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A record of the publications of the year arranged in a numerical sequence,

with full details of the books, and two indexes :-

(1) Subjects and Titles.

) Authors.



: 10, Bloomsbury St, W.C.



In presenting to my readers this New CATALOGUE OF British LITERATURE I am giving what is, to all intents and purposes, a record of the literary output of the past year, based on an entirely new plan of arrangement, and I do not intend to plead any excuse for the publication of this work, since I am of opinion that it will vindicate itself.

My intention in compiling it was the simple one of furnishing booksellers, publishers, book-readers, and all who take a bibliographical interest in books, with a handy and exact statement of the year's literature; and the facilities afforded me have been such as enable me to claim for this New CATALOGUE a special place of its owu among reference-books.

The features which distinguish this work from all others of the same kind cause me to hope that, as the years go on, and volumes succeed each other, it will be accepted as the standard authority. In reality the matter here embodied is the work of the publishers themselves, since they have furnished me, month by month, with written descriptions of the publications they have issued. These have been carefully arranged, annotated, indexed, and numbered, so that a Catalogue has been realized which is at once authoritative and descriptive.

I may be permitted to point out that the annotations are made from an examination of the books themselves, and these the publishers have sent me. No attempt has been made to criticise the works. The object intended to be served is the valuable one of supplying librarians and booksellers with such information as will enable them to classify them properly, and to furnish bookreaders with a guide to their contents and scope.

The same sequence of numbering has been maintained in this Catalogue as in the monthly issues of the New Book List. The advantage of this is that either iaccaenlas-21-TOCA

may be used as a code book for ordering purposes. Furthermore, this sequence enables a reader to fix the month in which the work was issued, thus :

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As the information supplied by the publishers reaches me monthly, a card catalogue is also printed, and this is sent to them periodically, with a request to rectify any errors of omission or commission. Such errors have been embodied in" Errata,” which readers will find through the pages of this work.

The numbering of books in future volumes will follow on.

This plan will enable me to compile cumulative indexes at any time, and it possesses the concurrent advantage that by using these numbers the ordering of books is greatly facilitated.

I am only too conscious of the deficiences which a critical examination could bring to light. This volume is but an earnest of what it is intended to do in future issues, and I will thank my readers for any suggestions for improvements. A complete bibliography of English Literature for even one year does not exist; but the kind reception which my efforts have obtained from publishers makes me believe that it may yet be realized.

I have much pleasure in recording here my indebtedness to the publishers for their kindly co-operation, and my thanks to my assistants for their generous help.


Manager of Library Bureau.

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