Esq. to be support of the dignity and period of the his Majesty's Minister Plenipotentiary at the S:adtholder. The only answer he has receive Court of Versailles, during the absence of his ed from the above Regency is that they were Grace the Duke of Dorset, his Majesty's persuaded of the King of Prusia's good inten: Ambassador extraordinary, and Plenipotentie tions towards the republic, that his Majesty's ary to that Court.


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Le Seduissant 74


Mays. To present the Rev. Thomas Con. lawfully begotten, by the namę, file and fable, Mafter of Arts, to the Rectory of title of Earl of Uxbridge, in the county of Sconegrase, in the county and diocese of Middlesex. York, void by the death of the Rev. Thomas The dignities of Baron, Viscount and Earl Mosley.

of the kingdom of Great Britain to Sr James Carlon House, April 30. The Prince of Lowther, Bart, and the heirs male of his Wales has been pleased to appoint the Hon. body lawfully begotten, by the name, Aile Lieut. Col. Henry Fitzroy Stanhope, to be a and title of Baron Lowther of Lowiher, in Groom of his Royal Highness's Bed-chamber. the county of Westmoreland, Baron of the

Barony of Kendal in the said county, and LONDON GAZETTE, May 4. Baron of the Barony of Burgh, in the county Dublin Caftle, April 26. Letters patent of Cumberland, Viscount Longfolaic and Vir having been passed under the Great Seal of count Lowther, and Earl of Longidale. Ireland, containing a grant from his Majer: The dignity of a Baron of the kingdom of ty to the Right Honourable John Pofter, of Great Britain to the Right Hon. Thomas the office of Chancellor of the Exchequer in Viscount Bulkeley, of the kingdom of Irea this kingdom, he was this day sworn into of- land, and the heirs male of his body lawfully fice before the Lord Chancellor accordingly. begotten, by the name, file and title of Lord

Bulkely, Baron of Beaumaris, in the county LONDON GAZETTE. May 8. of Anglesea. Wbreball, May 8. The King has been The like dignity of Baron of the kingdom pleased to grant io Thomas Lock, Esq. (Nor- of Great Britain to the several gentlemen roy King of Arms) the office of Clarenceux following, and the respective heirs male of King of Arms, and Principal Herald of the their bodies lawfully begotten, by the names, South, East and West part of the kingdom of ftiles and titles undermentioned, 'viz. Great Britain called England.

Sir Thomas Egerton, of Hea'om house, in To James Gladell, of Hereford-Atreet, in the county palatine of Lancaster, Baronet, the parish of St. George, Hanover-square, in Baron Grey de Wilton. in the county of the county of Middl-sex, Esq. and bis itfue, Hereford. his Royal licence and authority, to take and Sir Charles Cocks, of Caftleditch, in the vse the name of Vernon, in addition to that county of Hereford, Bart. Lord Sommers, of Gladell, and to bear the arms of Vernon, Baron of Everham, in the county of Worparsuant to the last will of the Right Hon. cefter. Francis Vernon, Earl of Shipbrook, late of John Parker, of Saltram, in the county of the kingdom of Ireland, deceased.

Devon, Esq. Baron Boringdon, of BoringTo Thomas Pierfe, of Acklam Hall, in dun, in the said county. the county of York, Esq. and his issue, his Noel Hill, Esq. Baron Berwick, of ArRoyal licence and authority to take and use tingham, in the county of Salop; and she turname of Hulfter only.

