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Metrical Legends of exalted characters; by Joanna Baillie; also a new edition of the Plays on the Passions. The Vision of Judgment, a Poem ; by Robert Southey. A History of the Quakers, by the same author." ' In the press, in two volumes quarto, Memoirs of the last nine years of George II. ; by Horace Walpole, Earl of Orford. Lady Morgan's work on Italy is at length sent to the press. Will be published in the ensuing spring, an Index to the first fifty volumes of the Monthly Magazine. Selections of the curious, valuable, and original papers, will also appear within the year, in five volumes. It is also proposed to publish a volume of selections on the completion of every ten volumes. The first Report of the Cambridge Philosophical Society. A new edition of Lord Byron's Works, in five volumes, small 8vo. Also Graphic Illustrations of the same. Miss Benger's Memoirs of Anne Boleyn will appear in a few days. The Life of the honourable William Pitt: by Dr Prettyman Tomline, Bishop of Winchester, in several 4to volumes. A new edition of Mr Brande's Manual of Chemistry, in three 8vo. volumes. : A Biographical Work of 3000 living public men of all countries; to be embellished with nearly 300 engraved portraits, and to correspond in size with Debrett's Peerage. An Account of the British campaign at Washington and New Orleans, in 1814, 1815; by an Officer, 8vo. An Abridgement of Matthiae's Greek Grammar, for the use of schools; by the Rev. Dr Blomfield. A new edition of Blackstone's Commentaries; by Mr J. Williams. The History and Antiquities of several Parishes in the Hundreds of Bullington Ploughley, &c. Oxfordshire, with engravings of churches, crosses, &c.; by John Dunkin, author of the History of Bicester. Only fifty copies printed. Mr T. Heaphy is preparing a Series of Studies from Nature of the British charac. ter; consisting of soldiers who have fought under the Duke of Wellington, sailors, and rustics. Each number will contain six heads in black and white chalk. * * Mr Heaphy will also shortly publish No. I. of Studies of Character and Expression from the Old Masters. * * * , or st Shortly will appear, in a duodecimo vo

lume, Histoire de la Secte des Amis, suivá. d'une Notice sur Madame Fry, et la prison de Newgate; par Madame Adele du Thou. Notes on the Cape of Good Hope, made during an excursion through the principal parts of that colony, in the year 1820; in which are briefly considered the advantages and disadvantages it offers to the English emigrant, with some remarks upon the new settlement at Algoa Bay. De Renzey, a Novel, in three volumes. Travels in Northern Africa, from Tripoli to Meurzouk, the capital of Fezzan; and from thence to the southern extremity of that kingdom, in 1818–1820; by Lieut. G. F. Lyon, R. N. The Union of the Roses, a Poem, in six cantos, with Notes; a tale of the fifteenth century. Mr D'Israeli is printing a new series of the Curiosities of Literature, in three vols. 8vo. - - - A new Choral Book, for the use of the established church ; by Mr Cooper. The Personal History of King George III. ; by E. H. Locker, Esq.; in 4to, with portraits, fac-similes, and other engravings. Preparing for the press, a Translation of a Narrative of a Voyage round the World, in the Russian ship Rurie, undertaken with a view to a discovery of a north-east passage, between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans; by Otto Von Kotzebue. A Dissertation, shewing the identity of the rivers Niger and Nile; chiefly from the authority of the ancients; by John Dudley, M. A. The last number of Mr Pugin's Specimens of Gothic Architecture, selected from various ancient edifices in England, with sixty engravings. A new work on the Study of Medicine, comprising its Physiology, Pathology, and Practice, is in course of preparation; by Dr John Mason Good. Memoirs of James Earl Waldegrave, K. G. one of his Majesty's privy council, in the reign of George II., and governor of George III., when Prince of Wales; being a short Account of Political, Contentions, Party Quarrels, and Events of consequence, from 1754 to 1757, in small 4to. Elementary Illustrations of the Celestial Mechanics of La Place, in 8vo. The Century of Inventions of the Marquis of Worcester, from the original M. S., with Historical and Explanatory Notes, a Biographical Memoir, and an original Portrait, in 8vo. o, The fifth and concluding volume of Mr

