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Mareb 6. Luke Kent, of Portsmouth, 28. Ar Sproughion, Sir Robere Harland, Hants, printer.

Bart. Admiral of ine Blue. He was made a Thomas Taylor, of Kingfiand road, Mid Lieutenant in the navy, February 25, 174, dlesex, Shoreditch, brick-maker.

a Captain March 19, 1746, and an Admiral Jockim Gerhard Peters, of Mansel-Street, O&ober 28, 1770. On the rgih of March Gondman's Fields, Middlesex, merchant. 1771, he was created a Baronet of this kingo

Robert Brags, of Grantham, Lincolnshire, dom, and appointed to the command in the linen draper.

East Indies in the same year. He is focceed
Joseph More, of Chandos-ftreet, Covent ed in title by his only fon, now Sir Robert
Garden, Middlesex, filk-mercer.

Hiland, Bart. a Corner in the first regiment
March 9. Jonathan Sedgwick and Thomas of dragoons.
Sedgwick, fare of Budgerow, London, Iron. February 29th, at har Royal H'ghness the

Princess Amel a's house in Cavendith-square,
Samuel Fletcher, of St. Martin's-lane, Mrs. Catherine Middleton, Spinster, daugh.
Middlesex, Wine and Brandy Merchant. ter of the late Sir William Middleton, of

John Bullock, of Great Marlow, Bucks, Bellay Castle in Northumberland, and BedDealer and Chapman.

chamber woman to her Royal Highness the Chr ftopher Earl, of Birmingham, War- Priocels Amelia. wickshire, Dealer and Chapman.

March 4. Right Hon. Lady Holmes of March 13. William Hutchins, of Lud. Newport in the Ise of Wight, 'relict of the gate-ftreet, London, Merchant.

late Lord Holmes. Benjamin Jeavors, late of Stourport, Wore Ar Lord Camelford's, Petersham, Pinckney cefter, Woollen-draper.

Wilkinion, Esq. of Burnham, in the county Benjamin Haigh, of Outlane, York, Ino. of Nortolk, Member of Parlament for Old keeper, Merchant.

Sarum, in the gift year of his age. Marcb 17. William Jolley, of Dorset 6. Ar his leat at Garswood Sir Robert ftreet, Spital. fields, Middlesex, Grocer. Gerard, Bart.

Philip Green, of Mere, Wiltfhire, Miller. The Right Honourable Sir Thomas Sewell,

March 20. James Dunbar, now or late of Knt. Matter of the Rolls, and one of the Bristol, Merchant.

Lords of his Majesty's molt Honourable Privy John Hewitt, late of Blue-house, Wash Council. ington, Durham. Dealer.

At bis house in Old Burlington-freet, the William Barker, of Bewdley, Worcester, Honourable the Champion, John Dymoke, Grocer.

Esq. who is succeeded in title and etiace by
March 23. Richard Bellian, of Wigan, his eldest son, Lewis Dymoke, Esq. now
Lancashire, Check Manufacturer.

Champion of England.
Shubael Gardner, of Crown Court, St. 8. Ai her house in Hampton, Middlesex,
George in the East, Middlesex, Merchant. Crtharine Countess Dowager of Litchfield,

Jofeph Maylon, of Compton-street, Soho, relie of Roberi, Earl of Litchfield, and fifter
Middletex, Grocer.

of Sir James Ston house, Bart. of Rodley, in
George Saunders, of Bath, Somerset, Grocer. the county of Berks.
Thomas Beckett, of Liverpool, Lancaster, At Manchelier, Mr, George Harding,

aged ul. He served as a private soldier in John Cochran, of Berner's-street, Mary- the reigns of Queen Aune, George I. and bone, Middlesex, Broker.

Gorge II. and obtained his discharge fan Thomas Taiterfall, of Blackburn, Lan after the Scorch rebeilion. caster, Fufian Manufacturer.