James Dutton, Esq. Lord Sherborne, Baron To Thomas Macklin, of the Town of Dere of Sherborne, in the county of Gloucester. by, Esq. and his iffue, his royal licence and The King has been pleased to conftirute abihority to take and use the surname of Wild and appoint the Earl of Leven to be his Mafon only, and also to bear the arms of Hul- jefy's High Commissioner to the General AF fter, exemplified according to the last will and fembly of the church of Scotland. teftament of Mrs. Everald Hulfter, late of To order letters parent to be paffed under Acklam Hall aforefaid, deceased.

the Great Seal of the kingdom of Ireland, for

the Translation of the Right Rev. Father in LONDON GAZETTE, May 1r. God, Dr. William Cecil Pery, Bithop of #bireball, May 11. The King has been Killala in that kingdom, to the Bithopric of pleafed to grant the dignities of Viscount and Limerick, void by the death of the Right Earl of the kingdom of Great Britain to the Rev. Dr. William Gore. Right Hon. George Lord Abergavenny, and To order like letters patent, containing his ide heirs male of his body lawfully begotten, Majefty's grant to the Rev. Chriftopher Buto by the name, file and title of Viscount Ne- son, Clerk, Master of Arts, of the place and vill, of Birling in the county of Kent, and dignity of Dean of the Cathedral Charch of Earl of Abergavenny, in the county of Mon. Waterford, void by the death of the Rev. mouth.

Curts Harman, Clerk. The dignity of an Earl of the kingdom of To order like letters patent for conftituting Great Britain to the Right Hon. George the Right Hon. John Scott, his Majefty's Townshend, Baron de Ferrars of Chartley; Prime Serjeant, to be his Majefty's Chief Baron Bouchier, Louvaine, Basset and Comp- Jufice of the Court of King's Bench in the ton, and the heirs male of his body lawfully said kingdom. brgotten, by the name, file and title of Earl To order like letters patent, containing his of the county of Leicefter.

Majesty's grant of the dignity of a Baron of The dignity of an Earl of the kingdom of the said kingdom of Ireland, to the said John Great Britain to the Right Hon. Henry Scotr, and the heirs male of his body lawfully Lord Paget, and the beirs male of his body begotten, by the name, ftile and title of Ba

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ron Earl: fort of Lison-Earl, in the county of 14th Dragoons, Mr. William Consell to Tipperary.

be cornet ; Curnet the Hoa. Abraham Creigh

ton, of the 5th dragoons, to be corner. LONDON GAZETTE, May 15.

I'A Regt. of foot, 2d batt. Captain Andrew Queen's Palace, May 13. The Queen has Hay, of che late 88th foot, to be captain. been plealed to appoint Lieut. Colonel Charles 5th Foot, Surgeon John Bell, of the late Rooke to be one of the Gentlemen Uibers 941h foot, to be Turgcoo. Quarter Waiters, to her Majelly, in the 6th Foot, Capt. Lieut. Arthur Forbes, from toom of Henry Reveley, Esq.

the half.pay of the lace 94th, to be captain.

both Foui, Mr. Alexander Kcer to be ea. LONDON GAZETTE, Muy 18. fign. Wbriball, May 18. The King has been 13th Foot, Mr. Gilbert King to be enfiga. pleased to conftitute and appoint Henry Re joch Foot, Enlign William Morehead, veley, Esq. to be one of the Commissioners from the half-pay of the late 92d to be enngo. for his Majesty's Revenue of Excile, in the 47th Foot, Eldest Ensign George Mountaia room of Charles Goren, Esq. decealed. to be lieutenant; Mr. Thomas Mahon to be

enfign; Lieut. Charles Baldwin, froin the LONDON GAZETTE, May 22. halt.pay of the 47ıh to be lieutenant. W biteball, May 20. The King has been 49th Foot, Lieut. William Burton, from pleased to grant voto George Harrifon, Esq. che hall-pay of the late 105th, to be lieut. Windsor Herald, the office of Norroy King 65th Foot, Quarter-matter John Lowry, of Arms and Principal Herald of the North froin the half-pay of the late 86th, to be parts of that part of Great Britain called quarter-master; Surgeon Edward M'Allifier, Eugland.

froin the halt-pay of the late 75th, to os

furgeon. PROMOTIONS.

