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the time of mingling with the Heathens, */|captain, they forth with removed from the seeing that there was no safety for him, nor|place where they were, and went to the access to the altar,

town of Dessau, to meet them. 4 Came to king Demetrius in the year. 17 Now Simon the brother of Judas had one hundred and fifty, presenting unto himjoined battle with Nicanor : but was frighta crown of gold, and a palm, and besidesened with the sudden coming of the adver. these, some boughs which seemed to belong saries. to the temple. And that day indeed hel18 Nevertheless Nicanor bearing of the held his peace.

valour of Judas's companions, and the great5 But having gotten a convenient time to|ness of courage, with which they fought further his madness, being called to counsel for their country, was afraid to try the mat. by Demetrius, and asked what the Jews re-ter by the sword. lied upon, and what were their counsels, 19' Wherefore he sent Posidonius, and

6 He answered thereunto : They among||Theodotius, and Matthias before to present the Jews that are called Assideans, of whom and receive the right hands. Judas Machabeus is captain, nourish wars, 20 And when there had been a consulta. and raise seditions, and will not suffer the tion thereupon, and the captain had acrealm to be in peace.

quainted the multitude with it, they were 7 For I also being deprived of my an-all of one mind to consent to covenants. cestors glory (I mean of the high priest- 21 So they appointed a day upon which hood) am now come hither:

they might commune together by them8 Principally indeed out of fidelity to selves : and seats were brought out, and the king's interests, but in the next place set for each one. also to provide for the good of my country-| 22 But Judas ordered men to be ready in men : for all our nation suffereth much from convenient places, lest some mischief might the evil proceedings of those men. be suddenly practised by the enemies : so

9 Wherefore, o king, seeing thou know they made an agreeable conference. est all these things, take care, I beseech. 23 And Nicanor abode in Jerusalem, and thee, both of the country, and of our na-did no wrong, but sent away the fiocks of tion, according to thy humanity which is the multitudes that had been gathered to known to all men.

gether. 10 For as long as Judas liveth, it is not 24 And Judas was always dear to him possible that the state should be quiet. from the heart, and he was well affected to

11 Now when this man had spoken to the man. this effect, the rest also of the king's friends, 25 And he desired him to marry a wife, who were enemies of Judas incensed Deme- and to have children. So he married : he trius against him.

lived quietly, and they lived in common. 12 And forthwith he sent Nicanor, the 26 But Alcimus seeing the love they had commander over the elephants, governor one to another, and the covenants, came to into Judea :

Demetrius, and told him that Nicanor as13 Giving him in charge, to take Judas sented to the foreign interest, for that be himself: and disperse all them that were meant to make Judas, who was a traitor to with him, and to make Alcimus the high the kingdom, bis successor, priest of the great temple.

27 Then the king being in a rage and 14 Then the Gentiles who had fled out provoked with this man's wicked accusa. of Judea from Judas, came to Nicanor by tions, wrote to Nicanor, signifying, that he focks, thinking the miseries, and calamities was greatly displeased with the covenant of of the Jews to be the welfare of their af friendship: and that he commanded him fairs.

nevertheless to send Machabeus prisoner in 15 Now when the Jews heard of Nica- all haste to Antioch. nor's coming, and that the nations were as- 28 When this was known, Nicanor was sembled against them, they cast earth upon in a consternation, and took it grierously their heads, and made supplication to him, that he should make void the articles that who chose his people to keep them for were agreed upon, having received no inever, and who protected his portion by evi-ljury from the man. dent signs.

29 But because he could not oppose the 16 Then at the commandment of their king, he watched an opportunity to comply

with the orders. yet neither of them were truly high priests :/ 30 But when Machabeus perceived that for the true high priesthood was amongst Nicanor was more stern to him, and that the Machabees, who were also of the stock when they met together as usual, he be. of Aaron, and had strictly held their reli- baved himself in a rough manner: and was gion, and were ordained according to the sensible that this rough behaviour came not rites commanded in the law of Moses. of good, he gathered together a few of his

* Mingling with the Heathens; that is, men, and hid himself from Nicanor. in their idolatrous worsbip.

