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Ten Dutch THE James and Rachel, belong


The St. Tonge from Rochelle for from Martinico, for Bourdeaux, taken. Canada, taken by the Seaford; the by the Anson privateer, and sent to Venus from St. Domingo for Bour- Bristol. deaux for Dublin, taken by the Sheernels; the Tryton, and the St. Mare, List of Ships taken by the French. both from St. Domingo for Bourdeaux, taken by the cruizers, and are all НЕ sent into Plymouth.

ing to Dunbar, by EWO Hoys, and a ship bound for France, French Privateers off Minorca: brought into the Downs by the Mary- The Robert, Watson, arrived at land Planter. L'Amiable Katherine, Glasgow from Virginia, was taken the from Martinico for Marfeilles, taken gth of May, by the Elizabeth of St. by the Winchester, and carried into Maloes, a letter of marque fhip, and Antigua. The Bien Aime from ranfomed for 20,000 livres. The Martinico for Marseilles qe taken by Cornwall, Daniel, from Galipoly for the Yarmouth; and the Helena Bristol, is taken by the French squaOlympa from San Domingo for Havre, dron, and sent into Toulon. The taken by the Falmouth, Eagle, and Dover, Rabinfon, from Smyrna fot Harwich, fent to Plymouth. A London, and a ship with logwood; French (now from Leogan for Lou- name unknown, are taken by the senburgh, loaded with coffee and fu- same, and fent to Toulon. gar, taken by the Wealel Noop off Hawke privateer cut out of Dover Crooked island.: The Mars from road. The Anderby, Stanitorth, Africa for the French ibland, with from Majorca for London, loaded 700 prime llaves, and another vessel with 234 hogsheads of oil is taken by with 280, ate taken and carried into a French merchant ship, and carried Jamaica. A French vellet, loaded into Marseilles, a The Endeavour, wite iron, sent into Guernsey, by a Arsan, from London for Oftend, is privateer. The Dorothea from St. taken by a small French privateer. Martin's for Honfleur, loaded with The Martin, Bald, a Dutch ship, Salt, taken and sent into Falmouth. from Dunkirk for Oftend, having A large Dutch ship, loaded with an English bill of sale on board, is mafts, plank, and cordage, from taken by a French privateer.:--The Riga for Breft, is taken by the happy Eagle, Wilson, from Rotterdam for floop, and sent into Portsmouth. A Petersburg, is taken by a French ::. Spanith thip, burthen 180 tons from privateer, and carried into Helvoet Morlaix for Cadiz, is taken by a Auice. The Katherine, Waldron, Jersey privateer. A Danish ship load- from New-York for Amsterdam, is ed with salt on account of the French, taken by a: French privateer, and is sent into Falmouth. The Happy carried into Oftend. The Somerset, Mary, a French brig, loaded with Lewis, is taken by a French frigate, falt, from St. Martin's for St. Maloes, and carried into St. Domingo. The taken by the Fox privateer, and sent Francis, Butterfield, from Georgia into.: Pool. - The Boscawen in priva- to St. Croix, takea apd carried into teer, Capt. Labey, has taken two ditto. The John and Nancy, Allison vessels loaded with timber for the from London to Gambia, is taken French king's yard, and a ship with and carried into St. Domingo, she's provisions bound for Cape Breton, and brought them to Jersey. The List of Births for the Year 1756. Centaur of Havre, from Martinico , 2.

(Ountess of Morton, of ingale man of war, in her pallage

dia son. 6. Lady to New York. The Prometheap Lud. Grant, of a daughter. Widow



15. Lady of

June 29. Chancen

of the late Hon. Capt. John Ham- company of Invalids doing duty at mond of the Lancaster man of war, Plymouth, (Stratton dec.) of a daughter. Lady of Lord Geo. Sackville, of a fon.

From other Papers. Sir John Danvers; Bart. of a son.

"Apt. ter 25. Lady of Sir John Shaw, der of the Prince, in toom of Bart. of a fon.

Capt. Cambelt, commander of the

Royal George. Capt. Taylor, of the Lift of Marriages for the Year 1956. Marlborough. Capt. Willet, of the

Weymouth in room of Capt. Hanway, Arl of Amburnhamn married to miss of the Chichester, in room of Capt. Templeman of Dorchester, Esq; to Wickham of the Augusta. Capt. mils Morefield of Beaminster, with Jekell, of the Flamborough. Capr. doool. Mr. John Davis, coal-mer Graves, of the Duke, 90 Guns. chant, to miss Lewis of Endfield, Capt. Bently of the Barfleur, 90 with 10,000 l.

