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fended the bulwarks of human liberty against the most formidable attacks. The prospect would have been even more cheerful, had France itself, according to the saying of a great writer, been blotted out of the map of Europe, than

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various ranks and classes of men;

we see nothing but soldiers and their chiefs. Within our own remembrance the military establishment of every nation in Europe— those, we mean, who still retain

their rank among nations—has to see Poland, the Swiss Cantons, .

been trebled at least. Such a state of things cannot be permanent. Either the powers of Europe must unite to crush the ambition of France, or they must become parties to their own downfal. Should victory attend their union in the doubtful and dangerous conflict, still a permanent peace may not be the consequence. The flame of ambition once enkindled, its progress is uncertain. Unfortunately, the people will always suf. fer for the wickedness of their goVernors

“ Quicquid delirant reges, plectuntur Achiwi."

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N. B.-The highest and lowest Prices of each Srock in the course of any Mouth are put down in that Month.

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In the Year 1803.

1803. . . . . (A)

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In the Year 1803. -


- Plymouth.


morning received here, of the loss of the ship Duke of Clarence, of this port, Captain M. Fawkner, on the 28th September last, on her passage from Quebec, laden, with a cargo of wheat. She was driven on shore in a gale of wind on Magdalen Island, in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and went to pieces in the course of half an hour.

The captain, the o: and

his son, the chief mate, four marines and a boy, unfortunately perished; the second mate and three seamen were saved by an American schooner from the Bay of Chaleur, and landed at Beverley. A phaenomenon, which seldom occurs in this country, took place at Falmouth. About noon, a sudden whirlwind, extremely violent, passed, with a rapid motion, over about a sixth part of the town, in a direction from S. to N. The noise was very great, and spread consternation among the inhabitants of that part of the town over which it passed, and the congregation assembled in the church which lay in its course. The effects were so limited as not to be felt in the least degree in any other part of the


place. As it passed over the harbour it was so violent as to produce a cloud of thick spray, which obscured the vessels lying there; and on its clearing off, a ship, which lay near the centre of its direction, was seen thrown on her beam ends, her keel in sight. The roof of every house in its way was rifled—several trees were torn up, a large copper vane was forced into an indented form. The wind was not high when the tornado arose: its operation was altogether instantaneous, and an almost perfect calm immediately succeeded it. Fortunately there were no boats, nor vessels of any description, under sail in the harbour; and it was also fortunate that the inhabitants were assembled in the church: if there had been many persons in the streets, they could not have escaped uninjured, from the large pieces of slate and stone which were blown from the houses

and strewed the streets, 5. We yesterday received Ame. rican papers to the 4th of December. The intelligence they bring from St. Domingo is of a nature the most disastrous to the French cause in that colony. The reduction of the insurgent blacks, so far from being in the train of accomplishment, appears now more reA 2) note

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