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Monthly Asylum




With this Month's publication, we give a Likeness of the infa

mous Lieutenant Hepenstal, better known as the Walking

Gallows, in the act of hunging a poor peasant. A

MONG the monsters which the Dublin, a businefs that may be rank

lofurre&tion Act, passed io ed amongst the most peaceable and 1796, called into loyal activity, none humane pursuits, at the lame time by have, surpassed the Walking Gallows the opportunities it affords to reconfor atrocity, nor more diftinguished cile imperfect understandings to a for moral depravity; the revolution. taste for cruelty, afforded but triffling ary moaster Couthon, or his associate gratifications to the impatient genius Carriere, though dillinguished for of our hero ; drawing a tooth, or the numerous victims they offered up opening a vein, though they might at the shrine of terror, for the vari. afford amusement 10 petty or unen' ery of their monstrous talents, were terprising talents. were beneath the superior only in cruelty, in propor- aspiring genius of Hepenstat, his ara ti in to the extent of the theatre they dent mind rejected the trilling game acted on, and the population deliver- afforded by his profelfun, under the ed over to their management. The restriction of the law. The disturbWalking Gallows only wanted vic- ed state of whe country, and the powe tims ; his soul like Couthon's, or er transferred from the magiftrates to FitzGibbon's, or _'s was form- the army, inspired him with an op. ed to enjoy the most finished fealt of portunity of uniting the character of buman misery. This wretch, of a gentlemans with those of judge and whom we have but an imperfect ac- executioner, Iris speculations were count, was born in Upper Newcastle speedily reduced into activity, by the county of Wicklow, about the year interest of his brother, then a clerk 1735, he was bred an apothecary in in the Dublin police, by whose infiue JANUARY, 1310.


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