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N. B. This Valuable Museum and Magazine of the Wonders of the World will be found truly an Original Work, entirely different from any ever published under Titles any way similar, the Editor being, determined not to admit any Article whatever into this Authentic Chronicle but what shall be previoully tried and proved True, and attested genuine. Every Thing (however, or by whomloever communicated) thall be frictly scrutinized, and all Articles, improbable, fabulous, fictitious, romantic, doubtful, or not well authenticated, will most assuredly be rejected in foto.

With respect to the many valuable Authentic British Portraits which will be introduced into this Work, we are much indebted to an illustrated Copy of the celebrated Mr. GRANGER'S Biographical Hiftory of England, as well as to Mr. BROMLEY's Copious Catalogue of Portraits from King Egbert the Great to the present Time, in which are included those preserved and communicated by the Earl of Oxford, Mr. Evelyn, Mr. Amos, Mr. Nicholls, Mr. Asomole, Mr. Pepys, the Duchess of Portland, the Hon. Horace Walpole, Sir William Musgrave, the Rey. Mr. Brand, James Bindley, Esq. Commissioner of the Stamp Duties, and Anthony Storer and Edmund Turner, Esqrs. &c. &c.

For the other EMBELLISHMENTS, domestic as well as foreign, we are very much obliged to a very extensive List of Friends and Correspondents, in which we now announce the Names of HARRY GRANT, Esq. American Consul for Scotland, Sir Afton Lever, Mr. Caulfield, Mr. Hawthorn, Mr. Jeffery, Mr. Richardson, Mr. Harvey, Mr. Ryley, Mr. Wefton, Mr. Taylor, &c. as well as the British Museum, the Leverian Museum, Dr. Hunter's Museum, Merlin's Museum, the European Museum, and other Repositories, public and private, of Wonderful, Eccentric, and Extraordinary CORIOSITIES, Animate and Inanimate.

EXPLANATION OF THE FRONTISPIECE. The Frontispiece represents the Genius of the World introducing Youthful ADMIRATION to all the WONDERS of NATURE and Art-the Scene is the Museum of Curiosities displaying at one View the WONDERFUL Brazen Colossus, the PYRAMIDS OF EGYPT, the Burning VESUVIUS, and ÆTNA; STONEHENGE, and the FROZEN ISLANDS, with all the astonishing Serpents, Beasts and Birds of different Islands; the Phænir, Hyena, Cockatrice, Ostrich, the Rein Deer of Norway, Russia, &c. Bears, Lions, Crocodiles, AntEaters, &c. &c. Surrounded with Portraits of the most eccentric Characters; Sir Jeffery Dunstan and Bartholde, renowned for Deformity; Clarke, the surprising Posture-Master; and others remarkable for Strength and Agility; Love, the corpulent Bookseller of Weymouth; Margaret Finch, the Norwood Gypsey; an Egyptian Mummy, and every other surprising Rarity which can excite Astonishment and gratify Curiosity.

Aurbentic Communications of scarce Prints or Drawings of remarkable Subjects, accompanied with genuine Accounts, for The Wonderful Museum (if ar:rjted by real Names and Poll-paid) will be thankfully received by Mr. KIRBY, who will, when Plates are engraved, carefully return the Originals 10,ibe Owners wirb Proof Impressions.

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HOUGH several Compilations have been offered to the Public with the Epithets of WONDERFUL, MARVELLOUS, &c. yet by the introduction of ridiculous Fables and unmeaning Romances, they have given more Disgust than Satisfaction. While some, whose Merit we readily acknowledge, are confined to particular subjects, such as remarkable Characters, human Longivity, extraordinary Occurrences, Adventures, &c. but at present there is no Work of Respectability UNITING ALL THE CURIOSITIES OF NATURE AND ART. The Editors of the WONDERFUL MUSEUM have therefore been induced to make a Collection of ALL those CURIOSITIES, including Wonderful Biography, Wonderful Events, Wonderful Longivity, and, in short, every Wonder that is indispus tably TRUE, as it is their unalterable Determination, not to admit into their Repository any Relation, however curious, that is doubtful or unauthenticated.

TRUTH being our chief Object, and which alone can recommend a Work of this Nature, we trust that Readers in general will be IMPROVED, as well as SURPRISED. -Youth will here find Information, will attain a Knowledge of the World; and by the Wonderful Providences here related, obtain a full Conviction of the Omnipotent Bcing !--the LEARNED will find ample Store for their Consideration—the Curious a Magazine of authentic Prodigies, and the loveRS OF NATURE AND ART be highly gratified; in short,

The GRAVE and Gay shall find it Food
And smiling own, 'tis WOND'ROUS Good.

VARIETY is our next Object, and no Subject can afford greater , Variety than the Whole WONDERS of the WORLD collected togetherit affords Entertainment for the Scholar- the Traveller the Antiquary--the Botanist-the Phils.pher--and the Divine. To accomplish so great an Undertaking, INDUSTR Y shall not be


wanting-it shall be our Study to procure AUTHENTIC ACCOUNTS of all the most Remarkable PRODUCTIONS and Extraordinary EVENTS that have ever happened in Nature and Art from the Creation of the World to the present Time; and as “ the Proper Study of Mankind is Man,' every Surprising Character, both of Ancient and Modern Times, will here be given.Remarkable LONG-LIVERS, WARRIORS, COWARDS, DWARFS, GIANTS, MISERS, IMPOSTORS, FANATICS, and all eccentric Men and Women in every Walk of human Life, who by their Deviations from the regular Path, have created WONDER, or have rendered themselves REMARKABLE for Courage, Strength, Avarice, Philanthropy, or some singular Vice or Virtue. In our cursory Accounts we shall treat of stupendous Rocks, marvellous Volcanos, astonishing Inundations, violent Earthquakes, Storms, Eclipses, &c.-Wonderful Escapes from Death and Danger--dreadful Shipwrecks

_Shooking Murders--and Remarkable Executions.Every lusus Naturæ, or Sport of Nature, shall be investigated every interesting Anecdote that is well attested shall be RECORDED, every REAL CURIOSITY described but our AUTHORITIES shall be so truly respectable, that in furnishing this Variety we shall be most ca not to sacrifice The fair Form of TRUTH.”

