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Twelfth V O LUME


Magazine of Magazines,

For the Year 1756.


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Association of the Freeholders in Ireland 116
CT to prevent the exportation of Corn Austrians defeated at Lowoschutz


Address to the allociaters for the preservati-
on of the Game 133. Of the

City of EAVISSIERS M. his account of the en:
London on the loss of St. Ppilip's 184 gagement off Louisbourg, with com-
From Bristol 227. County of Norfolk, modore Holmes 276. The English ac-
229. Somerset 230. Ofthe city of Chester

299. Of the county Palatine of Chester 300. Blakeney General, anecdotes of, 69.

From the Mayor, &c. of Exeter 455. From promotions ib. Bravely defends Stirling-
the county of Lincoln 456 To thc Rt. castle ib. Exhorts the townsmen 10 op-
Hon Wm. Piit, Efq; 471. From the pose the Rebels 70. Rebels attempt to scale
Lords 524. From the Commons 525. che Castle ib. Are forced to raise the Siege
Ætna. fresh rrution

555 ib. Further particulars of the general 263.
Agaric styptic, it's species ascertain'd

Capitulation granted to him at Minorca
Ale houses, proposal to prevent cipling there, 29. Arrives at Gibraltar 373. Arrives in

203 England with the garrison of Minorca 474
Alex ndria Old, described


Bite of mad animals, infallible cure for
Albenarie, Earl of, his letter to Lord Hol- 494 The author's Recipe and Process


is. Attested case of the cure of an animal
American troubles, historical account of Hydrophobia

158, 247, 351 Brae, Counc, his dying instructions to his song
Answer of his Majesty to the city of London's


185 Bradstreet Col. his engagement with the ene-
Angletea Hand of, described
-139 my

А ley Lord, account of the contest be- Births 92, 190, 282, 381, 479, 576
tween bin and Mr. Annesie

252 Bohemia, campaign in
Animals, an .ccouut of the sensibility and ir-

Books wich remarks

171, 285
rit bility of their several parts 557 Boyer Archibald, his case continued, 39. His
Angria's Fort taken by Adm, Watson 468 second affidavit 193. Reasons for leaving
Vom, XII.








the Inquisition 530. Account of his fight Commissioners appointed for the Great Seal,
from Marcerata

Brudenell capt. bold behaviour of 374 Cunningham Mr. an instance of his patriot
Buckingham, duke of his life concluded 16 and gallant spirit in the affais of St. Philip's
BYNG admiral, articles against 10.


marks on his letter to the admiralty ib.
On his behaviour 32.

Arrives at Spit-
head and put under arrest 88. Humourous

DANSING, remarks on, and its uehals
letter to the admiral 105. Further account
of his conduct 196. Remainder of the ad- Danger of future inattention to hostile affairs
miral's letter to Mr. Cleveland 254. His

defence with remarks 289. His letter from Deaths

93, 190, 252, 381, 572
G braltar Bay 292.
Second letter of the Debt national, state thereof

25th of May, entire, giving an account of Debates in Parliament, (Sce Speeches)
the engagement 294. Observations on the Distance between the principal ports, &c. on
mutilated parts of his letter ib. Force of the coast of England 206. Between the
the squadrons commanded by him and Gal- principal ports of England and chose of
lifonier 296. Inequality of the fleets ib. France
I etter of dismiss from his command 298. Double Intendre

His letter of complaint thereupon ib. Fur- Dresden described

ther particulars relating to him, by a gen- Dropsies, cases of, cured by sweet oil ISO
tleman of Oxford 439. Behaviour of the Dublin Association
admiralty 440. Ordered to fail, his great Dutch complaint, for searching their hips 36
deficiency in men 441. Admiral's letter Resolution of the States General as tu the
to general Blakeney 442.

Particulars of succours demanded by Great Britain 37
the council of war 444. His cowardice Their final anlwer to the French Minister
unanswerably exposed 528.
Remarks on

bis council of war ib. A set of new

questions proposed 529. Called to his

EARTHQUAKES, imo Hypothesis of 214;

Education defined

*AMPAIGN in Bohemia 486 Electrical experiments made with a paper

Astonishing effects of aim of
his wife, forne account of

193 pherical electricity
Capitulation granted the Saxons

465 Emperor of Gerniany's charge against the
Capture o! the French ships before a declarati- K. of Prussia

on of war, unjustifiable

523 Embargo op corn from England and Ireland
Carribee or Leeward IDands so5 Barbadoes,
St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Dominica and To Envy and interest, peruicious consequences
bago described
105-107 resulting from

Cate, remarkable one of a Boy, who had a
considerable part of his intestines foried out,

cut off, and recovered

Case variolous, communicated by Dr. Wil- FEMALE Slander, Essay on, 164
mot to Dr. Meade