661 h Poot, Mr. Hugh Lloyd to be enfign. Har Office, May 4, 1784. 3d regt. of

War Office, May 11. 3d regt. of foot, dragona guards, Philip Charlton, gent. is ap

Lieut. Richard Williams, from the 99th, w ponted to be cornet.

to be lieutenant. 12th Regt. of foot, Lievt. John Perryn to

8th Regt. of foot, George Strickland, gent. be captain lieutenant ; Lievt. John Picion,

to be enlign. from the hall-pay of the lale 75th regt. to be

14th Regt. of foot, Enlign William Rowlieutenant.

ley, on che hait.pay of the 14th, to be entzo. 14th Regt. of foot, Enfign James Cotter to 19th Regt. of foot, Enfign Robert Bioen. be lieutenant.

field to be licurenant; Alexander Gray, gent. 334 Regt. of foot, Enliga John Fox to be to be enfign. lieutenant.

24th Regt of foot, Licut. William Short, 39th Regt. of foot, Ensign Æneas Shaw, on the half.pay of the 24th, to be lieutenant. from the hair.pay of the both regt. to be en - 32d Regt. of foor, Lieut. Jona Cbiltos figo.

Lainbton, Carter, to be adjutant. both Regt. If batt. Enfigo John Lennox,

43d Regt. of foot, Juha Maddita, sest to from the half-pay of the bosh regt. to be en

be enlign. fign; Surgeon Jubo Sominers in be


$2d Regr. of foot, Enlige James Catliff to miter ; Quarter-marter James Wright to be bel eytenant ; Volunteer Jonn Hutcheson so furgeon ; Quarter-matter William Fitzgerald, be enfign; Lieui. Samvel Achmury w be adon ene hall-pay of the 60th reze. co be quar: jutant; Edward H. milion Lambart, gert. io ter-matter.

be enfign in the additional company, -11 Regt. of foot, Eoñign John Lee, of the 36th Regr. os fuos, Enliga Gylleni 16th foot, to be lieurenant.

be lieutenant. Thomas Pemberton, genc. late of the 45th

goth Regs of four, George Spry, gear to -segt. to be enligo in capt. Hrnry Græme's in

be enfign. dependent company of invalids.

82d Regt. of fooi, Lieut. Samuel Wood, of Thomas Moncrief, late Major of Brigade the 56th, to be captain of a company. to the forces in North Amcrica, to be fort 8.1th Regt. ut batt. Alexander Hamiltos, adjutant and barrick-matter lo the forces in gent. to ve enfign, the island of Cape Breton.

cocin Regi. of foor, Enfign Sir Hector Commifi.ons hg wed by bis Mairfix for the Army Mil.com; of the it batt. of the 84th, to be

in 'n eland; ali doted spil 17, 1774. 102d Rege, of fort, Ensign Thomas Parier. 5th Regt. of dragoons, Mr. James Smith to fon, to be lieutenant ; Ensign Samuel Gibbs, be cornet; Hon. Joho Creighton to be cornet of the East Settolk Militia, to be enliga. en second.

15. 7th Rege of font, Lieut. Charles Jef. 8.n. drageons, Lieut. Edward Tripping to fries Syrnes to be adjutant. be caprain ; Second Cornet John Wallis to be 14th Regr. of foot, Licut. Arthur Mair,us lieutenant.

the half pay of the 43d, to be lieutenant. Izth Dragoons, Cornet Arthur French, co &7th Regt. of foor, Ralph Bruce, gent. to be lieutenant

58th Regt. of foot, Ensign Andrew Hen. Johu Collins, late of Jewry-Street, Lon. derfon, on the half-pay of the 13th foot, to don, Merchant. be enfign,

William Stringer, of Eltham, Kent, Bute $8th Regt. of foot, Enlign Alexander Maue cher. berley, on the half-pay of the 4th fooi, to Charles Fither, of Bristol, Dealer in Eas. be entign.

theo-ware. 64th Regt. of foot, Edward Honeywood, Benjamin Mee, late of Fenchurch-ftreet,

London, Merchant. gent. to be enfign.