At his house at Walthamfow, Charles John Trelawny, of Union-row, Little Garth, Esq. one of his Majesty's Honourable Tower-hill, London, Habe dalher.

Commifioncrs of the Excise, Recorder for Mofes Game, late of Wivenhoe, Effex, the Borough of Devizes, and formerly one of Ship.builder.

the reprolen'atives of that place.

14. Ai Newbury, Rear Admiral Thorpe


27. A few days ago at Llan Vair y Medd Feb. 23. Died in Scotland, the second fon in Anglesea, Hugh Rowland Hughes, gente of Alexander Murray, Esq; of Blackbarony, aged 114 years, 11 months, and 27 days Member of Parliament for the county of He was born March 1, 1670, married in the Peebles.

year 1700, and had sine children; he was In Portland-Itreet, Cavendish-square, married the second time in 1734, and had five the Right Hon. Lady Caroline, Baroness For children; he was married the third time, sester, reliet to the late George Cockburne, and had two children, viz. Hugh Evan Esq; Comptroller of the Navy; and is fuc- Hughes, the Welch poet, and a daughter; ceeded in title by her only daughter, auw the and in the year 1748 he married his fourth Right Hon. Anoa Maria Forrester.

wife, whom he left a widow with feven chile 27. M Is Margaret Rivers, second daugh- dren, all men and women now alive ; 84 of ker of the Rev. Sir Peter Rivers Gay, Bart. bis offspring were at his burying in Amlwich prebendary of Winchester.

church on St. David's day last.

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MAGAZINE Parliamentary, Naval, Military, and Literary



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Illustrated with, a View of the CALMUCK TARTARS Packing up, transporting,

and refixing their Tenrs, elegantly engraved.



1. Members returned

241 48. King of Prusha's Letter to the States 2. Scrutiny for London


General 3. State of the Pill in Westmihfter 243 49. Rints at Rotterdam

291 4. Anecdote of the Duc de Chartres 243 50. State of the Stage during the Civil Wars 5. Virginia resolves to pay Debts 244

291 6. Curreat Specie in America 244 51. Lowin and Taylor

292 7. Congress Ratification of the Peace 246 52. Gotf and Hunreman

292 8. Recommendation of the Loyalists 246 53. Humourous Conduct of Cox 293 9. Town of Stanford baoithes the Loyalists247 54. Lowin the original Falfat

293 10. Town of Newhaven admit them 247 55. Lift of Stamps in ure

294 11. Description of a Calmuck Camp 248 56. Etay on Republican Principles 12. Country of the Clmuck Tartars 249 57. Rise of Republicanism in America 297 13. Rutia atrempts to entlave them 249 58. Too extensive for a Republic 297 14. Calmuck Princets opposes the attempt 249 59. Republics of Athens, Thebes, &c.

297 15. Defears their Scheme by a bold Itroke2 50 60. Venice and Holland

298 16. Decoyed into Attracan and seized 255

61. Revolutions expected in Holland 298 17. Her magnanimous Behaviour

252 6:. England tired of Republicanism 299 18. Probable Origin of the Arts 253 63. Arrogance of The Romans

299 19. Proved to have originated in India 254 64. Liberty at present predominant 300 20. Parliamentary Debates

254 65. Small States onlu' fit for a Republic 300 23. Constable of the Tower, Civil or Mile 66. All Republics verge to Arilirocacy 301 tary

67. Liberty of the Piels

301 22. Parliamentary Reform

256 68. Mixed Governments formerly thought 23. A Peer in the House


302 24. Muriny Bill 257 69. Strength of Great Britain illustrated

303 25. Strangers excluded

10. Ludian Treachery

303 26. Debate on King's Answer 262 91. Advices from the East Indies

304 27. Humorous Speech of Sir R. Hill 264 32. Parriculars of Hanuel's Jubilee

306 28. Receipt Tax 265 33. Piracy in the Meditar. anean

307 29. Mutiny Bill 265 74. W 1 miniter Election 1749

307 30. Extraordinaries of the Navy 270 75. High B viliff called before t.e Hovfe 303 31. Bribery at Election's