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Britton's Architectural Antiquities of Great Britain will be completed by midsummer next. It will contain 80 engravings. Preparing for the press, by the same author, Illustrations and History of Oxford Cathedral; to be followed by those of Canterbury Cathedral. The first number of a Magazine of the Fine Arts will appear in April. In the press, a Literal Translation of the Medea of Euripides into English prose, with the scanning and order; by T. W. C. JEdward, M. A. Preparing for publication, Intimations and Evidences of a Future State; by Rev. T. Watson. The Topography of Athens, with some remarks on its Antiquities; by Lieut. Col. Leake; 8vo., with plates from the drawings of C. Cockerell, Esq. Burchard's Travels in Syria and Mount Sinai may shortly be expected. Metacom ; or Philip of Pokanaket, an Heroic Poem, in 16 books; by the author ef Night, Peter Faultless, &c. In the press, the Letters of Mary Lefel, Lady Hervey, with Illustrative Notes. Shortly will be published, Dr D'Oyley's Life of Archbishop Sancroft. The Poems of Catullus, translated by the honourable Geo. Lamb, with a Preface and Notes. The Last Days of Herculaneum, and Abradates, and Panthea; by Edwin Athastone, Esq. A Poem, in sixteen books, called Coeur de Lion, or the Third Crusade; by Miss HPorden. Memoirs on the Present State of Science and Scientific Institutions in France; by JDr Granville. A Novel, entitled, The Sisters, in four 8vo. volumes. The third and fourth volumes of Mr , Butler's History of the English, Irish, and Scottish Catholics. Mitchell's Translation of Aristophanes, vol. ii.

The Rev. T. Smith of St John’s College, Cambridge, is publishing a new edition of the Eton Latin Grammar, with copious Notes, and having the quantities of all syllables marked. This edition will appear in February. In the press, and will be published early in February, the third part of the New Translation of the Bible, translated from the Sacred Original Hebrew only, completing the Pentateuch, or Five Books of Moses ; by J. Bellamy. f Shortly will be published, an Itinerary of the Rhone, including part of the southern coast of France; by John Hughes, Esq. A. M. of Oriel College, Oxford. Shortly will be published, an Attempt to analyze the Automaton Chess Player of M. de Kempelen, with an easy method of imitating the movements of that celebrated figure, illustrated by plates, and accompanied by a copious collection of the knight's moves on the chess-board. Captain Batty's Narrative of the Campaign of the Left Wing of the Allied Army under the Duke of Wellington, from the passage of the Bedasso, in 1813, to the end of the war, 1814; illustrated by a Plan of the theatre of war, and twenty, Views of the Scenery in the Pyrenees and south of France. The first number of Mr Haden’s Monthly Journal of Popular Medicine, will be published in March. It is addressed to the public in general, as well as to the profession. It treats of the various modes of preserving health, as well as of the nature and courses of common diseases, and of the treatment of accidents, &c. It also gives a digest of such parts of the medical and phi. losophical literature of the day, as may be interesting to the public, or lead to useful remarks. The Rev. John Hodgson is preparing for publication, the Second Volume of his History of Northumberland, which will contain the History of the Parishes in Castle Ward.

