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ABASH'd be all the boast of age .... 142 BEAUTIFUL are you in your lowliness 57

Above, below, where'er I gaze arv. Beautiful creature, I have been ...... 70

Above me are the Alps.

*********** 101 Begin from first where he encradled .. 134

A cloyd lay cradled near the setting sun 105 Behold the changes of the skies


A crimson glow adorns the western sky 260 Behold the large Leviathan arise 81

Acquaint thee, O mortal, acquaint thee 206 Behold this ruin, 'twas a skull. ...... 294

Adieu to thee fạir Rhine, a vain adieg 91 Behold yon glorious, orb, whose feeble 109

A fairer isle than Britain, never sun.. 82 Be it a weakness it deserves some praise 119

A florist a sweet little blossom espied 67 Beneath, a sleeping infant lies ....

Again the Lord of life and light 160 Beneath the hedge, or near the stream 72

Alas Sicily! rude fragments now.. 224 Beyond the glittering starry skies 163

A little particle of rain .............. 296 Blame not the monumental stone .... 255

All in the power of their great Maker 33 Blessed be thy name for ever........


All pight the booming minate gun .... 95 Blind, poor, and helpless Bartimeas sat 144

All worldly shapes shall melt in gloon 272 Bold Infidelity! torn pale and die.... 255

Almighty King who sịtst above ..... 8 Brightest and best of the sons of the.. 140

And afterwards the famous rivers came 89 Bright morning star of bliss.....

.......... 174

And did he rise? Hear, 0, ye nations 159 Bright portals of the sky


And first came Faith, the Marshal .... 172 Bright stranger, welcome to my field 71

And forth they passe, with pleasure . 51 | Bright Summer beams along the sky.. 37

And greedy Avarice by him did ride.. 125 But art thou thus indeed alone ?...... 235

And bim beside rides fierce, revenging 125 But how shall He the great Supreme.. 206

And is there care in heaven, and is .. 185 But it our thoughts are fix'd aright.... 239

And next to him malicious Envy rode 125 By Judab's vales, and olive-glades.... 204

And now on earth the seventh evening 262 But 'tis not local prejudice that prompts 88

And thou hast walked about...... 290 But who can paint like nature 3...... 56

And what is this? Survey the wondrous 131

Angels, assist to sing

18 Can I bid thee little stranger

...... 118

A nightingale that all day long


Cease here, longer to detain me ...... 246

Another day has pass'd along ........ 264 Charity, decent, modest, easy, kind ..


A poor wayfaring Man of grief

...... 211

Childhood, happiest stage of life...... 119

Are these the trees? Is this the place ? 218 Child of man, whose seed below...... 170

Are ye forever to your skies departed 186 Come down in thy profoundest gloom 232

Around Bethesda's healing wave 143 Come golden evening! In the west.. 30

Around the fire one wintry night,

Come, my fond fluttering heart 182

Art thou a thing of mortal birth 119 Contemplate when the son declines .. 296

As at their work two weavers sat .... 288 Creation's beir, the first, the last..... 188

A shadow on my spirit fell
........ 254 Creator, Spirit, by whose aid .....

........ 166

A soul prepar'd needs no delays 255

A spirit passed before me, I beheld.. 206 DAME Charity one day was tired 287

A voice comes from Ramah

209 Dartmoor rears in the dim distance 102

Awake my soul, lift up thine eyes.... 177 Darkness now rose as daylight sunk .. 142



Deep in Sabea's fragrant groves retired 138 Go wing thy flight from star to star .. 282
Delightful Tamar, swell the notes .... 90 Great All in All! I bend in dust

Dull Atheist! could a giddy dance.... 1 Great God! whose essence, pure, divine 2
Dufy and Pleasure long at strife...... 287 Great ()cean too that morning

Dweller in heaven, and ruler below ., 10

Hall, and farewell, thou lovely guest
Each fabled fount of comfort dry.... 128 Hail, beauteous stranger of the grove.. 76
Earth now is green, and heaven is blue 39 Hail Devon, in thy bosom let me rest