271 26. Mr. Murray puilhed fot obitructing 5. Iosolvent Debtors Bill 271 him

308 33. Removal of Conviets


77. Proccedings of the House against him 309 34. Abftraft of the Bill 272 78. He relifts their Authority

309 35. Parliamentary Reform

79. Submits, and is dismitted

310 36. Committee on India Report

86. Gizette Intelligence

30) 37. America: Trade Bill

8!. Gizette Prefermenis

313 38. Bounty on Lincos and Callicoes 278 82. Foreign Intelligence

311 39. Lo d Mabon's Election Bill

278 83. D:fentiens in Holland 40. Army Estimates

84. Ead India Directors

313 41. Disolution of Parliament

231 85. Cooviéts rise and seize the Transport 313 42. Second Report on Illicit Trade 233 86. Forgery on the Navy 0.nice

314 43. Stare of the Revenue on Tobacco 285 87. Governors of the Bank

314 44. Starch, Wax Candles, Soap

88. Proinotions

314 45. Licences on Hawkers and Pedlars 286 89. Deaths 46. Air Balloon ar Lyons

287 90. Bankrupis 47. Blanchard's at Paris



315 316

Printed for J. BEW, Paternoster Row, and Sold by every Bookseller and News-carriers.

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Saturday 24. Monday 26.

Tuesday 27-
BANK STOCK Nothing done Nothing done 11618
INDIA STOCK Nothing done 125

|1234a5 SOUTH SEA STOCK Nothing done Nothing done

Nothing done

Ditto Now
Nothing done

[577] 3 per cent Bk. reduced 157 jaar

158a71. 3 per cent ditto confol. Baba

Ditto 1726
Nothing done
Nothing done

Nothing done 3 per cent Ann 1751 Nothing done

Nothing donc Nothing done Ditto India Anu. Nothing done

Nothing done 4 prcentconsol. An.178075a5

1751a Bank LongAnn. Ys.Pur 17

!?šani-76ths 174211-16ths Short Ann. 1777 Nothing done

Nothing done Nothing done Consol.Short An. YsPur. Nothing done 12 9:16ths aja9-16ths 1249 16ths Million Bank Nothing done Noihing donc Nothing done Royal All. 100 pd in Nothing done Nothing done Nothing done Lon. Afl. 121. os. pd in Nothing done Nothing done Nothing done 5 per cent. India Bonds Nothing done Nothing done Nothing done April Navy & Vi&t.Billsize

Dir. Nothing done Nothing done Exchequer Bills, Nothing done Nothing done Par

Average Prices of CORN from April 12th to April 17th, 2784, by the Stan

dard WINCHESTER Bushel of sight Gallons.








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414 2


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6 II


s. d. s. d. s. d.ls. d. s. d. Comries on the Coaf.s. d. London, 6 33 43 1012 63 o Ellex,


81 9 Caunties Inland.



113 812 4 3 4 Middlesex, 6 8 13 102 r13 9 Norfolk,

51113 713 72 7 Surry,

.6 81

14 1 2 64 4 Lincola, 6 013 413 412 Hertford,

7 -14 74 1 York,

5 94 93 912 54 5 Bedford, 6 34 34 012 . 43 It Durham,

5 44 1 3 512 Cambridge, 5 113 713

81 213 6 Northumberland, 5 213 73 52 313 S Huntingdon,

13 92 43 7 Cumberland, § 24 13 72 94 9 Northampton, 6 64 713 112 213

7 Weltmorland, 6 54 33 512 615 5 Rutland, 7 4 12 33 10 Lancashire,

14 012 los 3 Leicester, 4 04 2 114 o Chethire, 6 105 24

2 2 10 Nottingham,


4 012 513 8 Monmouth, 6

9 Derby,


414 4 Somerset,

14 1 2 1014 2 Stafford, 14 32 64 8 Devon,


912 3 Salop,

04 312 25 1 Cornwall, 6

4 41 13 4 Dorset,

6 3 Worcester, 6 9 14 3 2 53 i Hamplbire,

5 11 Warwick,

4 212 031) Suflex,


512 Gloucester,

3 1012 614 8 Kent.