Guns. Capt. Swantan, of the Prince.

Capt. Collins, of the Terrible, 74 Lift of Deaths for the Year 1756. Guns

. Capt. Hughes, of the Ber

wick, 70 Guns. Capt. Gayton, of Harles Edwin, Esq; the Royal Anne, in room of Capt.

member for Glamor- Martin, a Rear Admiral on half pay ganshire. William Granger, Efai Lt. 'Tucker of the Terrible, of the Rt Bofton, New England, Hon, Ma: Otter floop. Capr. Barber, of the Ty Cornwallis, liker to . Cornwallis. Peggy

of the Princess jo Rev. Dr. Cowper; R. of Great Royal. Henry Hill. Efq; depary Birkhamstead, Hertfordthire. 17. Serjeant of the H. of Commons. (Cha. Hon. mils Ponfonby, daughter to Palmer, Esq; refign’d. James Sayer Lord Duncannon, at Ingrih, Kent. of Effex-ftreet, Elg; deputy Steward Sir Carnaby Haggerston, Bart. at of Westminster John Manners, Elingham, Northumberland. 18. Esq; Member for Newark upon Trent Lord Andover, fuddenly, by a fall Housekeeper at Whitehall

. Mr. from his chaise, in Oxfordshire. 2i Meriott, chief accomptant for the new -Tbomas Jenkins, "M. A: a rector of duty on Plate. Mr. Kemp, porter of Nuncton, Norfolk.

the mint office. John Bell of Lin

coln's Inn; Esq; commissioner for Lift of Promotions for the Year 1756. fick and wounded seamen and ex

change of prifoners. Gowen Knight From the London Gazette. M. Ď. principal keeper of the British

Mufæum ; Charles Morton, M. D. Whitehall, THE king has been Mathew Mary, M. D. and Mr. EmpTeó. Burges, Efq; to command in of Weftminfter; Rev. Mr. George che absence of the governor, in the Coldicott of Hertfordshire, and Mr. ifland of Jersey, and all the forts, William Webb, affiftants. Sir John &c. ebereto belonging Charles Hu- Mylne, Lieut. Governor of the illand bert, Herriot, Elg; to be Lieut. Gov. of Guernsey. John Brown, Capt. of the caftle of Dumbarton, and also Andrew Forbes, Capt. Lieut. Patrick Lieutenant to the Company of foot Warrender, Lieut. and Fred. Evelyn, in garrison there. Pomeroy Gilbert, Cornet, in the Horse guards blue. Elo; to be capt. of the independant John Burgoyne, Capt. Ancram's dra



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goons.-Geo. Maddison, capt. in dec.) Hon. and Rev. Mr. Hamilton, Bockland's foot. - Geo. Roberts, brother to the E of Abercorn, and capt. Alex. Simmers, capt. lieut. Dr. Nicholas, Boscawen, brother to Wm. Cashell, Geo: Bridgeman, and Lord Viscount Falmouth, chaplains Charles Fitzroy, lieutenants. Cha. in ordinary to his majesty. Mr. Silke, Wm. Le Geyt, Sir Alex Gilmar, chaplain to the train of Artillery Bart, and Mr. Howard enligns; ift Mr. Mashbourne, chaplain. of the Reg. of foot guards.-Wm. Pickton, Duke man of war, 90 guns.-Mr. capt. lieut. Skelton's foot.

Whale, chaplain to the Gosport, 40


Alterations in the Lifts of Parliament. HE king has been pleased to

grant Robert Johnston, the Place. Eleded. In room of place and dignity of dean of the cathedral church of Tuam, in Ire- Norwich, Edw. Bacon, H. Walpole, 1 peer, land. (Jervis dec.) Rev. Isaac Newport, Rich. Bull

, Edw.Bacon for Norwiib. Whaley, B. A. presented to Wither- Tasworth, Ld. Villers, Tho. Villers, made i

peer ly, R Leicestershire, 200l. per Ann.

-Dr. Erasmus Saunders, Ř. of St. Martin in the fields, in the room of Bill of Mortality from June 22. to July 27 Dr. Pearce, Bishop, of Rochester.

Buried WeeklyJune 29, 462 Wm. Whitehead, M. A. Arwick, V.