82d Regt. of foot, Enhgn Evan M Pherson William Bailey, of Birmingham, Warı, to be lieutenant.

wickshire, Bookseller. 82d Regt. of foor, William Frederick Mac Henry Bromley, late of Holborn, Middle kenzie, gent. to be enfiga.

sex, Dealer and Chapman.

James Dunbar lunes, of Brewer-street,

Middlesex, Druggift.

Thomas Douglass, late of Holborn, Lone May ;. Yetterday was married by a spe- don, Mariner. cial liceoce, at the Earl of Powis's house, in 8. William Joseph Rotton, late of SwasHentford ftreet, the Right Hon. Lord Clive, sca, Glamorganthire, Merchant. to the Right Hun. Lady Henrietta Herbert, Timothy de Souza Pinto, lace of Moore ffer to the said Ea.d.

fields, Middlesex, Merchant.

Thomas Gibbs, latc of Alcester, Warwick,


Edward Hunt, late of Portsmouth, SouthCopenbager, May 4: Her Royal Highness ampton, Dealer. the Princels Sophia Frederica, Confort to 11. Samuel Davis of Church-court, St. Prince Frederic, was, on Sunday morning, Martin's, Middletex, China-man. the 2d of this month, safely delivered of a

John Jackson, late of Swallow ftreet, but daughter.

now of Tottenham-street, both in Middlesex, Brandy-merchant.

William Bell, of Auby, Yorkshire, Bat. DE A' T H S.

cher. April 27th died at Ed.nburgh, the Right James Grocot, of Liverpool, Lancafter, Hon. David Dalıymple, oi Westhall, one of Woollen Draper. the Lords of C. uncil and Sortion.

James Crompton, of Manchefter, Lancafer, 28th, At his Lordihir's hour, at White. Dyer. hall, the Lady of the Right Hon, the Earl of John Branch, of Norwich, Wine-merchant. Waidegrave.

John Henry Gentil, of Lawrence Pount. Hague, May 3. Yesterday morning advice ney-bill, London, Merchant. was received here of the death of his High Henry Ladler,of Durham, Money-scrivéner. ness the Prince Bithop of Licge.

Robert Donard, late of Magarci-ftreet, Cavendilb-square, Middlesex, Upholfterer.

Juho Tasker, of the Minories, London, BANKRUPI S.

Linen-draper. May 1. William Morgan, of Portsmouth

Francis Daniell, of Briftol, Merchant. Hanrs, Mercer.

Thomas Bradford, late of Doncaster, YorkJoha Courtney, of Kingston, Hereford, thire, Upholferer. Dealer.

Patrick Currin and John Lloyd, of TorJohn Swain, Joseph Taylor, Joseph Jones, tenham court-road, Sadlers. and John Williams, of Warwick, Builders.

George Waller, of Hortham, Suflex, MerWilliam Bacchus, of Birmingham, Warwick, Steel Toy-maker,

Laniel Beale of Prescot-treet, Goodman'sThomas Bill, of Billion, Stafford, Buckle. fields, Middlesex, Flour-factor. chape-maker.

John Burnell the younger, of AldersgateWithers Newman, of Drury lane, Mid- ftreet, London, Grocer. dlesex, Brass Fourder.

Robert Nicholson Dalton, of Upper Moore James Oram Clarklin, late of Balinghall fields, Middlesex, Taylor. freet, London, Insurance Broker.

Williain Sturdy, of Leeds, Yorkshire, John Miles of White Jrham, Berks, Butcher. Viavaller.

Rchared Councell, of Bristol, Hooper.'. Robert Richards, of Aol' rat, Stafford,

George Ridpath the younger, of Berwick Miller.

upon Tweed, Vintner. George Keailicy, of Fls. , London,

John Lanpori, of Welt Pennard, Somero Book feller.

feth rr, Daler. Thomas Mariin, of (.


Robert Seeman, of Norwich, Wool-comber. Watchmaker.

Benjamin Merriman, Naihaniel Merri4. Isaac Naslo, of Caicos

man, and Nathaniel Merriman the youngera don, Iosurer.

of Marlborough, Willhire, Cheese- factors.


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