England, with all thy faults I love thee 82 Hail, gentle winds! I love your...... 103
Ere sin could blight or sorrow fade 255 Hail! great Immanuel, ever honour'd 165

Hail! hail! reviv'd, reviving Spring.. 39
FAIR are the provinces that England 88 Hail, noble Albion; where no golden 82
Fair Autumn spreads her fields of gold 38 Hail the day that sees him rise ...... 101
Fair flower that shann'st the glare of day 59 Hail to thy hues thou lovely flower .. 62
Fair flowers in sweet succession should 270 | Happiness ! thou lovely name........ 169
Fair pledges of a fruitful tree ........ 218 Happy me! O happy sheep.......... 165
Faith, Hope, and Love now dwell.... 177 Hark, in the vale I hear thy evening.. 75
Faith, like a simple, unsuspecting child 173 Hark, twas dark winter's sullen voice 38
Fallen is thy throne, O Israel ........ 212 Hard is the heart who never at the tomb 272
Far from the world, O Lord! I flee .. 181 Harp of Eternity! begin the song 18
Far to the right where Appennine.... 83 Hast thou a charm to stay the morning 29
Father of heaven, full many a wasted 238 Have ye dwelt in the land of the brave 98
Faults in the life breed errors ........

295 Hear what they were : The progeny.. 123
Fierce o'er the sands the lordly lion stalks 79 He came, the sweet angel my Father 242
Fierce passions discompose the mind.. 180 He is the freeman, whom the truth 180
First-born of Ether, high in fields of light 131 Here bliss is short, imperfect, insecure 275
Forced from home and all its pleasures 231 Here having stepp'd aboard, he turn'd 145
Forgive thy foes, nor that alone 296 Her mighty sails the breezes swell.... 227
For man to tell how human life began 116 He wept by Lazarus' grave, how will 154
Form'd in pare celestial fashion ...... 127 He who hath bent him o'er the dead.. 83
Furth from the dark and stormy sky.. 184 High on her rock in solitary state .... 234
For tho? in souls where taste and sense 215 His eyes uplifted and his hands close.. 144
For thou didst die for me, oh Son of God 157 | Hope, with uplifted foot set free 174
For thou wast born of woman, thou didst 135 Honour and happiness unite

........ 187
France, and Spain, and Portugal

How beautiful is morn .............. 259
Friend after friend departs

241 How cheerfully the unpartiall Supne.. 178
From bright'ning fields of ether

44 How fair is the Rose! what a beautiful 61
From Calvary a cry was heard
155 How long ye miserably blind

'From conquest Jeptha came.......... 200 How lovely is this wildered scene .... 115
From Olivet's sequestered seats ...... 147 How many thousands are wakening .. 258
From the hill, stout timber Noah felld 190 How poor, how rich, how abject 126
From the recesses of a lowly spirit 183 How rich the Peacock! what bright.. 76
Full of mercy, full of love

.......... 143 How softly now the vernal gales..... 43

How still the morning of the hallow'd 263
Give me my scallop of quiet.... 181 How smiling wakes the verdant year.. 37
Glitt'ring beneath the morning's potent 90 How sweetly flow'd the gospel's sound 142
God of my life, and Author of my days 14 How sweet in the musing of faith .... 159
God in the high and holy place

34 How withered, perished seems the form 61
God moves in a mysterious way

Go to dark Gethsemane


I ASK'D an aged man, a man of cares 256
Go where a foot hath never trod.. 194 | I ask'd the heavens what foe to God.. 157

..., 231


........ 146

....., 110

...... 238

I bow before the power

16 Loud blew the storm of night .....
I did but see him and he disappeared 246 Lo where a crowd of pilgrims toil.... 181
If Nature smiles e'en here below 277
If this delicioas, grateful flower ...... 236 Manrued in storms; attended by the 47
gaze upon yon orbs of light

