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8 That he the humble soul will save, And crush the haughty's boasted might, In me the LORD an instance gave,

Whose darkness he has turn'd to light. 4 Who then deserves to be adored,

But GOD, on whom my hopes depend? Or who, except the mighty LORD,

Can with resistless power defend? 5 Let the eternal LORD be praised,

The rock on whose defence I rest! To highest heavens his name be raised, Who me with his salvation bless'd! 6 My GoD, to celebrate thy fame, My grateful voice to heaven I'll raise; And nations, strangers to thy name, Shall learn to sing thy glorious praise. PSALM 15.

From the xix. Psalm of David.

2 The dawn of each returning day Fresh beams of knowledge brings; And from the dark returns of night Divine instruction springs.

3 Their powerful language to no realm Or region is confined;

Tis nature's voice, and understood
Alike by all mankind.

4 Their doctrine does its sacred sense
Through earth's extent display;
Its bright contents the circling sun
Does round the world convey.

5 From east to west, from west to east,
His ceaseless course he goes;
And, through his progress, cheerful light
And vitai warmth bestows.


C. M.

1 GOD's perfect law converts the soul, Reclaims from false desires; With sacred wisdom his sure word

The ignorant inspires.

2 The statutes of the LORD are just,
And bring sincere delight;
His pure commands in search of truth
Assist the feeblest sight.


C. M.

1 THE heavens declare thy glory, LORD, Our heart's devout request allow,
Which that alone can fill;
The firmament and stars express
Their great Creator's skill.

Our holy wishes give!

3 His perfect worship here is fix'd,
On sure foundations laid;
His equal laws are in the scales
Of truth and justice weigh'd;

4 Of more esteem than golden mines,
Or gold refined with skill;
More sweet than honey, or the drops
That from the comb distil.

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5 My trusty counsellors they are,
And friendly warnings give:
Divine rewards attend on those
Who by thy precepts live.

16 But what frail man observes how of
He does from virtue fall?

O cleanse me from my secret faults,
Thou GOD that know'st them all!
7 Let no presumptuous sin, O Lord,
Dominion have o'er me;
That, by thy grace preserved, I may
'The great transgression flee.

8 So shall my prayer and praises be
With thy acceptance blest;
And I, secure on thy defence,
My strength and Saviour, rest.

S. M
From the xx. Psalm of David.

1 MAY Jacob's GoD defend
And hear us in distress;
Our succor from his temple send,
Our cause from Sion bless!

2 May he accept our vow,
Our sacrifice receive,

3 O LORD! thy saving grace
We joyfully declare;

Our banner in thy name we raise-
"The LORD fulfil our prayer!"
4 Now know we that the LORD
His chosen will defend;

From heaven will strength divine affos 1,
And will their prayer attend.

5 Some earthly succor trust.
But we in GoD's right hand:
Lo! while they fall, so vain their boast
We rise and upright stand.

6 Still save us, LORD! and still
Thy servants deign to bless;
Hear, King of heaven, in times of ill,
The prayers that we address.


From the xxii. Psalm of David.

1 MY GOD, my GOD, why leav'st thou me
When I with anguish faint?
Oh! why so far from me removed,
And from my loud complaint?
2 Lo! I am treated like a worm,
Like none of human birth;
Not only by the great reviled,

But made the rabble's mirth.

S With laughter all the gazing crowd
My agonies survey;

They shoot the lip, they shake the Lead,
And thus deriding say:

4 "In GOD he trusted, boasting oft
That he was Heaven's delight;
Let GoD come down to save him now
And own his favorite."

5 Withdraw not, then, so far from me
When trouble is so nigh,
O send me help! thy help. on which
Alone I can rely

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C. M.

From the xxviii. Psalm of David.

1 ADORED for ever be the LORD;
His praise I will resound,
From whom the cries of my distress
A gracious answer found.

2 He is my strength and shield; my heart
Has trusted in his Name;
And now relieved, my heart, with joy,
His praises shall proclaim.
The LORD, the everlasting
Is my defence and rock,
The saving health, the saving strength,
Of his anointed flock.


10 save and bless thy people, LORD,
Thy heritage preserve;
Feed, strengthen, and support their hearts,
'That they may never swerve.


