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gards myself, as I am far less ambitious

Proprætoris hujus urbis of being thought a Poet, than of desery

gerebat, et Elizæ filiæ ing the name of an useful provincial

Ranulphi Wilbrabam de Townsend, Phyfician; I thall not be at all cha

in comitatu Ceftriæ, conjugis ejus, grined, if the compliment he is pleased

Vir fuit literarum elegantiis et to pay me in the former capacity proves Memoria pre diens vie credibili, et industria, merely ironical ; and fball console my. felf, under any imputed poetical delin.

quæ nec labori nec ægritudini

diuturaz fuccubuit. quency, in reflecting with Martial,

Maxima autem laus eft, Non nobis licet effe tam disertis,

quod benevolentia, vitæ integritate, Qui Mufas colimus severiores.

et erga Deum pietate,

nemini fuit impar. Clericus poffefses fome worth, and many

Obüt 4to die Septembris A. D. 1792. virtues, at lealt if we are to believe

Ætatis fuæ LVI. what « ipfe dixi!." Thefe, however,

Vale, it seems, remain as yet unrewarded ;

Vir fumme, and his case reminds the reader of that Pietatis pariter ac literarum exemplar, Vaid. of Capr. Cormorant in the Bath Guide, Frater tui amantiffimus hocce fi He himself thinks he ought to be better

exiguum quamvis prefersed."

Cenotaphium Virtutibus cuis facrum

Poluit. I am only apprehenfive he does not go the readiest way about it,

Mr.URBAN, Brig bton Camp, Aug. 22. Mr. Urban, in the affair of Mr. Henderson * of Oxford, fince deceafed; IF I had been progresive, I hould

have mentioned in my laft, p. 685, you have received hints, from more

that on the 4th a string of orders came correspondents than one, as to the im

out relative to the next day's march to propriety of bringing forward living Alhdown Foreft. The general was to char-eters to public view by name.

beat at morning.gun fire, instead of the I beg leave to add (with due deference) reveillic. So brisk were the men at the that all ludicrous and disrespe&ful allu. thoughts of quitting Waterdown, they fions to individuals by name, in prose, were up before the morn, and welcomor verle, should find no place in The ed the gun with noisy approbation; the Gentleman's Magazine. "Hoping that tents were ftruck in an initant, the tente nothing of the kind,

poles ejed to their mufquers, and the Nec qui detrectat præfentia livor, cooking-kettles fastened behind them. for the future may appear in it; I re. Thus newly accoutred, in addition to main, Yours, &c. John CRANE.

knapsacks and canteens, they remained

under arms'till 10 o'clock (the hour of Mr. URBAN, Oxford, Sept. 14.

march). During this languid period, a OT having observed in your va

volume of orders were read; and in NOTE

luable Obicuary any notice of the proportion as the forft efforts of the late learned Mr. Palconer, who died morning had been aclive, every other last year at Cheder, and whose edition part was flow; but to those who know of Siraboť bas been long expected from how to make allowance for the progress the Clarendon prefs ; I now communi

of artillery and of baggage over irrecate to you the following epitaph, in. gular roads, and the order with which fcribed on a mural monument of white the whole was conducted, fuch may marble, erected to his memory in St. not be surprised that the croops were John's Church in that city by his bro. not upon their ground before half past ther Dr. William Falconer, an emi.

one o'clock. It was the length of time nent physician at Bath, whose various they had been under arms which had publications are well knowo.

fagged the men so much and yet, ás Yours, &c. ACADEMICUS,

they were pitching their tents, there

was a chearfulness upon their counte. M.S.

nances, that could only be attributed to TNO!! Æ FALCONER, Armigeri, their having left Waterdown. When Filii natu maximi Gulielmi Falconer, Arm. the encampment was formed, it helped Qui per plures annos officium

to fill up some fine proipt Ets, perhaps * Which Mr. Henderson himself treated lowing the whole in one line; the right

more beautiful by the ground not alwith the gre. teft pleasantry. EDIT. + See page 66, col. 2.