........ 261

Many are the sayings of the wise .... 177
I hate that Drum's discordant sound.. 293 Man with his whole posterity must die 130
I heard that Negro on his lowly bed .. 232 Meek twilight! haste to shroud
I hear thee speak of the better land 279 Me, O my God! thy piercing eye .... 9
I loved thee daughter of my heart

.... 245

Methinks it is good to be here........ 269
Immense Creator! whose all-powerful 12 Mild is the Behemoth, though large 80
In a valley obscure, on a bank of green 64 Mild offspring of a dark and sullen sire 58
In days of yore as Gothic fable tells .. 284 Mindful of disaster past

In distant days of wild romance ......

292 Minutest of the feather'd kind........ 73
In Israel's fane by silent night

200 Moon of Harvest, herald mild........ 111
Injured, hopeless, faint and weary.... 193 My cbaise the village inn did gain.... 249
I never hear that plaintive sigh

My conscience is my crown........

In this pillar I do lie..........

192 | My ear is.pained, my, soul is sick 230
In times like ours, 'twere wise if people 294 My God, all nature owns thy sway

quit the world's fantastic joys 182 My God, thy boundless love we praise 12
I saw it in my evening walk

58 Muse! take the harp of prophecy 265
I saw them in white raiment ........ 281 Mysterions visitant! whose beauteous 114
I sing of God the mighty source

I sought Thee round abont, O thou '.. 3 NAY, do not wantonly destroy

Is there no power our darkness 169 | Nay, shrink not from that word Farewell 239
li bappen'd on a solemn even-tide.... 160 Next, brave Philotimus in post did ride 124
It happen'd on a cloudy morn...... 286 Next to the captain, coward Deilos .. 126
It is a fearful thing to see ..........
238 Night is the time for rest ............

It is a solemo chapter, and is graced.. 211 Nu airy dreams their simple fancies 253
It is not that my lot is low

235 Noble the mountain stream ..... 283
It seems as if the summer sky. 265 Nor less attractive is the woodland 51
It was a summer-evening.

225 No sounds of worldly toil ascending .. 97
I was toss'd on the billows of life

146 Not a tree, a plant, a leaf, a blossom 51
I will not praise the often flatter'd rose 60 Not seldom, clad in radiant vest...... 14

Not worlds on worlds in phalanx deep 59
JBHOVAH reigns: let every nation bear 7 Now let the bright reverse be known 172
Jesas, and didst thou condescend

Now the golden morn aloft. ..........

Jesus while he dwelt below

153 No war, or battle's sound....
Joy to the followers of the Lord...... 179

OBSCUREST night involved the sky 229
KING of the dead how long shall sweep 213 O bury not the dead by day...

Know'st thou the value of a soul.... 296 O day most calm and bright

Odours of spring my sense ye charm.. 242
LAND where the bones of our fathers 240 O execrable son so to aspire

Last smile of the departing year...... 60 Oft have I seen, when musing... 121
Let us with a gladsome mind

21 O God, whose thunder shakes the sky 178
Lift up your heads ye everlasting gates 162 Oh call my brother back to me ...... 244
Light from the soil the lark exulting.. 75 Ob come with thy olive-branch ..... 166
Little inmate, full of mirth .......... 71 Oh for that spirit which on Moses' lyre 197
Live while you live, the Epicure would 296 Oh for the harp that David swept .... 201
Lord it belongs not to my care

176 O gracious power, for thy belov'd 41
Look where he comes; in this
237 O hand of bounty largely spread


.... 148

.... 136

.... 262


Oh happy sbades to me unblest

ini. 218

See how. beneaih the moon-beam's smile 97
Oh how delightful to the soul of man.. 42 See the leaves around us falling ...... 46
Oh that the chemist's magic art 217 See where it smokes along the sounding 171
Oh the hour when this material