Children's Genius to be consulted by their pa- directed


Nature hould be followed Florentine Princes, Story of two 133
therein 162. Surprizing instance of the Fætus, proved to be in part nourished by the
force of nature 163. In producing a fine Liquor Amnii


Fowke, Lieut. Gen. tryal by a court marthal
Chronologer for Ireland

94, 101, 236

97. Copies of his Original orders ib.

38., 479, 574 Subsequent letter of Lord Barrington to
Chart Elh, account thereof

him 99. Minutes of the council of war
City politer.els

255 at Gibrailar 100. His written defence 101.
Clouts confecrated, humourous account of State of the garrison of Gibraltar 104

257 Sentence of the court martial
Constantinople, number of people in 13. Ac- Fortresses, neceility of building them, and

count of the Printing house 15. Lern- the manner of chusing the molt proper blu-
ing cultiva cd among the Turks

ation for such works

Corsica, land of, delribed

132 French King's Edict, concerning Englifin
Courage true, occasional i ctter on

Thips taken before the declaration of war
Corruption, a brief view of its eficets 355 23. Refcript in regard to England and
Colchciter and Lyme Dien of War, their bata

Prullia 379. Manifefto against the King
ile villa the Ficach cf Rochfori

of Prulla


be murder of

Kite jil.










post therein 530. Shocking instances of
cruelty in that court

260 Johnson General, his life, 173. His confe-
Gibraltar taken by Sir Geo. Rooke 54. rence with the Indians 171. The diffe-
Importance thereof to the navy and com- rent days proceedings in council 175-76
merce of Great Britain


Irish affairs 94, 101, 286, 382, 479, 574,
Grants for 1756,
152 Idleness, evils of

Great Britain, introduction to the political Justice, necessity of putting it ftri&ly in ex-
state of 74. English politicks when they ecution

- began 75. Naval power at first chiefly in
the hands of the Portugueze and Spaniards

ib. First establishment of the Dutch ib.

views of conqueft 76. State of England KINGO Speech 523. Address'd, See ad-



HALE.Sir Matthew account of his life

dresses. - Messages from him to both
in the regins of James and Charles ift. Houses of Parliament 344, 346. Con.
77. France sends a colony to Canada ib. cludes a Treaty with the King of Pral-
Cromwell attempts to make conquests on fa 269. Its contents ib. Memorial to
the Spaniards 78. Jamaica taken by Pen the Diet of the Empire, concerning the
and Venables ib. Cromwell's wrong poli-

Pruffian Treaty

cy in affifting the French against the Spa- Knavery justified as a vocation 8. Ulustrated
niard$ 79. Charles makes war against the in the characters of the Tyrant, the
Dutch ib. Colbert extends the French Statesman, the Patriot, the Patron, the
commerce 80. State of England in the Divine, the Lawyer, the Physician, the
Regius of Charles II. and James the I. 8i. Lady of Fashion, and the Tradefinan 9.
The English fail in their attempt upon Humourous advice upon the whole ib.
Quebec 82. Sebastian Cabot firit difco-
vers Newfoundland 156. First settlers on

the coast supposed to have a right to the
Joland country 157.

Difference in the IFE, construction of a Table of proba-
choice of Governors ib. Cause of our bilities of,
present weakness

ib. Legge, capt. tried and for whic

Linnæus profeflor, account of his life and

116, 352
Lowositz, battle of

London address on the loss of Minorca 184
541. Rules drawn up by himself for Lousbourg, sea engagement off 274
his own conduct 548. His death epi-

Lifts of the present lords of the admiralty 139.
taph and character


Of Aag officers ib. Ships at prelent in
Hanoverian forces sent home


commiflion 140. Of the land forces in
Head-ach, causes of, explained 481. Various England ib. Of Tips taken on both sides
fpecies thereof enumerated 482, Me-

91, 189, 190
thod of cure


Hearing, method proposed for restoring it

Letter from Montlerat about caking the War-

wick man of war go. Letter from the
Hints for the reduction of the high price of

Rev. Mr. Rowe, concerning the leafight off

Minorca 379. From commodore Holmes,
Historical memoirs of the affairs of Eu-

with an account of the engagement off
rope since the rise of the present quarrel

Lousbourg.279. Capt. Hood co that gen-
with France
268, 366, 460, 560

tleman relative to the affairs at Louis-
Holmes, Commodore, his engagement off

bourg 280. From Gibraltar on the cow-
Louisbourg, as related by the French 276 ardice of Byng 286. His letter from
as told by himself


Gibraltar to Mr. Cleveland 292. Second
Hurricane dreadful, particulars thereof 374

letter entire 294. Letter of dismiss from

the command 298. Byng's letter of com-

plaint ib. From on hoard the Colchester
with an account of the engagement off

Rochfort 413. Admiral Watson, of the
15 taking Angria's Fort

Instru ions from the City of London to its

representatives 335. From the county of Letters to and from General Fowke 97

From the Borough of Ip- From the King of Prussia to his mother,


after the battle with the Austrians 376
Infcriptions Roman, account of, 417

Inquisition, Bower's reasons for quitting his Letters from the French King to the Arch-




INOCULATION, State of, in the East

York 376.