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EDINBURGH. . . . . . . so ** The Fourth Edition, improved and en- ved, of Werner's Nomenclature of Colours.

larged, of Commentaries on the Laws of Scotland; and on the Principles of Mercantile Jurisprudence. By George Joseph Bell, Esq. advocate. 2 vols. 4to. Will be published in a few days. o A Second Edition, corrected and impro

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By P. Sym. * – f – so - . " Preparing for publication, in elephant folio, Illustrations of British Ornithology. Series first—Land Birds. By P. J. Selby, Esq. of Twizel-House, Northumberland,

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cretary to the Newcastle Antiquarian Society. Vol. V. being the First Part of vol. III., and containing ancient Records and Historical Papers. Demy, 21. 2s. Royal Paper, 31.3s. ... * ARCHITECTURE. A Series of Designs for Private Dwel* By J. Hedgeland. 4to. Part I. :l, ls, -Specimens of Gothic Architecture, selected from various Edifices in England, engraved by Turrell, from drawings by Pugin, Nos. I. II. each containing 20 plates. £1, ls, each. BIBLIOGRAPHY. Laycock's General Catalogue of New and Old Books, for 1821. 3s. A Catalogue of the Library of the Royal Institution of Great Britain. By William Harris, Keeper of the Library. Second Edition, royal 8vo. £1, 1s. BIOGRAPHY. . .” County Biography for Norfolk, Essex, and Suffolk. Royal 18mo: £1, 2s. 6d. Biographia Curiosa ; or Memoirs and Portraits of Remarkable Characters in the Reign of George III. No. VII, 2s. 6d. Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Alfieri; with Portrait... 12mo. 5s. 6d. EDucat ION. The Student's Manual; being an Etymological and Explanatory Vocabulary of Words, derived from the Greek.a. 18mo. 8s. 6d.

An Abridgment of Dr Goldsmith's History of England. By the Rev. Alexander Stewart. , 12mo, 5s. * ,- o: Walkingame's Tutor's Assistant, a new Edition, with 1000 New Questions. By the Rev. T. Smith, of St John's College, Cambridge, Master of Gordon House Academy, Kentish Town, Middlesex. 2s. Chosroas and Heraclius; a Tale from the Roman History. By Miss Sandham. 3s. Short Stories from the History of Scotland. 2s. 6d. The Travellers; or, an entertaining Journey round the Habitable Globe. Coloured, 18mo. 7s.6d. Plain, 6s. A Letter to a Member of Parliament, shewing (in these Days of Infidelity and Sedition,) the serious and dangerous Defects of the British and Foreign School, and of Mr Brougham's Bill (now pending) for the General Education of the Poor. By Richard Lloyd, A.M., 1s. 6d. " _* The Delphin and Variorum Classics. Nos. XXI, and XXII. Tacitus. ...o. Stephens's Thesaurus. No. XI. ..., - HISTORY. , , o A General History of the House of Guelph, or Royal Family of Great Britain. By Andrew Haliday, M.D., 4to, * * --f -- * * ------------History of Seyāsaid, Sultan of Muscat, together with an Account of the Countries

ments presented

and People on the Shores of the Persian Gulph, particularly of the Wahabees. By Sheik Mansur. ** 12s. to r o MATHE MATICS. Analytical and Arithmetical Essays. By Peter Nicholson, or 8vo.o. 12s., f:-The Gentleman's Annual Mathematical Companion, for 1821, 12mo. 3s. MEDICINE... ... . Letters to a mother on the Management of Infants and Children, Nursing, Food, &c. By a Physician. 4s.6d. An Inquiry into the Nature, and Treatment of Gravel, Calculus, and other Diseases of the Urinary Organs. 8vo. 7s.6d. Cases illustrative of the Treatment of Obstructions in the Urethra, by the new Instrument, the Dilator ; with Directions to facilitate its general Adoption. By James Arnott. 8vo. 4s. 6d. A Synopsis of the various Kinds of difficult Parturition, with Practical Remarks on Labours. By Sam. Merriman, M.D. 8vo. # 12s. . . ; or of a st ... Practical Observations, on the Use of Oxygen, or Vital Air, in the Cure of Diseases. By Daniel Hill. 7s.6d. - MILITARY--of-of- or The Royal Military Calendar, or Army, Service, and Commission Book..., 5 vols. 8vo. £3. .* or * * o, 2 . . . MISCELLANIES. * A Description of the Changeable Magnetic Properties possessed by all Iron Bodies, and the different Effects produced by the same on Ships' Compasses, from the Position of the Ship's Head being altered, with Engravings. By P. Leccreut, Midshipman, R.N. 8vo. 4s. 6d. Robson's Classification of Trades, bound with the London Commercial Directory, for 1821. Royal 8vo. 13s.6d. The Directory separate. 7s.6d. The Influence of Civil Life, Sedentary Habits, and Intellectual Refinements on Human Health and Happiness. 3s. 6d. Journal of the Queen's Visit to Tunis, Greece, and Palestine. By Louise de Mont, 3s. The Quarterly Musical Magazine and Review. Part IX. 5s. . . . oThe Retrospective Review. No. V.