L. M.
From the xxix. Psalm of David.
IYE that in might and power excel,
Your grateful sacrifice prepare;
GOD's glorious actions loadly tell,

His wondrous power to all declare.
2 To his great Name fresh altars raise;
Devoutly due respect afford;
Him in his holy temple praise,

Where he's with solemn state adored. 3 "T is he that, with amazing noise,

The watery clouds in sunder breaks; The ocean trembles at his voice,

When he from heaven in thunder speaks.. 4 How full of power his voice appears! With what majestic terror crown'd! Which from their roots tall cedars tears,

And strews their scatter'd branches round. 5 GOD rules the angry floods on high;

His boundless sway shall never cease; His saints with strength he will supply, And bless his own with constant peace.

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L. M.
From the xxxii. Psalm of David.

1 HE's blest, whose sins have pardon

No more in judgment to appear;
Whose guilt remission has obtain❜d,
And whose repentance is sincere.

2 No sooner I my wound disclosed,
The guilt that tortured me within,
But thy forgiveness interposed,

And mercy's healing balm pour'd in.
S Sorrows on sorrows multiplied,

The harden'd sinner shall confound
But them who in His truth confide,

Blessings of mercy shall surround.

4 His saints, that have perform'd his laws Their life in triumph shall employ; Let them, as they alone haye cause,

In grateful raptures shout for joy

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3 For faithful is the word of God; His works with truth abound; He justice loves; and all the earth Is with his goodness.crown'd. 4 By his almighty word at first,

The heavenly arch was rear'd; And all the beauteous hosts of light At his command appear'd.

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3 The crooked paths of vice decline,
And virtue's ways pursue;
Establish peace, where 't is begun;
And where 't is lost, renew.

5 Let earth, and all that dwell therein,
Before him trembling stand;
For, when he spake the word, 't was made,
"T was fix'd at his command.


C. M.

WHATE'ER the mighty LORD decrees,
Shall stand for ever sure;
The settled purpose of his heart
To ages shall endure.

2 How happy then are they, to whom
The LORD for GOD is known!
Whom he from all the world besides,
Has chosen for his own.

3 Our soul on GOD with patience waits;
Our help and shield is he;
Then, LORD, let still our hearts rejoice,
Because we trust in thee.

4 The riches of thy mercy, LORD,
Do thou to us extend;
Since we, for all we want or wish,
On thee alone depend.

4 The Angel of the LORD encamps
Around the good and just
Deliv'rance he affords to all

Who on his succor trust.

4 The LORD from heaven beholds the just
With favorable eyes;

And, when distress'd, kis gracious ear
Is open to their cries;


From the xxxiv. Psalm of David

1 THROUGH all the changing scenes of

In trouble and in joy,
The praises of my GOD shall still
My heart and tongue employ.
2 Of his deliv'rance I will boast,
Till all that are distress'd
From my example comfort take,

And charm their griefs to rest.
8 O magnify the LORD with me,
With me exalt his name:
When in distress to him I call'd,
He to my rescue came.

5 But turns his wrathful look on those
Whom mercy can't reclaim,
To cut them off, and from the earth
Blot out their evil name.

6 Deliv'rance to his saints he gives
When his relief they crave;
He's nigh to heal the broken heart,
And contrite spirit save.

7 Great troubles may afflict the just,
Yet GOD will save them still;
The righteous he will keep from harm,
And guard from every ill.

8 The wicked, from their wickedness,
Their ruin shall derive:

Whilst righteous men, whom they detest,
Shall them and their's survive.

9 For GoD preserves the souls of those
Who on his truth depend;
To them, and their posterity,
His blessing shall descend.


L. M.
From the xxxvi. Psalm of David.

10 LORD, thy mercy, my sure hope,
The highest orb of heaven transcends
Thy sacred truth's unmeasured scope
Beyond the spreading sky extends.
2 Thy justice like the hills remains,

Unfathom'd depths thy judgments are
Thy providence the world sustains,

The whole creation is thy care.

8 Since of thy goodness all partake,

With what assurance should the just Thy shelt'ring wings their refuge make, And saints to thy protection trust

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