41 Wilts,



84 5 April 3 10 April 10. Berks,

3 41: 613 10
North Wales, 6

314 312 Oxford,


3 IC 2 44 South Wales. 6 84 114 Bucks. 1 uulz 613 11 Part of Scou and.



14 41

5 il


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And PARLIAMENTARY, Naval, Military, and Literary


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Returns Made to the Crown Office, of Members eleEted to serve in

lhe ensuing Parliament. ALBOROUGH, John Gally Knight, Gloucester City, Sir Charles Barrow, Bart.

Richard Pepper Arden, Esqrs. John Webb, Efq; Appleby, Hon. John Leveson Gower, Ri. Grantham, Francis Cockayne Cust, Geo. chard Penn, Esq;

Sutton, Elars. Banbury, Right Hon. Lord North. Grimsby, Dudley Long, John Harrison, Berwick, Right Hon. Lord Delaval, Ge Efqrs. neral Vaughan.

Guildford, Honourable Thomas Onslow, Beveriv, Sir Christopher Sykes, Sir James Honourable Chapple Norton. Pennyman, Bart.

Hasemere, Thomas Poftlechivajte, John Blechingly, John Kenrick, John Nicholls, Baynes Gosforth, Efq; Esąrs.

Hedon, William Chater, Lionel Darell, Boroughbridge, Viscount Palmerstone, Sir

Esgrs. Richard Sutton.

Herefordshire, William Plumer, Esq; Boston, Sir Peter Burrell, Dalhousie We Viscount Grimstone. therstone, Esq;

Hereford Citv, Thomas Dimsdale, John Canterbury, George Gipps, Charles Ro

Calvert, Elqrs. binfon, Efqrs.

Hantingdonshire, Earl of Ludlow, VifCaffle Rifing, Charles Boone, Walter count Hinchingbroke. Sneyd, Efqrs.

Huntingdon Tozon, Sir Walter Rawlinson, Chester, Thomas Grosvenor, Richard Lancelot Brown, Esq; Wilbraham Bootle, Efgrs.

King's Lynn, Hon. Horatio Walpole, Cirencester, Lord Apíley, Samuel Black Crisp Molineux, Esqrs. well, Esq;

Kingston on Hull, William Wilberforce, Coventry, Sir Sampson Gideon, John Samuel Thornton, Etyrs. Wilmot, Esq;

Knaresborouzli, Viscount

Duncannon, Derbyshire, Lord George Cavendith, Ed James Hare, Efq; ward Miller Munday, Esq;

Leicestershire, John Peach Hungerford, Derby, Lord George Augustus Cavendish, William Pochin, Esqrs, Edward Coke, Efq;

Leicester Torun, John Macnamara, John Exeter City, Sir Charles Warwick Bamp Smith, Esqrs. fylde, John Baring, Esq;

Lincolnshire, Sir. John Thorold, Charles Gatton, Lord Newhaven, Maurice Lloyd, Andersos Pelham, Efq;

Lincoln Town, J. Fenton Cawthorne, Esq; Gloucestershire, Hon. George Cranfield Honourable R. Lumley Saville. Berkeley, Thomas Mafters, Esq; Litchfield, George Anfon, Thomas Gil

bert, Esqrs.
H h 2



didates and Scruripcers, met on Thurs. 240 Members returned for the Parliament. London Scrutiny. Mallon, Edmund Burke, Esq; Sir Tho- Tewksbury, Sir William Codrington, mas Gascoigne.