S. . . * ---' -- - --> * The Literary Chronicle and Weekly Register, for 1820., 4to. £1,7s.6d. Ån English and Hindoostanee Naval Dictionary of Technical Terms and Sea Phrases; with a short Grammar of the Hindoostanee Language. By Capt. Thomas Roebuck..., 12mo, 7s. -o A Popular Account of Kenilworth Castle, with a Plan. By J. Nightingale. 1s. 6d.

Laneham's Description of the EntertainQueen Elizabeth at Kenilworth Castle, in Iš75, as referred to in the Novel, with Glossarial and Explanatory

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Notes, and a Portrait of Queen Elizabeth. Post 8vo. 5s. Portraits of British Poets. Part VI. Royal 8vo. 12s. 4to. 16s. 6d. Proofs, £1,4s. Illustrations of Hudibras. Part X. 8vo. 8s. "Proofs, 12s. The Classical, Biblical, and Oriental Journal. No. XLIV. The Pamphleteer, being a Record of the best Pamphlets on both sides of every interesting Question. No. XXXIII. NATURAL HISTORY. Denovan's History of British Quadrupeds. Part IX. Royal 8vo. 9s. roVELS, Geraldine, or Modes of Faith and Practice. By a Lady. 3 vols. 12mo. £1, Is. Scheming. 3 vols. £1, 1. Tales of Ton, (First Series,) containing Fashionable Characters; or a Search after a Woman of Principle. By Miss M'Leod. 4 vols. £1, 4s. . ; or Fallen Fortunes. By the o

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The Modern Church; a Satirical Poem, comprising Sketches of some Popular and Unpopular Preachers. By J. L. Bicknell, F.A.S. 3s.

What is Life? and other Poems. By T. Bailey. 18mo. 3s.6d.

Poems; containing the Indian and Lazarus. Foolscap 8vo. 3s.6d.

Victoria, and other Poems. 8vo. 5s.

Select Works of the British Poets; with Biographical and Critical Prefaces. By Dr Aikin. 10 vols. royal 18mo: £3. Post 18mo. £2.


Rules proposed for the Government of Gaols, Houses of Correction, and Penitentiaries. 8vo. 9s.

Essays on Money, Exchanges, and Political Economy. By Henry James. 8vo. 10s.


Considerations on the present Political State of India. By Alexander Frazer Tytler. Second Edition. 2 vols. 8vo. 18s.

The Speeches of Sir Samuel Romilly; with a Memoir of his Life, and a Portrait. By Wm. Peter, Esq. 2 vols. 8vo. 26s.


The Village Preacher. Vol. I. 12mo. 5s. Meditations on the Scriptures, chiefly addressed to Young Persons. By the Rev. Richard Wayland, A.M. 2 vols. 12mo. 8s.

Tracts on the Divinity of Christ, and on the Repeal of the Statute against Blasphemy. By the Bishop of St David's. 8vo 12s. The Book of Common Prayer, in Eight Languages, 4to. £2, 10s. Grotius de Veritate Religionis Christianae; with the Notes of the Author, Le Clerc, and others, translated into English. For the use of Schools. 12mo. 6s. To POGRAPHY. Whitaker's General History of York shire. Part IV. Richmondshire. £2, 2s. voy AGES AND TRAVELs. '" Journal of a Tour in France, Switzerland, and Lombardy, 2 vols. 12mo. 8s. Journal of New Voyages and Travels. No. V. Vol. IV. 3s. 6d.