..... 268

See yonder comes the powerful King.. 108
Oh my lov'd Rachel

240 Self-flattered, ouexperienced, high. 122
Oh who is it comes from the field ... 208 She is fallen, she is fall’n ............ 213
O most adorable, most unadored...... 17 She was adorn'd with what all earth.: 117
Old tree thou art wither'd............ 55 Since. o'er thy footstool here below .. 276
On all-important Time ............ 257 Since'tis thy sentence, I should part.. 177
Once in the flight of ages past........ 122 Since trifles make the sum of human.. 283
One morning in the month of May 168 Sing thy Creator's praise, and own .. 26
On Summer's breast the hawthorn... 56 Sire of the stormy Alps, majestic power 98
On the wild heath in mournful guise.. 230 Sleep breathes at last from out thee 241
On thy beds of clover playing..... 69 Sleep little baby, sleep......

On two bold bills Jerusalem is seen .. 208 Slow glides the Nile amid the margin 194
O painted clouds sweet beauties...... 105 So fades the lovely blooming flower .. 255
O Salem who in proud disdain ..... 146 So forth issewed the seasons of the yeare 36
O that in unfetter'd union............ 267 So sinks the day-star in the ocean-bed 251
O the wrath of the Lord is a terrible.. 189 Sound the loud timbrel o'er Egypt's.. 199
O thou Eternal one whose presence .. 5 Star of the morn whose placid ray.... 141
O thou on earth beloved, adored...... 274 Star of the evening, how I love to mark 113
O thou who once didst wander here .. 164 Stay thou orb of golden flame........ 110
Our little Enoch sleeps upon yon bed 118 Stranger, pause, for thee the day 236
Ours is a lovely world ! how fair 28 Sublime emerging from the misty verge 110
Over head upgrew insuperable height 52 Sublime, ineffable, angelic grace...... 189
O winter, ruler of the inverted year ... 47 Suffer that little children come to me (143

Survey the warlike Horse....... 79
Pale rugged Winter bending o'er.... 46 Survivor sole, and bardly such of all..' 52
Pharaoh upon a gorgeous throne of state 193 Sweet as the shepherd's tuneful reed.. 170
Pilgrim, burden'd with thy sin ...... 170 Sweet bird whom the winter constrains 74
Poor Oscar! bow feebly thou crawl'st 219 Sweet flower, spring's earliest, loveliest 57
Praise to God, immortal praise 184 Sweet is the light of Sabbath Eve.... 264
Prayer is the soul's sincere desire .... 183 Sweet is the scene when Christians die 269
Pride, self-adoring pride was primal.. 124 Sweet Robin, I hail thy appearance 74
Prouf needs not here, for whether we 128 Sweet Sabbath of the year .........." 46
Prophet of the elder day.'.

..164 Sweet the hoor of tribulation ........ 216
Pure spirit! O where art thou now!.. 252

TABOR the place to prove his mission 148
Rejoice! Rejoicel the son of Jesse 133 The active bee on summer-morn......
Religion! thou the soul of happiness 155 The airy ship at anchor rides

Retire !---the world shut out; .... 3 The Angel of the flowers one day 62
Rivers, arise; whether thou be the son 89 The Assyrian came down like a wolf.. 205
Rocks of my country, let the cloud 97 The bark that held a Prince went down 252
Roll on, tbou deep and dark blue ocean 92 The beams of April ere it goes ir....


The chariot, the chariot, its wheels roll 274
Sad City of the silent place


The days and years of time are fled
Said Justice, Man I'd fain know

The distempered mind hath lost...... 123
Saviour, when in dust to thee........: 184 The dry leaves are falling... ... 45
Say, wbat cause moved our first parents 117 The evening was glorious .

Say, ye that know, ye who have felt.. 78 The glad birds are singing.....