MARRIAGES 93, 190, 282, 381, 479,

bishop of Paris 110. From the earl of Occulist political
Sunderland to general Stanhope on taking Ofwego, French account of taking,
Minorca in 1708, 125. From a French
officer employed in the attack of Fort St.



ARLIAMENTARY affairs, fummary of,
Litter on poverty 1ns. Of Algernon Sidney

149, 247, 344, 428
208. On tiue courage 212,
On the -Prorogued

pernicious consequences resulting from en- Parliament of Paris dissolved

vy and interest 357. From George Mein- Philosophical transactions, account of, 200,
well to Mr. Fitz-adam

308, 415, 555
Poverty, occasional Letter on,


Poli.ical Club. See Speech,
Letter from the Queen of Sweden 85. From Porcelane manufacture, account of

the K. of Sweden to the States 108. Ex- Pretender, account of him and his court,
cract from the 4th letter to the people of

England 119. From the earl of Albe- Privateers, English proclamation for their
marle to Earl of Holdernelle 403. Count elicouragement 87. French edict for the
Flemi.g to Count Bruhl 515. Fifth let-


ker to the people of England 520 Promotions

93, 191, 283, 582, 572

POETRY: The Inconftant. A new Song

83. A Letter, ib. The Fan, a Song, 84.
On Gen. Blakeney, ib. On the prefent

Times, ib. On a certain most Adrnirabic

Admiral, ib. On Gen. Blakeney's De
Memoirs historical of the affairs of Europe, fince of Fort St. Philip, ib. T-s-ui's Ghost
since the dispute wich France 238, 365, 167. Ode by a young Lady, ib. A Song

460, 560 16.2 Chloe's answer to a Gentleman, who
Memorial of the King of G. Britain to the in a rhyming Epistle offer'd to serve her in
Diet of the Empire,


the capacity of a Surgeon, Physician, Tay-
delivered by lord Albemarle to M, lor, or friend, ib. The Sparrow. From

Catullus, ib. To Flora, ib. The Poet's

Mefliages from his majesty to both houses of Rh plody 169. Epigram, ib. The con-

tralt, tó Eudocia, ib. An Acrostic, ibid.

344, 346

An Ode address d io a young Lady's ]eus-
Meanwell Mr. his complaint to Mr. Fitzadam


Harp, ib. Advice to an Author, iża. To
mechlin's letter on a remarkable debate in the

Lilerty, ib. Ou Gep. Blakency's conduct

in Minorca, ib. To Adm, B, ib, A

house of commons
Minorca, importance of, clearly stated 52.

Song. 265, Part of the 18th Epilt, of the
Account of the engagement off the place

first book of Horace imitated, ib. The

Cii's country box, 266 The oddity, a
231. Loss of the place a designed measure

a JOUR'N AL, 267. Verses on a
Militia bill with remarks 58. Arguments

flower'd carpet, worked by fame young la-
in favour of a country militia 177. Ob-

dies at Kingston 363. Advice to Britannia's

Cons 36 4. An Ode on sickness ib. The
jections to exercising on Sunday's 205.

constart Fair, ib. A Pastoral, ib. An E-

Hints tend-
New plan for a militia 302.
ing to prove the necessity of a militia 356 piltle to a Friend on the education fof his

Ion 305 To a friend in a fit of the goui,
Blinistry British, review of their conduct for

ib. An Acrostic, ib.' The Druid 457. On
four years past 119. Vindicated 462. Al-
vice to them for their future conduct 412

the dismission of superavuared Troopers at
Minister naval, his conduct cenfüred

a Review, ib. Ode for his Majesty's birth
Motives which have obliged the K. of Prullia day ib.' On Winter, 458 Chloe's misfor-
to prevent the designs of the court of Vier-

A Song, ib. Corrydon, a Pastoral

ib. Epistle to a Friend, 459. A copy of
Borcalicy, bill of, 94, 191, 283, 382, 479,

verses to Miss K. W---, , of W-- E---, up-

on a serious profession which ihe made, that
Music, origin of 1. Use among the antients The never intended to marry ib. Horace

Ode XI, Book 4, imitated 460. Selem to

2. Abuse of

Irene, ib. The Philosopher, or Content-

mont, 558 A tale of the Travellers, 559.
Noli me tangere, Cure fur,

The Gout. A mock-heroic Poem, in
imitation of the Splendid Shilling ib.