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The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott, Bart, including the Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border, and Sir Tristrem. 10 vols. 8vo. St Aubin, or the Infidel. 2 vols. 12mo. Vindication of the Principles of Mr Pitt, in Answer to the Letter by a Scottish Freeholder. Second edition. Is. The Jolly Tories; a selection of new Songs to popular Airs, &c. Written for the Pitt Club Dinner, 1s. The Monntain Bard, consisting of Legendary Ballads and Tales. By James Hogg, the Ettrick Shepherd. The third Edition, greatly enlarged. To which is prefixed, a 'Memoir of the Author's Life, written by himself. Foolscap 8vo. 10s. 6d. A Picture of Life, by the Town-Clerk of Gossiphall. 12mo. 3s.6d. Edinburgh Christian Instructor for February. No. 127, Edinburgh Monthly Review for March. No. 27.

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COMMERCIAL REPORT-14th February, 1821.

Sugar.—The demand for inferior Sugars continues dull and unsettled. The finer qualities are in considerable demand, and prices advanced. The refined goods have given way in price. Foreign Sugars are more in demand, on account of some expected regulations in Russia. Except from Demerara, the supplies of Sugar must, for several months to come, be very small. The appearance, however, of the crops for 1821 were, at the date of the last account from the Islands, very favourable. The present prices will not by any means reimburse the planter, whose distress must be severe. In no case is he getting the interest of his money. The extension of cultivation in Foreign Colonies is filling every foreign market with Sugar more than adequate to the consumpt thereof; nor does there appear any limits to the increasing evil.—Cotton. The prices of Cotton continue still to give way, and are now at a rate lower than we believe were ever previously known. The consumpt, however, continues to increase, but not equal to the supply, which is unprecedentedly large. The same cause that extends the cultivation of Sugar is also extending the cultivation of Cotton. On this article, the loss on importation must, for some time past, have been very great. It exceeds 30 per cent. in the short period of a few months. East India Cotton is sunk to a price ruinously low.— Coffee. The demand for Coffee was for some time very considerable, and the prices in consequence advanced. Of late the market is become more languid, and the prices have lately given way. The value of this article depends altogether upon the advices from the Continent. The season for exportation advances, and every mail will tend to alter the face of the Coffee market for better or for worse. The chance is in favour of improvement.—Corn. The price of Wheat may be stated on the decline, and the market full and heavy. Oats are stationary. The prices of every article of agricultural produce is at a rate injuriously low for the agricultural interest, the foundation stone of the strength of this country. As commercial affairs mend, however, the price of Grain will gradually improve, and approach its proper level; but it is a question very doubtful, if the prices will enable the landholder to realize his rents.-Rum, The government contract has made no alteration in the price of this article. It continues exceedingly low and distressed. The planter had better give away his Molasses in a present, than convert them into Rum, at its present rates; it does not pay the expence of distillation. Brandy and Geneva continue without any alteration. Tobacco is dull and heavy. Greenland Oils are on the decline. Hemp, Flax, and Tallow are each in a languid state, the latter in particular lowering in price, and much depressed. There is no material difference in any other article of commerce from our quotations. The demand for goods from foreign markets continues to improve, and there is also a considerable imoprovement in the home markets. Some branches of trade, however, still continue much depressed. This is particularly the case with Birmingham. Taking, however, the ag‘gregate of our manufacturing establishments, the condition of the labourers is very greatly improved indeed, compared to this time last year. Work is now abundant. The wages are more than doubled, and the prices of provisions are unusually low. Upon the whole, we anticipate a continued improvement in all our commercial concerns.—The general Reyiew of British Commerce for last year, is unavoidably postponed to our next.

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