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God. You feel yourselves insuffi. sake, "because it is on such ocča. cient 'as of yourselves for the dis- sions 'thåt. he is able most confi. charge of your duties-towards God dently to say, “ When I am weak, and towards your fellow-creatures, then 'am I strong." So true it is, büt 6 MÝ grace is "sufficient for that'" God giveth power to the you." In your own strength you faint; and to them who have no are atferly unable to fight success=might, he increaseth strength.” fully against your numerous and Is. xl. 29. powerful foes; ' bút go forth under How admirably adapted to the arv banner, and through me you conditions of fallen men is 'tlie shall come off more than a con- whole économy of grace! It ori. queror. Many feniptations assail ginates in the bosom of the all-wise Fou, which of yourself you cannot Father, and is truly “ well ordered resist; 'yét do not despair; though in all things.” It is carried into You are weak, I am strong, and effect by the Son of his love, equal id ny 'strength is made perfect 'in in power and in glory, even by Him Weakness,"

who hath all power in heaven and Such was the declaration made in earth; therefore in all its parts it ko''the Apostle Paul, when, after is “sure.” Not one jot can fail of þiving been favoured with great receiving its fulfilment, or accom. revelations, he was visited with "a plishing the intended end. First, thorn in the flesh," lest he should the Holy Spirit opens the under. be exalted above measure. And standing to understand divine whilst he beseeches the Lord that truths, and enlightens the mind in his temptation might depart from that knowledge which is 'eternal him, how supporting must have life. Through his quickening in. been the heavenly promise, '“MÝ fluence, we are convibiced how grace is sufficient for thee!' In- greatly we have tranggressed the deed, we know its effects to have dictates of the divine law, what been most 'salutary. The same guilt we have thereby incorred, and promise of support is given to all how justly obnoxious we are to the who believe. Faith is the instru- curse denounced against those who ment by which these heavenly continue not in all thing's that are blessings are conveyed to 'sinners; written in the Book of the Law to and every one whom the grace of do them. We behold with awe and God hath possessed of this faith, is alarm the purity and extent of that not only willing to confess his na- law which we cannot obey, and türal inability to withstand the gradually becoming more and more temptations with which he may be satisfied of our utter inability to beset, but will, with the holy Apos- save ourselves, " the law in due lle, “most gladly rather glory in his time is made a schoolmaster to infirmities, that the power of Christ bring us unto Christ.” Then the remay rest upon him.” Believing in viving Gospel of Jesus is welcomed the Saviour's fulness, he receives as indeed glad tidings of great grace according to his necessities; joyas to wearied and forlorn sin and the weaker he feels himself, ners. A Saviour, "one mighty to the stronger will be be in the Lord. save," is freely set before us and The niore his weakness is exposed, eagerly embraced, from the belief, the greater will his dependence on that his blood can cleanse us froin an all-sufficient God become; an all sin for this purpose it was effeét which such experience will shed: that his righteousness will produce, will even cause him to cover all our guilt--for this end it take pleasure in infirmities, in re- is imputed unto úš : that He was! proaches, in necessities, in perse made a curse, in order to redeem cutions, in distresses for Christ's us from the curse of the broken


law; and that out of his fulness, brutish desires. We have offendedor we shall all receive rich supplies of we have been offended at War grace and strength for our every, have left undone; we have not donea want.

at all. We have done: we have, Our sovereign Saviour has proe done nothing, but. There is 192 mised never to leave nor forsake healtk, no hope,of health, Miser: his people, and no one ever found able offenders: yea, most miserables that his promises failed. When by -That be penitent,, that desire to faith we are enabled to rest assured be penitent, wish they were, would, of their fulfilment, our minds are be glad if they were so, fear, they kept in “ perfect peace.” And are not enough, are sorry that they why should we ever, entertain a areng ,more.--According to this doubt regarding what is secured to promises, most precious, most gyaqe uş by the unerring word of Him, cious, most sweet." who cannot lie? Let us then cheer-. So far Bishop Andrews; and I fully commit ourselves and all our, the rather trouble you with this ex concerns into his keeping. Greater tract, because, though a short, I; is He that is for us, than all who, esteem it a useful specimen of the. can be against us. Let us ever way in which not only this Confes} rejoice and be exceeding glad that sion, but other confessions in the in Christ we have a Prophet to in- Common Prayer Book, may be made, struct us in the way of life--a Priest, the basis for deeper self-examinato atone for our aggravated sins tion, abasement, and contrition be. a King to restrain every rebellious, fore God. emotion, and to subdue the power

I am, Sir, ful combinations of the enemies of.. Your obedient servants : our souls an Advocate with the Father to remember with a fellow.. Nov. 8, 1813. i feeling our cases, at a throne of grace, and to plead our cause at a ii ON THE TEN KINGS. righteous tribunal, How precious such a Saviour! But he is precious, Ta the Editor of the Christian only to them who believę. O that