July 6. 363 Yorkshire. HollingsMales

13. 316 palton, v. Monmoth. -Mr. Walton; Ferhales 1763

20. 365

Christened rector of Mickleham, Surry, a pre

27. 326

Males bend of Westminster.

(Winshaw, Females 634
, | 1337 1



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The Monthly Chronologer for IRELAND,

July 5. A

Grant to ThomasLof a {trong smell of sulphur. 12. The

tus, Esq; to hold a Fri- parliament, which stands prorogued day market, and two fairs on the 23d to Tuesday the 20th Inftant is furof May and 13th of November, at ther prorogued to the 24th of Aur the town of Mulaheder, near Clo- gust next. 14. At the commencenard bridge, co. Meath. 6. At Cla- ment held in our Univerhity the foltaghty co. Monaghan on the 27th of lowing degrees were conferred, Ld. June, about fix in the evening of a Mount Morres and the Hon. Ed. very warm day, when it thundered ward. Morres, honourary doctors of most violently attended with great civil law. Rev. Guy Atkinson D. lightening, and showers of hail, a D. Rey. John Folds doctor, and noise was heard as of cannon firing Rev. Joseph Elwood, Charles Burat a distance, the lake in the neigh- don, and Cary Hamilton, barchebourhood seemed to boil, the fish to lors of law. Rev, Gabriel Stokes, rise to the surface, and one of its and five barcbelors. banks with a ineadow adjoining rose and fell surprisingly, and at lalt fet- The Asociation now figning by the tled with its surtace many feet low- Citizens of Dublin breathes abrough er than its former fituation or the it fucb fpirit of true Affe dion for places adjacent, apertures appeared in car Parent-Country, and Duty to the many places, whence Agwed war in best of KING S, as render il de water for many hours, attended with serving so be banded to pofierity.


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the city of Dublin, whose our contidence refting on almighty names are hereunto fubscribed, be- power, for success, in the cause of ing hilled with the highest indigna- public virtue and true religion) do tion against the pride and infolence hereby folemnly promise and engage of France. audaciously kindling a to each other, to our king and to war, directly pointed to dispelfess our country, that we will enter inour moft righteous sovereign, of his to, and act in any military service rightful dominions in America, and which our most just and gracious fomainly threatening to invade a king- vereign thall require of us, in any dom, at whose name they have long part of this kingdom or of Great Bribeen used to tremple.

tain, during the present war; and Deeming it highly expedient, at that such of us as are in circumstances fuch a jundure, that all complaints to afford it, will arm ourselves at of minifterial measures, however grie- our own expence,whensoever his majeVous and oppressive, be fuspended; sty's pleasure shall be fignified for that in full contidence, that his majef- purpole. ty's well-known justice will, in due time, upon proper information, af

Judging” ir highly conducive to June 30. A Carton, the Re

. Hon. the common safety of these kingdoms, that the protestants of Ire- the countess of Kildare, of a son. land (amounting to two hundred July 23. The lady of John St. Leger, thouland men, fit to carry arms) Elq; of a son. be fully prepared to aid their paTent-country, in maintaining the ho

MARRIAGES. BOU: and ignity of the imperial crown of these realms, againt all July "TESQI to Miss Afton of

ISDAL of Clintonstown, who insult it abroad, or would betray it at home; and in perpetua- Ardee -2. John Lapp Judkins, Co. ting the procettant fucceffion in his Tipperary, Esq; to Miss. Priscilla Rajelty's illuftrious house ; upon Carden.-8. Rev. Francis Thompwäich alone, under heaven, depends fon to Miss Doyne.-11. John Graythe preservation of us and our po- don, M. D. tó Miss Elizabeth Ecterity, our liberties, our property cles of Clone Co. Monaghan.-13.

Capt. Thomas Fox of Gen. ConEmulating the glory of our Bri- way's Regiment to Miss Ann Gillespy th ancestors, who, (with hearts un- of Carlow.-14. Nicholas Aylward dismayed and hands irreliftable, with of Shankill Co. Carlow, Esq; to valour scarce ever equall'd, never Mary, eldeft daughter to Benjamin to be excell'd) maintained the em- Kearney, of Blanchvillestown, Co. pite of the ocean; defended their Kilkenny, Efq;~-17. Brooke Brasier, free and happy country; and, through Efq; to Miis Johnson, daughter to feries of ages, preserved their William Johnson of Lizard, Co. Limatchless conftitution, against the merick, Éfq;—20. Mr. Holland of hamberlefs attempts of insidious mi- Mary's Abbey, Merchant to Miss riters to undermine it.

