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Mr. Pope to....

... Dec. 12, 1718. T HE old project of a Window in the

I botom, to render the Soul of Man visible, is what every honest friend has manifold reason to wilka, for ; yet even that would not do in our case, while you are fo far separated from me, and so long. I bez gin to fear you'll die in Ireland, and that the Denunciation will be fulfilled upon you, Hibernus es, ein Hiberniam reverteris I Thou'd be apt to think you in Sancho's case; some Duke has made you Governor, of an Indoor wet place, and you are ad ministring Laws to the wild Frills. But I multown, when you talk of Building and Planting, you touch-my String; and I am as apt to: pardon, you, as the Fellow that thought himself Jupiter would have pardon'd the other Madman who call'd him. self, his Brother Neptunes Alas Sir, do you know whom you talk to ? One that had been a Poet, was degradedito a Translator, and at last thro? meer dulnefs is turn'dan Architect. You know Martial's CenfurePraconem facito, vel Architectum. However I have one way left, to plan, to elevate, and


fittyize {as Ray/ fays.X - .-yl^TiWpit y$$f ttajr expect to hear, is that 1^ f^P^bfoi

The History of my Transplantation ai^f Settlement which yOu desire, would require a Volume, were I to enumerate the many .projects, difficulties, vicissitudes, and various fates attending that important part of my Life: Much more mould I describe thf many Draughts, Elevations, Profiles,, Pei^i fpectives, &c. of every Palace and Gardes} propos'd, intended, and happily raised^ by the strength of that Faculty wherein Aa.ll great Genius's excel, Imagination. At-las^ the Gods and Fate have fiYd me on the borders of the Thames, in the Districts of Richmond and Twickenham. It is here I have passed an entireYear of my Iife,withou£ any fix'd abode in London, or more tbarfcasting a transitory glance (for a day qr,twdk al most in a Month) on the pomps of th<5 Town, It is here I hope to receive y"ou, Sk|| returned in triumph from Eternizing, the): Ireland of this Age. For you rhy Structures;; • rife ,* for you my Colonades extend thelt Wings; for you my Groves aspire, arid Roses bloom. And to fay truth* I hope Posterity (which no doubt will be made , acquainted with all these things J will lpofo upon it as one of the principal Motives of,my Architecture, that it was a Mansions prepar'd to receive you, against your own

> ^ v mould

fliould fall ib dust, whicjh is destir^dto b$ stfie Tomb of pobrsV-'^/,ap^'^.^^r£^ immortal Monument of the Fidelity of two foclv Servants, who have excell'd in Con* Iffcmcy the very Rats of your Family. ■ * What more can I tell you of my self'I so much, and yet all put together so little, that 1 scarce care, or know, how to do ir. But the very reasons that are against putting , it upon Papers are as strong for telling it you in Person; and I am uneasy to be so long deny'd the satisfaction of it. \.

At present I consider you bound in by the Irish Sea, like the Ghosts in Vtrgil~\ .

Trifti palut inamabilis unda
Alligat, & nwies Styx circumfusa coercet!

anfd I can't express how I long to renew our old intercourse and conversation, our morning Conferences in bed in the fame Room, our evening Walks in the Park, puc, amusing Voyages on the Water, our phtlo^ sophical Suppers,our Lectures, our Differs, tatibns, out Gravities, Our Reveries^ cajuf Fooleries, our whatnot?——This awakens, the memory of some of those who.battfp made a part in all these. Poor Parnelle^ Garth, Rowe! You justly reprove me f@grf not speaking of the Death of the .. Justin farne{(e _wa$ too rnucli irjt''rjrjy.( t»4%dw

* - 't r-L.St si' 'whole

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