Guardian, all men would believe and live! SIR,

VIDAD. In a paper addressed to you

about twelve months since, pre

vs. vious to the intelligence of BuonaEXTRACT FROM BISHOP ANDREWS.

parte's advance to Moscow having To the Editor of the Christian

arrived in this country, which you Guardian.

did me the favour to insert in your MR. EDITOR,

valuable publication, it was conI send you a short extract from jectured, from considering a certain . Bishop Andrews, which if you portion of sacred writ, that the please may be regarded either as French Emperor would be furiously, illustrative of, or supplementary to, driven back, and overwhelmed by the pages of your correspondent the nortieru King, and that the on the subject of the General Con- King of the North would " overs fession in the book of Conimon flow and pass over," or beyond, the Prayer.

boundaries of the countries which “ Most merciful Father: mercy had been invaded. My observaitself:-we have erred: we have tions were founded on the prowittingly and wilfully run from phetic history of the Kings of the Like lost sheep: like untamed hei- North and the South, and reasons fers.-Deut.xxxii. 15. Jerem.xxxi. were given why Russia and France, 18. The devices: absurd, devices, should be considered as particu.

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larly signified under those titles. countries situate north and south From a demi-official paper just is- of that territory; and that although' sued by the French Ruler, to ani.. there may be reasons why they mate his subjects during the pre- may previously assume the titles sent desperate and eventful war, it properly belonging to them, their appears to me, in confirmation of characters may not be fully deves the position then assumed, that loped, till the latter part of the that power is adopting an appella- prophecy has been accomplished. tion, similar to the one then applied French politics, it is well known, to him in his public edicts, or ra- have been directed more than thirty ther appeals. The tirâde from years to the possession of Egypt;the which I draw this inference thus plans for its conquest, upon which states : “ The question is not con- the Republicans afterwards acted, cerning partial cessions of territory; were found in the archives of France it is the north precipitating itself at the time of the Revolution; and on the south, as it precipitated itself even the present aspect of political in the first ages of the monarchy. affairs does not induce me to beFrance was then, and is still now, lieve they will be diverted from the great obstacle to the success of this desirable object. the northern nations." The lan. The subject, however, to which guage employed by France, it is I have proposed now more particuadmitted, is not in one sense cor- larly to direct your attention, is rect; for certainly the King of the one that relates to the present exe' South has been the aggressor, and traordinary and interesting crisis. the northern King has been acting The Roman power, it is well known, only in self-defence, and is endea- is described by St. John in the vouring to curb the proud and Apocalypse, as a beast with ten' hitherto untameable spirit of the horns, and by Daniel, as an image South.

with ten toes, both figures being While writing the above, your viewed as the symbols of the uni-, last number appears before me, in versal monarchy, and the toés or which I find an allusion made by horns as descriptive of ten kings or Scrutator to my former paper. kingdoms; and into ten kingdoms While I thank him as a reader of the Roman empire was divided Tour Magazine for his observations about the sixth or seventh century, which have occasionally been in- and in this form continued to subi serted on prophecy, I would wish sist up to a very recent perioda him to suspend his opinion on the This beast which was to be woundsubject of the wilful king, or the ed by the sword in his seventh or third person he supposes con. Germanic head, is represented af. nected with the history of the terwards as succeeded by another Kings of the North and the South, two-horned beast, perhaps denoting till he has seen my answer to the the two kingdoms of France and observations of your other còrre. Italy, or possibly the Helvetic and spondent *. With respect to Spain Rhenish Confederacies, of which being, as he thinks, the King of the French Ruler owns himself the the South, I would say that it ap. Protector; he had horns like a pears evident to my mind, the pro- lamb, but spake as a dragon; and öhet Daniel is speaking of two under the specious garb of protecpowers who shall be found in colli- torship, he has exercised a dragopion with the Holy Land, and in nic power * (horns being in the

* Napoleon, says the Bavarian uani. . This has been acknowledged in your festo, considered us his vassals, and if well notice to correspondents, nad wil, I sup- disobeyed his commands, doomcd us to the fuss, in due time appeari .