Its contents ib.
Prussia, treaty with 269.

Laid before the house of commons ibe
OBSERVATIONS, on the necessity of mi;

Umbrage taken at this, and alliances form-







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Bring to prevent the deligns of the cloure RAMILLIES

, council of war on board

ed ib. King of, his answer to the Im. 509.

The king visito in Austrian officer
perial rescript 270.

Ministers declaration his prisoner 514. Obtains Silega ib.
to his Polish majesty 272. The answer
273. His declaration to other powers ib.

Lord Stor mont waits upon him from the
King of Poland_274. King of Pruffia UEBEC, dangerous infection on board
requires that the Polish Army be sent to a ship there

quarters ib. Disposition of the Pruffian Questions, new set of, relating to admiral
forces for the advancing into Bohemia, and Byng

covering of Silega 275. Deputies detain.
ed at Forgau by the Prussians ib. Treaty

between the Empress of Russia and Ger-
many ibthe

that lip 444. Members thereof ib.
of Vienna 319. King of Poland rejects Regulations of the French king to be ob-
the conditions offered 364. King of Pruso. Jerved by the Dutch, to prevent their chips
fia furrounds the Saxons ib. Dispatches from being made prizes

an officer to the Queen of Poland to Retreating, modern method of 420.

An ef
demand the Key of the Archives 365. Sax- fectual preservative tho' you should have
on memorial to the Itates of Holland, com- defrauded your country, ib.

How up-
plaining of the Prusian violences 366. fortnnate this must be to the country where
His Prussian majesty's reply ib. The em-

its practised

peror's decrees against him 367. The Richlieu's account of the taking Minorca 27
empress of Rufia's declaration ib. His Roman burying place discovered 182
Prussian majesty defeats the Auttrians 369 Russian declaration at the court of Saxony
Pruffian and Austrian accounts of the battle


Surrender of the Saxons 373. -Treaty with Germany 275. Fits out a
See Saxons. King of Pruffia's memorial large fleet 86. Her declaration at the
385, 402. Treaty of Leipsic 386., Re- court of Saxony 367. Sec Prullia.
markable secret article in the treaty of Pe.
tersburg 387. How Pruffia was to be at-

tacked 388. Instructions to the Saxon
ministers at Petersburg 389. Privy coun. AXON army surrounded in their camp
cils advice to their elector 390. Their in-
tent of acceding to the treaty of Peters- an service 378. Capitulate 465. Encamps
burg 391. Pruflian memorial, court of at Pirna 486. Surrender at discretion 490
Viona's answer to the 560. Incapable of Sepulcher, a curious one discovered in
vindicating his conduct ib. Seizes the

France 5. The body found in it not pe-
king of Poland's cabinet ib. The Pruflian trefied or discoloured ib.. Amazing elastici-
court's intents to deceive that of Vienna ty of the muscles and Aexibility of the joints
ib. Evasive allegation 562. Vienna not

6. Agreeable fragrancy of the embalming
to be accused for the Ruflian intentions ib.

substance ib. Conjectures concerning the
Denies having any conneclions with antiquity of the tombs and quality of the
England to the produce of Pruflia 564.


Prophecy of the late king of Pruffia with

Schroeder, an Hanoverian soldier, prosecuted
regard to his son ib. Lutheran preacher's

for ihop lifting 279. delivered to his offing
extemporary exhortation to the king of Prus- cers by order of Government 380. Case
fia ib. Memoirs of his life 432. Foible of

truly stated 311. punilhed

the late king in keeping tall troops ib. Pre Sea-scirvy, new observations thereon 219
sent king disgusted and leaves his father's Sermon, extract from one preached at Boston
court 433. Imprisoned and married against

on occasion of the carthquakes 359
his will ib. Behaviour of the late king in Sidney Algernon, a remarkable letter of his

Sheep with a monstrous horn

his last moments 435. The present K. begins
his reign with some reformation ib. Claims

208. His opinion of corrupt parliaments
Herstal and Hennal, and recovers them from

the Bp. of Liege 436. Demands Silesia of Ships taken on both sides 91, 190, 283, 380,
the queen of Hungary 437. Refused and

477, 569
commences hoftilities 438.

Sight, eslay on 313. Concluded
markable event of the SileGa war 439.

Speakers speech on presenting the money bills

legislator as well as conqueror 505. His dif-

*sertation on the reasons for enacting and re-

Specimen of the work of a future historian
pealing laws 506. His new body of laws

relating to the present times


ib. War in 1742 with the Queen of St. Philips, journal of the Siege 24.

son furrenders 26. Richlicu's account of
Hungary 508. Success of the Austrians

taking the Place 27. Rche Ctions upon this


The most re.


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