31 But he finding himself notably prevented by the man, came to the great and|| 45 And as he had yet breath in him, beholy temple: and commanded the priests,ing inflamed in mind he arose : and while that were offering the accustomed sacrifi-his blood ran down with a great stream, and ces, to deliver him the man.

he was grievously wounded, he ran through 32 And when they swore unto him that the crowd: they knew not where the man was whom 46 And standing upon a steep rock, when he sought, he stretched out his hand to the he was now almost without blood, grasptemple,

ing his bowels, with both hands, he cast 33 And swore, saying : Unless you de-them upon the throng, calling upon the liver Judas prisoner to me, I will lay this Lord of life and spirit, to restore these to temple of God even with the ground, and him again : and so he departed this life. will beat down the altar, and will dedicate

CHAP. XV. this temple to Bacchus.

34 And when he had spoken thus, heJudas, encouraged by a vision, gains a glo. departed. But the priests, stretching forth rious victory over Nicanor. The conclu. their hands to heaven, called upon him that|

sion, was ever the defender of their nation, say-Bodas as in the places of Samaria, he ing in this manner :

35 Thou, O Lord of all things, who want-purposed to set upon him with all violence est nothing, wast pleased that the temple on the sabbath day. of thy habitation should be amongst us.

2 And when the Jews that were con36 Therefore now, O Lord, the holy of strained to follow him, said : Do not act so all holies, keep this house for ever undefiled, fiercely and barbarously, but give honour which was lately cleansed.

to the day that is sanctified: and reverence 37 Now Rasias, one of the ancients of him that beholdeth all things : Jerusalem, was accused to Nicanor, a man 3 That unhappy man asked, if there were that was a lover of the city, and of good re-la mighty One in heaven, that had comport, who for his kindness was called the manded the sabbath day to be kept. father of the Jews.

4 And when they answered: There is 38 This man, for a long time had held the living Lord himself in heaven, the mighfast his purpose of keeping himself pure inty One, that commanded the seventh day the Jews religion, and was ready to expose to be kept. his body and life, that he might persevere

5 Then he said: And I am mighty upon therein.

the earth, and I command to take arms, and 39 So Nicanor, being willing to declare to do the king's business. Nevertheless he the hatred that he bore the Jews, sent five prevailed not to accomplish his design. hundred soldiers to take him.

6 So Nicanor, being puffed up with ex40 For he thought by ensnaring him to ceeding great pride, thought to set up a hurt the Jews very much.

public monument of his victory over Ju41 Now as the multitude sought to rush das. into his house, and to break open the door 7 But Machabeus ever trusted with all and to set fire to it, when he was ready to hope that God would help them. be taken, he struck himself* with his sword: 8 And he exhorted his people not to fear

42 Choosing to die nobly rather than to the coming of the gentiles, but to rememfall into the hands of the wicked, and ber the help they had before received from to suffer abuses unbecoming his noble heaven, and now to hope for victory from birth.

the Almighty. 43 But whereas through haste he missed 9 And speaking to them out of the law of giving himself a sure wound, and the and the prophets, and withal putting them crowd was breaking into the doors, he ran in mind of the battles they had fought beboldly to the wall, and manfully threw him fore, he made them more cheerful: self down to the crowd :

10 Then, after he had encouraged them, 44 But they quickly making room for|he shewed withal the falsehood of the Genhis fall, he came upon the midst of the tiles and their breach of oaths. neck.t

11 So he armed every one of them, not

with defence of shield and spear, but with He struck himself, &c. This fact of Ra-l very good speeches and exhortations, and sias is of the number of those that are by told them a dream worthy to be believed, no means to be imitated; and that can nowhereby he rejoiced them all. otherwise be justified than by an extraordi

12 Now the vision was in this manner : nary impulse of God, the sovereign master Onias, who had been high-priest, a good of life and death,

and virtuous man, modest in his looks, genHe came upon the midst of the neck. Vetle in his manners, and graceful in his nit per mediam cervicem. In the Greek |speech, and exercised from a child in all it is, xévewva, which signifies a void place, virtues, holding up his hands, prayed for all where there is no building.

llthe people of the Jews.

