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o the advantage of us both in each other's 84 LETTER S rof is the only one I could wish omitted of all you have written: but I wou'd not defire it should be so, unless I had the meriç of removing your objeâion: I beg you but to point out those strokes to me, and you may be allured they liiall be treated without mercy:

Since we are upon proofs of sincerity (which I am pretty confident will turn to

opinion, give nie leave to name another paflage in the fame Spectator, which I wish

you would alter : It is where you mention can observation upon Homer's Verses of Sysi:phus's

. Scone, * never having been made before by any of the Criticks: I happend to find the

same in Dyonisius of Halicarnassus's Treatife, και περι Συνθεσες Ονοματον,

who treats very largely upon these Verses. I know you will think fit to foften your Expreffion, when you see the pailuge; which you must needs have read, tho' It be fince nipt out of your memory. I am with the utmost csteem,

Your, &c.

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These Words are Jánce left out in Mr. Tickel's Edition, but were extant in all during Mr. Add fun's Li;c.






to my native country, there will appear a

Heto banco divi l'uno torn ylno odier".
wij on the biri ilin 90 blooch
* Mr. Pope to the Earl of

HAL I F A X. ,

Dec. 1; 1714
Am obliged to you both for the favours

and for those

you intend me. I distrust neither your will nor your memory, when it is to do good: and if ever I become troublesome or sollicitous, it must not be out of expectation, but out of gratitude. Your Lordship may either

cause me to live agreeably in the town, or contentedly in the country, which is really all the difference I ser between an ealy fortune and a small one. It is indeed a high strain of generosity in you, to think of making me easy all my life, only be

cause I have been so happy as to divert you 9

some few hours: But if I may have leave to add, it is because you think me no enemy better reason; for I must of consequence be very much, (as I lincerely am)

My Lord, &c.* ***

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Mr. Pope to Mr. CONGREVE,


gor (1

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Jan. 16, 1714-15. Ethinks when I write to you, I am

making can't tell how) such a custom of throwing myself out upon paper without reserve. You were not mistaken in what you judg'd of my temper of mind when I writ last!

. My faults will not be hid from you, and perhaps it is no dispraise to me that they will not. The cleañness and purity of one's mind is never better prov'd, than in discovering its own faults at first view : as when à Stream shows the dirt at its bottom, it shows also the transparency of the water.

My spleen was not occasioned, how. ever, by any thing an

abusive, angry Critick could write of me. I take very kindly your heroick manner of congratulation upon this scandal ; for I think nothing more honourable, than to be involved in the same fate with all the great


* Dennis, who writ an abusive Pamphlet this year, intitled, Remarks on Mr. Pope's Homer.


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