Scarce had thy velvet lips imbibed 217

The glories of our mortal state


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.. 275

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.... 280


The gnarled oak by some fair streamlet's 52 The year hath seen its round
The heavens, O Lord, thy power 17 | They know the Almighty's power .... 14
The horrid crags by toppling convent 86 This book, this holy book on every line 129
The insect that with puny wing 34 This fact is clear: both man and woman 289
The King was on his throne... 210 This place is holy ground

The lark has sung bis carol in the sky 221 This world that we so highly prize.... 128
The light of Sabbath Eve ...,

264 Thou art, O Lord, the life and light 11
The Lord, my Pasture, sball prepare.. 166 Thou art no lingerer in monarch's hall 109
The Lord of Hosts hath walked

157 Thou art our Father, Lord our Lord .. 209
The Lord our God is full of might 8 Thou coloured winglet, floating in the ray 60
The Lord our God is Lord of all...... 9 Thou desolate and dying year
The mighty frame of glorious grace Thon diest, О mighty Gorl, exist

The morning dawns apon the place .. 154 | Tho' pictured iu thy form I see ...... 262
The morning flowers display their sweets 252 Thou bast thy bcauties sterner ones .. 17
The Niobe of nations, there she stands 84 Thou most indulgent, most tremendous 131
There God unfolds his presence 279 Thou sacred light, that right from wrong 167
There is a bird who by his coat

76 Tho' short tlry span, God's unimpeach'd 254
There is a land where everlasting Suns 279 Thou soit-flowing Kedron....

There is a gem that lights the eye .... 216 Thour, whose rejoicing eye of light .... 108
There is an hour of peaceful rest...... 278 Thou, whose spell can raise the dead.. 201
There is a flower-a little flower 66 Thrice welcome, little English flower .. 60
There is a stream which issues forth 179 Thro shades and solitudes profound 170
There is a smile upon that cheek .... 246 Thus arrogáut and thus absurd........ 205
There is there is a joy....

Thus prayed the Prophet

There often wanders one whom better 239 Thus wheu Elijah mark'd froin Carmel's 202
Thé roaring tumult of the billowed sea 145 Time's glory is to calm contending Kings 252
The rose had been wash'd, just wash'd 217 Time in advance behind him hides.... 256
The rose was in rich bloom on Sharon's 243 Time, swift time from years their motion 121
There was a sound of revelry by night 226 | Time was each laıly thought no harm.. 287
The Saviour wept, his beaming eye •: 147 'Tis eve, the sun's last rays are lingering 101
These are thy glorious works, Pareñt.. 31 "Tis finished, he spake the words...... 155
These as they ebange Almighty Father 49 Tis her first grief, the bird is dead
These eyes that were half-closed in ceaih 207 'Tis midnight, 'tis midnight

These hairs of age are messengers

122 "Tis pleasant to wander along on the sand 36
The setting orb of night, her level ray 160 "Tis summer-'tis summer

The sepulchre was gaping wide 148 To mark the sufferings of the babe.... 245
The sleepy spring was still in bed .... 40 To men of other minds my fancy flies 82
The snow-drop, Winter's timid child.. 56 'To purify their wine some people bleed 232
The Son, on his great expedition now 21 To sit ou rocks, to muse o'er flood.... 234
The spacious firmament on high ...... 28 Traverse the world, go fly from pole.. 167
The standards of imperial Rome...... 154 Triumphant arch that fill'st the sky.... 106
The stars are forth the moon above 112 True Charity a plant divinely nursed.. 176
The sun-beams streak the azare skies.. 101 True hope is Jacob's staffe indeed 173
The sun bad sunk beneath the western 150 Turn, turn thy hasty foot aside 294
The sun is high, the Atlantic is unfann'd 94 Turn on the prudent ant thy heedful.. 71
The towering eagle soars from human 77 Turn we to survey where rougher climes 93
The wanton troopers passing by ..

'Twas a lovely thought to mark the hours 67
The wind blows chill across those gloomy 192 'Twas in the glad season of spring - 233
The wolf is in thy kingly ball ....... 258 'Twas midnight, and along each silent 222
The world is grown old.......

273 'Twas morn! the rising splendor roll'd 194
The world's something bigger 293 'Twas morn, the dewy morn

.. 219

...... 221

........ 248

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