James Martin, Elg.
Morpeth, Peter Delme, Efq; Sir James Thetford, Sir Charles Kent, George Jen-

nings, Efq.
Norfolk, Sir John Woodhouse, Sir Ed. Thirsk, Sir Thomas Frankland, Sir G.
ward Atley, Barts.

Page Turner, Bart.
Northallerton, Edwin Lascelles, Henry Wejlmoreland, Sir Michael lc Fleming,
Penile, Esqrs.

James Lowther, Esq.
Northumberland, Lord Algernon Percy, Woodftock, Sir H. W. Dashwood, Francis
Sir William Middleton.

Burton, Elq.
Nottingham Town, Robert Smith, Daniel Yarmouth Great, Sir John Jarvis, Henry
P. Coke, Elqrs.

Beaufoy, Elg.
Oxfordshire, Right Hon. Lord Charles Yorkshire, Henry Dundas, William Wil-
Spencer, Viscount Wenman.

berforce, Esqrs.
Oxford University, Sir William Dolben, York City, Viscount Galway, Richard
Francis Page, Esq;

Slater Milnes, Esq.
Oxford Town, Lord Robert Spencer, Hon.

W A L E S.
Peregrine Bertie.
Poole, W. Morton Pitt, M. Angelo Tay. Cardif, Sir Robert Mackworth.
lor, Esqrs.

Carmarthen County, Sir William Mansel,
Pontefract, John Smith, William Sothe. Bart.
ron, Esqrs.

Carmarthen Town, John G. Philips, Esq.
Richmond, Earl of Inchiquin, Charles Denbeigh Town, Richard Middleton, Esq.
Dundas, Esq.

Denbeigtshire, Sir Watkin William Wynn.
Reigate, William Bellingham, Edward Haverford Wif, Lord Milford.
Leeds, Efqrs.

Glamorganshire, Charles Edwin, Esq.
Ripon, William Lawrence, Efq. Hon. Pembroke County, Sir Hugh Owen, Bart.
Frederick Robinson.

Pembroke Town, Hugh Owen, Esq.
Scarborough, Eail of Tyrconnel, Gcorge

Ofbaldefton, Esq.
Southampton Town, John Fleming, James Banff County, Lt. Col. Sir James Duff.
Amyart, Esqrs.

Clackmannan County, Lieut, Col. Charles
Southwark, Henry Thornton, Efq; Sir

Cathcart. Barnard Turner.

Dumbarton County, Hon. George Keith Stamford, Sir George Howard, Henry

Cecil, Esq.

Edinburgh County, Right Hon. Henry
St. Albans, Hon. William Grimston, Dundas.
William Charles Sloper, Esq.

Edinburgh City, James Hunter Blair, Efq.
Surry, Hon. William Norton, Sir Jofeph Roxburgh County, Capt. George Douglas.

Shirling County, Sir Thomas Dundas, Bart.
City of London Ele&tion and Scrutiny.
T the final close of the poll for the
A Tith of Londone of her boy April toes

On Saturday the roth, being the day the numbers on each day's poll were as lection, a scrutiny was demanded on the follows :

part of Mr. Arkinfon. The Lord Mayor Tu. W. Th. F. accordingly issued out his precept to the Watson

717 1148 1957 feveral companies to deliver to each cano Lewis

90 637 1078 1008 didate true copies of their livery. The Newnham 100 635 1066 1010 dispute lying betwixt Mr. Sawbridge Sawbridge 73 445 673 573

and Mr. Atkinson, fcrutineers were apo Atkinson 57 362 583 614 pointed by each party, The Sheriffs, Can. Last three days

Toral, 497 718

553 4789 day the 16th to consult their plan. Mr.

537 4554 Atkinson's scrutineers made the following

494 4471 proposals, which were next day answered
292 420 357 3823 by those on the part of Mr. Sawbridge as
295 471 424 3816 under.

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