Sampson of Abbey-street.-26. Rev. We, his majetty's protestant fub- Keane Percival, D. D. to Miss Core jees

, inhabiting this great metro- bet daughter to Francis Corbet, D.D. polis

, (our hearts overflowing with Dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin.-27. the ftrongest and warmest sentiments Thomas Montgomery of Feltrim, Elq; of loyalty, gratitude and affection to Elenor daughter of Acheson Moore,


and our religion :

fune 29


Esq; M. of P. for Bangor. --- 29.

-29. -Colville Moore, Esq; appointed Dr. Ellis to Miss Jones of Mary-street. landwaiter at Cork in the room of

Robert Gordon collector of Kinsale. DEATHS.

-15. William King, deputy searcher,

guager and packer in the port of YOI. Ralph Warter Wil- Cork. (Nicholas Hewetson deceas'd)

son deputy governor Co.-16. John St. Legar, Efq; depuLimerick. July i. Ac Trim the ty governor, Co. Limerick. --Right wife of archdeacon Cary.-3. John Hon. Sir Clotworthy Viscount MarMafterson of Castleton near Gorey, fareene created Earl of Mafsareene. Efq;-Rev. John Collins of Kilmichel - 19. Right Honourable Nicholas, Co Cork.-5. Suddenly the Hon. Lord Loftus, Viscount Loftus of EThomas Marley, Esq; formerly lord ly. 20. Right Honourable Humchief Justice of the king's bench.cata phrey Viscount Lanelborough, Earl 10. eldest son of John Grogan, co. of Lanesborough.-Henry, Baron Wexford, Esq;-18. Ac Bristol Mr. Mount-Charles, Viscount Conyngsecretary Donnellan. — 19. The Rev. ham.-+-Sir Kildare Dixon Burrowes, Roger Ford, D. D. incumbent of Bart. appointed a trustee of the li Rathcool and curate of Crumlin dio. nen manufacture for the province of of Dublin.-20. At Cork Rev. Tho. Ulster. (Right Honourable Thomas Millerd. -28. William Bagwell, Esqi Marlay deceas'd.) --23. Henry RiM. of P. for the Borough of Clon-chards, Lieut. Col. Francis Laye, mell.-31. aged 106 Árs. D'Agar Captain, and Chamb. Hallowes, who retained her lenses to the latt. Captain-lieutenant in Boscawea's Re

giment.-John Ballaguire Major PROMOtions.

in Mostyn's Regiment. Edw.

Bradthaw, Major, Nicholas Tench, A

RTHUR Roche, Esq; Lieutenant, and Georg. Kobinson,

elected Mayor, Andrew Ensign in Pole's Regiment. Welsh, Exam Vincent Sheriffs, Geo. Solgard Marshal, Lieutenant, Mich. Smyth, Efq; recorder, and Robert Downes; Ensign in Fitzwilliams's Hallom Town-clerk for Limerick. Regiment.--- Joseph Patterson, LieuJuly 1. Anthony Weekes appointed tenant, William Blakeney, Enfign, deputy ferjeant at arms to his Ma- in Blakeney's Regiment. William jelly's court of exchequer. - Rev. Courtenay Fort Major of Dancan. Francis Stephen Thomas collated to

Robert Graham and Joha the prebend of Newchapel. (Rev.An- Ratcliff, Fire workers to the Artilthony Bury dec.)-Rev. John Wood- lery Company. John Pigott, Esq; sooffe, to the rectories and vicarages deputy Governor Co. Limerick.–20. of Ballintemple, Ratbleynan, Oughter- Thomas Barbon of Dungarvan, Co. leagh, and Kilpatrick. (Bury dec.) Waterford, Esq; a Mafter extraor

Rev. Patrick Walth L 1 B infti- dinary of the Court of Chancery. tured a vicar choral. (Rev. Francis Phineas Bowles, Captain, St. Geo. Stephen Thomas ref.) all in the dio. Richardson, Captain Lieutenant, Ed. of Calhel. -2. Nicholas Fudger, Efq: ward Smith, Lieut. John Donnellan, elected sovereign of Kinsale. - Cornet, in Sackville's regiment. William Harding, Esq; elected mayor, Loftus Cathcart, Lieut. J. Moore Thomas Newenham and John Roe, Travers, Ensign in Bragg's RegiElqre theriffs for the city of Cork meat.

June 28.


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