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How did his wondrous skill array
Your fields in charming green;
A thousand herbs his art display,
A thousand flowers between !

Tall oaks for future navies grow,
Fair Albion's best defence,
While corn and vines rejoice below,
Thofe luxuries of sense.

The bleating flocks his pafture feeds :
And herds of larger fize,

That bellow through the Lindian meads,
His bounteous hand supplies.


We fee the Thames carefs the shores,
He guides her filver flood:
While angry Severn fwells and roars,

Yet hears her ruler God.

The rolling mountains of the deep
Obferve his ftrong command;
His breath can raise the billows fteep,
Or fink them to the fand.

Amidst thy watery kingdoms, Lord,
The finny nations play,

And fcaly monsters, at thy word,
Rush through the northern fea.


Thy glories blaze all nature round,

And ftrike the gazing fight,

Through skies, and feas, and folid ground,

With terror and delight.

Infinite ftrength, and equal fkill,

Shine through the worlds abroad,
Our fouls with vaft amazement fil,
And speak the builder God.

But the sweet beauties of thy grace
Our fofter paffions move;

Pity divine in Jesus face

We fee, adore, and love.

GOD's Abfolute Dominion.

LORD, when my thoughtful foul furveys

Fire, air, and earth, and stars and feas, I call them all thy flaves;

Commiffion'd by my Father's will,

Poifons fhall cure, or balms fhall kill;

Vernal funs, or zephyr's breath,
May burn or blast the plants to death
That sharp December faves;
What can winds or planets boat

But a precarious power?

The fun is all in darkness loft,
Froft fhall be fire, and fire be froft,

When he appoints the hour.
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Lo, the Norwegians near the polar sky
Chafe their frozen limbs with fnow,
Their frozen limbs awake and glow,

The vital flame touch'd with a strange supply
Rekindles, for the God of life is nigh;

He bids the vital flood in wonted circles flow.
Cold fteel, expos'd to northern air,

Drinks the meridian fury of the midnight Bear,
And burns th' unwary ftranger there.

Enquire, my foul, of ancient fame,

Look back two thousand years, and see
Th' Affyrian prince transform'd a brute,
For boasting to be absolute :

Once to his court the God of Ifrael came,
A King more abfolute than he.

I fee the furnace blaze with rage
Sevenfold: I fee amidst the flame

Three Hebrews of immortal name:

They move, they walk across the burning stage
Unhurt, and fearlefs, while the tyrant stood
A ftatue; fear congeal'd his blood:
Nor did the raging element dare
Attempt their garments, or their hair;

It knew the Lord of nature there.
Nature, compell'd by a fuperior cause,
Now breaks her own eternal laws,
Now feems to break them, and obeys
Her fovereign king in different ways.
Father, how bright thy glories fhine!

How broad thy kingdom, how divine!

Nature, and miracle, and fate, and chance, are thine.


Hence from my heart, ye idols, flee,
Ye founding names of vanity !
No more my lips fhall facrifice

To chance and nature, tales and lies:
Creatures without a God can yield me no fupplies.
What is the fun, or what the fhade,

Or frofts, or flames, to kill or fave ?

His favour is my life, his lips pronounce me dead;
And as his awful dictates bid,
Earth is my mother, or my grave.


In Imitation of the cxivth Pfalm.

WHEN the Eternal bows the skies,

To vifit earthly things,

With fcorn divine he turns his eyes

From towers of haughty kings;

Rides on a cloud disdainful by
A Sultan, or a Czar,

Laughs at the worms that rife fo high,
Or frowns them from afar ;

He bids his awful chariot roll
Far downward from the fkies,

To vifit every humble foul,
With pleasure in his eyes.

Why fhould the Lord that reigns above
Disdain so lofty kings?

Say, Lord, and why fuch looks of love

Upon fuch worthlefs things?

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Mortals, be dumb; what creature dares

Difpute his awful will ?

Afk no account of his affairs,
But tremble, and be ftill.

Just like his nature is his grace,

All fovereign, and all free;

Great God, how fearchlefs are thy ways!
How deep thy judgments be!


SOME feraph, lend your heavenly tongue,

Or harp of golden ftring,

That I may raise a lofty song

To our Eternal King.

Thy names, how infinite they be!
Great Everlafting One!
Boundless thy might and majesty,
And unconfin'd thy throne.

Thy glories fhine of wondrous fize,
And wondrous large thy grace;
Immortal day breaks from thine eyes,
And Gabriel veils his face.

Thine effence is a vast abyss,

Which angels cannot found,

An ocean of infinities

Where all our thoughts are drown'd.


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