wing was upon the Gde of a hill to the


Weft; and the left upon another hill have composed part of the forest, as we in a direction East and by South. The observed the roots of many noble-fized Commander in Chief and the horse ar trees. Though I was in the character tillery were in a valley extending to the of a soldier, I could not help thinking feparation of wings, with some ftrag- as a man. The land we were upon gling crees in their rear, which were would have continued to deserve the very useful to the horses picquered under name of forest, if the owner had rethem. When the weather was clear, we planted some fresh oaks. And when it had a light of the fea, and over the is knowo what ground contributes the Weald of Sussex could plainly observe best to its growth, the public-spirited Lewes Castle, partly encompassed by hould never, for the fake of a few anthe South Downs; East Grinsted was a oual guineas, deny themselves the sagood object on the right; Maresfield tisfaction of seeing the favoured timber Church, and several spires were before of their country growing on their patal us; and the contraft of the different foil for the advantage of pofterity. foreft-downs, with the plentiful crops But to retnrn to the roldier. We of corn and meadow land, was a proud rested on our arms in a rabbit-warren. fight to the land owners, and to every At this period several of the inhabiman that is delighted to fee plenty cants, in attempring to avoid danger, scattered over the earth; and, "though ran into it, and were either received by latt, not leaft, in love," the infantry a sturdy foot, or the butt-end of a firea forming in their freers preparative to a lock. The foldiers could neither bc field-day, and the artillery yoking their charged with cruelty or theft; as it was horses, was as animated a light as could understood, if the enemy came under be, and made the varied scene worthy their feet, they were lawful “belly-tim. the pencil of the first painter extant. ber;" but they were on no accouni to

Amongft the orders given out at quit their ranks in pursuit of so ignoble Aldowa Foreft, there was one in care a foe. After remaining for a confiderof hearing three gups fired rapidly: the able time under arms, whilft the fuca men were to put on their knapsacks and cessful soldiers were glorying in their prepare to march; this was not put in spoil, and telling how it became a vicexecution, and, it is fince thought, it tim to a kick, we were ordered to was only given out to keep up the usual change position, and either advanced or custom of obliging the officers to remain retreated (I do not know which) from conftaorly in quarters, and as well as hill to hill, every now and then taking the men, to be always ready. This or a peep-at our more diftant encampment. der was near throwing “every corps The sun was declining very fast, and into confufon," for, one evening a man we were beginning to think we were to fired several musquets in defence of his perform vefpers far from our canvals potatoe property part of the Camp home-bur, on gaining a bleaky fun. thought it the krapjack.fignal, and mit, there were luckily no more emienrned out. The reason given was,

nences in front.

After refting long that the cannon had so small an allow- enough to be fufficiently chuled, we ance of powder on a field-day, they were rejoiced to hear the found of the could not (particularly when aroured merry merry drum," and the chearfrom sleep) tell the distinction of found ful bands; a signal that has the fame between them and musquets.

meaning in modern tatticks with chas Our week's duty on the Forest was formerly made use of by the Israelites, pleasant, comparative to our goings-on viz. “To your tents,” &c. Between ar Waterdown. We had only one day eight and nine we reached camp, and that approached io farigue. On Satur concluded our duty by eating double day the line was ordered out at seven ; dinner allowance and good-humour. but our good friend General Rain coun On the Monday, whatever muljakes termanded it. As fymptoms of fair (if commanders can make any) had proweather approached, symptoms of the longed the order of march from Watero field-day kept pace with it. The men down, they were removed, and che line were ordered to cook their dinners; reached Chailey in good time.

