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Titles, Authors' Names, &c. of the Publications reviewed in this Volume.

N. 8. For afextAttKrAfftE :pa6sa&£& in the Criticisms and Extracts, see the- J J^-JPSS Xj /at the End of the Volume*

fj*3r For the Name*-,- also',- 6f/ thei 'Authors of new Dissertations, or other curious Papers, published in the Memoirs and Transactions of the Scientific Academies at Home or on the Continent, and also for the Titles of those Dissertations, &c. of which Accounts are given in the Review,—see the lndtx, printed at (he End of each Volume.

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JCty to the Conduct of the Emperor ef
Kultii, 106

JOnglake'* additional Cases of Gout,


Kttb on the Revolutions of Europe,


Lancaster. See Fat.

Landholders, Sic. ten Letters to, 106
f,andmann on Systems of Foiti&cstion,


Landon. See Legrand.

Lsitrerle't N«ural History of Cruita-

Ctous Animals, concluded, 470
Lavirenee't Sermon at Oxford, it 3
Lee M'S>, her Vindication, • ;.*T£f,p.
legravd & Landon, — Deicrrptjio/i; of '.

Paris, • • • 4&V"

Leisure, Hours of, 44?.

Letter to Scott Waring, 316*;

— to the President of the Board *of *

— to a Country Gentleman, 4'***
letters, Six, of A. B. loi

1 -, T-n, to Landholders, tee. jc6

■ and Sonnets, igo

m , official, from Col. Haldanr.


from ths Mountains, 444.
Levittiae—Dictionnaire dtt Syttonymes, 95

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Lincolnshire, Views in, 394

Literature, Curiosities of, 66

Lyndsay. Sir David, his Workf, 113

Ljnt't Fffluca GreoMslita, 433

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