13 After this there appeared also ano-Islew no fewer than five and thirty thousad, ther man, admirable for age and glory, and being greatly cheered with the presence of environed with great beauty and majesty. God.

14 Then Onias answering, said: This 28 And when the battle was over, and is a lover of his brethren, and of the peo- they were returning with joy, they under. ple of Israel : this is he that prayeth much stood that Nicanor was slain in his arbour. for the people and for all the holy city, Je- 29 Then making a shout, and a great remias the prophet of God.

noise, they blessed the almighty Lord in 15 Whereupon Jeremias stretched forth their own language. his right hand, and gave to Judas a sword of 30 And Judas, who was altogether ready, gold, saying:

in body and mind, to die for his country. 16 Take this holy sword a gift from God, men, commanded that Nicanor's head, and wherewith thou shalt overthrow the adver- his hand with the shoulder should be cat saries of my people Israel.

off, and carried to Jerusalem. 17 Thus being exhorted with the words ofl

. 31 And when he was come thither, barJudas, which were very good, and proper ing called together his countrymen, and the to stir up the courage, and strengthen the priests to the altar, he sent also for then hearts of the young men, they resolved to that were in the castle, fight and to set upon them manfully : that 32 And shewing them the head of Nicsvalour might decide the matter, because nor, and the wicked hand, which he had the holy city and the temple were in dan- stretched out, with proud boasts, against ger.

the holy house of the almighty God. 18 For their concern was less for their 33 He commanded also, that the tongue wives and children, and for their brethren, of the wicked Nicanor should be cut out, and kinsfolks, but their greatest and prin- and given by pieces to birds, and the hand ..cipal fear was for the holiness of the tem of the furious man to be hanged up overple.

against the temple. 19 And they also that were in the city, 34 Then all blessed the Lord of heaven, had no small concern for them that were to saying: Blessed be he that hath kept his be engaged in battle.

own place undefiled. 20 And when now all expected what|| 35 And he hung up Nicanor's head in judgment would be given, and the enemies the top of the castle, that it might be an were at hand, and the army was set in ar-evident and manifest sign of the help of ray, the beasts and the horsemen ranged in God. convenient places,

36 And they all ordained by a common 21 Machabeus considering the coming decree, by no means to let this day pass of the multitude, and the divers prepara-without solemnity : tions of armour, and the fierceness of the 37 But to celebrate the thirteenth day of beasts, stretching out his hands to heaven, the month of Adar, called in the Syrian lancalled upon the Lord that worketh wonguage, the day before Mardochias day. ders, who giveth victory to them that are

38 So these things being done with relaworthy, not according to the power of their tion to Nicanor, and from that time the city arms, but according as it seemeth good to being possessed by the Hebrews I also wil him.

Where make an end of my narration. 22 And in his prayer he said after this manner: Tho:10 Lord, who didst send thy|becometh the history, it is what I desired:

39 Which if I have done well, and as it Angel in the time of Ezechias king of Ju but if not so perfectly,* it must be pardodda, and didst kill a hundred and eighty five

ed me. thousand of the army of Sennacherib: 23 Send now also, O Lord of heaven, thy

40 For as it is hurtful to drink always good Angel before us, for the fear and wine, or always water, but pleasant to use dread of the greatness of thy arm,

sometimes the one, and sometimes the 24 That they may be afraid, who come other : so if the speech be always nicely with blasphemy against thy holy people. framed it will not be grateful to the readers. And thus he concluded his prayer.

But here it shall be ended. 25 But Nicanor and they that were with him, came forward with trumpets and songs. * If not so perfectly, &c. This is not

26 But Judas, and they that were with said with regard to the truth of the narrahim, encountered them, calling upon Godtion : but with regard to the style and masby prayers :

ner of writing: which in the sacred pet 27. So fighting with their hands, but men is not always the most accurate : see praying to the Lord with their hearts, they|St. Paul, 2 Cor. xi, 6.


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