With and at one the troops fell in. We pur- equal glee and regularity they set off feed our roure towards Ucknela, paff. the next morning for Brighton; about ing over some temporary bridges courown four milcs beto.e they arrived on their over a small fteep-banked brook. The ground, their regiments were formed hills we went over mult, at fome cine, in balrations, in which order they moved,


keeping good wheeling distance. The rode as snugly through the storm, as a irregularity of the Downs frequently man of war does that has lowered her gave an opportunity of seeing every top-malts; the next morning when I regiment with a coup-d'oiel. Numbers put just as much of my head through of people came out to meet us. The the whistling canvass as would how town, with the sea, and the music, and me how my neighbours went on, I the universal animation around, some. tacked about, and hugged myself in the what diffipated the fatigue of a long boot of my tent, which was every way march. Conspicuous amongst the fpece as (nug, and let in as much rain, as the tators was the Prince of Wales, in the favoured corner in the old mansion of honourable garb of his regiment, look. the late Mr. Elwes. ing both the Soldier and the Prince. This day, it is understood, we are We marched by his Royal Highness by to bid adieu to our respite ; horle, foot, divisions; officers Saluting; and then and artillery, are to make a proud apwheeled round the town to our new pearance in the neighbourhood of a ground, which appeared a little Paradise place called “the Devil's Ditch.” Our, in comparison.

expectations are raised very high, as the The water at our former Aations has name gives us reason to think there will too much chalybeate in it to be plea- be something extraordinary. The men fant. On Chailey common it was good; are to take provisions and capteens of and on our arrival bere we had the water; a good hint for the officers to luxury of finding it could not be better. be careful of themselves; and as the This necessary part of the comforts of soldiers in some of our field days have life, with the delightful ground we are had time enough to leep soundly, loc encamped upon, a full advantage of the us hope, we shall have time enough to sca. breeze, and the lively scene con- eat heartily; and I will be bound the tinually passing and repalling in our dinner manæuvse will not require any front, make us hope we ihall have more · camp colours, to mark out ine line of opportunities of frequenting the Steine march; exercise and hunger are the parade than we had of visiting Tun. favourites of health and of mountains ; bridge. Wells. Besides, the Commander and in prospect they proinise to be in Chief wonderfully gave us an overa, equally lo with us; as we are not likely slaugh from Wednesday until Monday; to have the empty bonour of dining on which day we were out fix hours and with his Grace" Duke Humphrey." a half; five of the bours dragged on Yours, &c. A RAMBLER, with the usual having nothing to do. We then began to form columns and Mr. URBAN, lines. This intention was by way of l of their cription on the Counters of

Sept. 14. drilling in the new fyllem. General Dundas, the modeller of it, gave his Pomfret in p. 719; and hope that you personal afliftance ; and I could not will insert in your next the following help remarking how gracefully and ex- necessary corrections: In line 2, read peditiously he moved his sun-burne “ viduai;” 1. 5, “piæ prudenti venerahand, explanatory of his formation of bili domisedæ ;" 1. is, “pietatis ;" the divisions into battalion. I dare say, 1. 16, “ faciundum curavere." If the when we have brought his theory to report at the time of the erection of the practical perfection, we shall never be monument in St. Mary's church may a hair's breadth out. Old officers, that be credited, this inscription was written have been accustomed to fight after the by the very learned editor of Demosold school, find great fault with many thenes, Dr. John Taylor, of Cambridge, parts of this celebrated system. I bea When will that University compete bis fore said I was no judge of Generalship. fine edition of that orator? Who can be With equal propriety, I lhall not pre. more eminently qualified for the work fume to say any thing upon this head than the present Greek Profeffor there? until I understand it.

The "two magnificent candelabra" I find myself so jocular in consequence in the Radcliffe library, noticed in the of having had some days to look about fame page, were the truly liberal doname, that I forgot to mentien we were rion of Sir Roger Newdigare, bart, to visited by a most tremendous gale of the University; of which he was one of wind on Saturday night; tome tents the representatives in parliament from were blown down; but the generality 1750 to 1780. OXONIENSIS.


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