Having thus advertised Readers of our Design, it may be suspected that we have promised too much-but not more than we can perform-for at present we have a Collection of most admirable and scarce Articles for the Work, besides the promised Assistance of several eminent Characters (on whose Veracity we can depend) to support it. We shall, notwithstanding, pay proper Attention to every Correspondent, and humbly solicit the Communications of all those who may be in Possession of any Ertraordinary Information but as the Basis of this work is TRUTH, it must be observed that no Favour which is not accompanied with REAL NAME and ADDRESS, and every satisfactory Testimony, can be admitted into the WONDERFUL MUSEUM and EXTRAORDINARY MAGAZINE,




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ALBERTUS Ambrosius, a remarkable birth
Amuruth, Emperor of the Turks
Alice, a Nave of Bristol, aged 116 years
Anecdotes and Curious Facts
Alnwick, a curious custom shere
Aurora Frigate, the explosion or the
Antipathies, remarkable
American Sailor, a remarkable deliverance
Animals, instances of attachinent of
Andreas, John, famous in the 15th century
Bonaparte, Napoleone, interestiag memoirs of

His Cruchies in Egypt
Births, monstrous and itrange
Bentley, Nathaniel, of Leadenhall Street, his eccentricities

- Additional lines addreiled to, by Mr. Dobbinson
Books, astonishing difference in price
Bohun, Earl of Hereford,
Bagod, Earl of Norfolk
British Soldiery, a remarkable Anecdote of
Burning Weil, at Barahcoor
Barbarity, horrid, at Vienna
Blanch, Mr. and three others, the miraculous Deliverance of
Bohon-Upas, or Poison-Tree at Java
Bridgewater, a curious anecdote of the Duke of
Buchan, Dr. William, the reinarkable Phylician
Birds, instances of the Sagacity of
Bear, fingular affection of a
Brandon, Richard, the Executioner of Charles I.
Bottle Conjuror, Haymarket, imposition of the
Cut-purse, Mall, or Moll, famous in the reizn of Charles I.
Cutting off he hand, remarkable punithinent of, described
Chinele captains, singular courage
Cruelty, barbarous inttances of
Cascade, surprising, near Terni, in Italy
Complexion, remarkable change of, in an African
Condor, a mondrous Bird of South America
Catherine, first Empress of Rullia
Colredo, Lazarus, and his little Brother
Cromwell, Thomas, Earl of Eflex
Curiosities, Nitural, in Austria
Charles XII. King of Sweden
Challenge, singular
Charles Il. remarkaile anecdote of
Curiosity, Natural, at Torceilla do Camaros
Caernarvon, Earl of, his moderation
Crab, the land
Character, a singular, at Bagaria



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Dancer, Daniel, esq. authentic memoirs of
Damiens, Robert Francis, extraordinary trial and execution of, for

stabbing Louis XV.
Devil's Three Jumps in Surrey described
Deception, curious, practised upon a billiop
D'Aguilar, the Honourable Baron, Extraordinary Memoirs of
Dinely, Sir John, Bart, the singular History of
Dogs, sagacity of
Dog, Lady Guildford's
Derby, Earl of, a singular story of the
Dutch, cruelty of the
Domery, Charles, the wonderful raw-flesh eater
De Verdion, history of
Death, miraculous Escapes from
Diseases, Rigorous, in Africa
Dutch Seamen, wonderful Deliverance of
Deed of Gift of William I.
Earthquakes, wonderful effects of, from Spallanzini's travels
Escape, wonderful, of four seamen
Elephant, a remarkable hunt of a wild one, by Indians
Earth, Positions of the
Epitaph, a remarkable one
Eponina, the remarkable history of
Evan, Mrs. Margaret Uch, a singular Lady
Faulkner, John, the surprising recovery of
Fortune, wonderful instances of good
Ferdinand, brother to Henry King of Arragon
Frederick the Great, of Prussia, his fingular Justice
Guy, Thomas, founder of the hospital
Green, Anne, hanged for supposed murder
Girl, the invisible, concealed in a glass chelt, described
Girl, the Maronite, singular history of
Ghost, wonderful history of a
Grey, Lady Jane, remarkable Courage

Gunpowder Plot, curious particulars of
Greatrakes, Valentine
Godfrey, Mrs. an account of
Gibson, William, of Wonderful Genius
Gowry, Earl, his Conspiracy against King James
Ilenry, Earl of Holstein
Hobson's Choice, the Cambridge Carrier,
Henry IV. of France, a remarkable anecdote of
Hudlon, Jeffery, a remarkable Dwarf
Hume, Rev. Mr. sudden deaths in his family
Iron Mask, the remarkable man with an
Infant at Chichester, fingular case of an
Inands, new discovered
Ignis Fatuus, or Will o'the whisp
Joeph II. fingular Anecdote of
Jones, Paul, his life and Adventures
Jordan, Ignatius, his wonderful good fortune
Judgment, singular, on a murderer
Kit's Cotty house, at Boxley hill
Kelley, John, an extraordinary fanatic

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