penalty of felons,

prophetic style the acknowledged the beast," but that afterwards" ; symbol for kingdoms); and this ; they shall hate the beast, and the s', beast some late commentators have , whore that is represented as riding's considered to be the French power, , upon her, and shall make her aiming again at universal dominion. desolate and naked, and shall eat This second beast being described her flesh' (or riches), and burn'. as i forming an image or resem, her with fire," i.e. waste her with blance of the first beast, making the sword. It is probable, there. ': fire come down from heaven, de fore, that the Papal power, which i ceiving ,men by his miracles, and is under the French dominion, and causing that as many, whether in connexion with it, and which, small or great, rich or poor, free perhaps, for political purposes and or bond, who would not receive her, supposed advantages, may be still mark or reverence, the image, more closely leagued, will receive should neither buy nor sell-all, the same judgment. I deem it this may well be supposed to have worthy your notice, and the ob."'. been done by France in forming servation of your readers, to sugthe Rhenish Confederacy, institut- gest how very remarkably these ing the Continental System, ob- predictions seem, at least in a : taining the alliance and assuming measure, to have been fulfilling by dominion, over other contiguous recent events, but which may here. powers, and by the stratagems and after be more fully accomplished: ; wonderful success in war, which for I conceive the prophecy will be certainly made many imagine that more perfectly developed by futhat power so suddenly raised up : ture proceedings. It is to be ex. was designed by God for some spe- pected, as conjectured in a former : cial purpose; for how exact has paper, that the present struggle is been the resemblance to the first , not the last; for it has been as. beast in this respect, whose wor- sumed that after another interval shippers or 'subjects cried out in (the sixth vial is yet to be poured , wonder and amazement, “Who is out, which is previous to the last like unto the beast? who is able to fatal war), the seventh vial, or make war with him?”. Believers in final judgment, will be consum-:.; revelation have, however, been con- mated in the land of Palestine. fident, that; as, it is predicted no A late celebrated writer on profifth monarchy should ever prevail, phecy ventured to advance, about other than that spiritual kingdom , ten years since, from a considera- '. which “should break in pieces and tion of the seven vials, that, as the bruise” the four preceding mo- , fourth vial was to be poured out 1 narchies, and be itself established on the sun, the known emblem of for ever and ever, the colossal France, which, it is said, should power of France, which has been scorch the earth, or Roman empire, erecting during the last twenty with a great heat, or, as he ex. years, would not long endurer: plains it, should oppress it with

This opinion is strengthened by a severe military tyranny; the the consideration of a subsequent fifth would be poured out on the passage, which describes the judg. seat, or throne, or authority of the ment of the beast in her last form, beast itself, which should in its where it is said, that the kings in turn be desolated. What he connexion with her should only then stated seemed to him, as “ receive their power as kings for mentioned in a third edition, to one hour, or a short season, with be about fulfilling, from the cir. the beast," that during that time, cumstance of the tide of success “ they should be of one mind, and turning against the French power give their strength and power to in Spain, and which has since



agreeably to his expectations, been ful prospect of a termination to flowing on, wave upon wave, to those evils which have so long dethe present hour. The observa- luged the earth, and of the speedy tions, also, of the author of " The establishment of the peaceable Christian Survey,” a gentleman kingdom of our Lord Jesus. And who will not, on a perusal of his if the multiplicity of important matwork, be deemed guilty of either ter do not prevent, you may possia..} fanaticism or folly, are worthy of bly find a place in your pages for notice, who considers the Carlo. the considerations offered to your : vingian, or French head of the attention.

J. A. B. beast (the present Ruler of France pretending to assume only the power enjoyed by Charlemagne, LETTER FROM MAJOR-GENERAL and the eighth or last head was to be“ one of the seven," or rather SIR, what the author prefers calling I BELIEVE every intelligent“the headless trunk of the beast)," Christian will agree in sentiment to be France; and that, agreeably with the judicious strictures of your to ancient tradition, that power is correspondent Scrutator, in this to emanate and terminate in one month's Guardian, respecting the life, and the whole fabric of empire propriety of investigating the proto be shortly dissolved and extin- phetic part of Scripture; comparguished.

ing it with past, and passing events:It is singular, that in enumerat- but I must beg leave to differ ing the kingdoms which have been widely from him, and a few valuacting for the beast, and forced to able friends, respecting the time, do so under her predominating in- place, and manner of slaying the fluence, there have been ten in witnesses, supported as I am by number: viz. 1. Spain, 2. Naples, some of the most learned and pious 3. Italy, 4. Bavaria, 5. Saxony, 6. expositors, who have deeply stuWirtemburgh, 7. Westphalia, 8. died the prophetic writings; and I Prussia, 9. Denmark, 10. Holland; trust I may say in unison with the and that there are likewise ten Apostle John, whose account of kingdoms opposed to this beast, or the matter ought first of all to be in all probability will be ten: viz. carefully consulted and attended 1. Britain, 2. Spain, 3. Holland, 4. to: but Scrutator has not done this, Sweden, 5. Russia, 6. Austria, 7. when he says, “ their dead bodies Prussia, 8. Bavaria, 9. Wirtém- are to lie in a street of the great burgh, 10. Switzerland. I have city, generally interpreted a partiomitted Austria in the first list; cular part of the Roman empire." for, though an auxiliary, she could But the Apostle says, the street not but rank as an independent of the great city, explained by all kingdom; and I have added Swit- good expositors, throughout the zerland to the latter, because there whole of the anti-christian or idola. is reason to believe she will join the trous Church; the slaying them allies.

therefore at Paris in 1793 is altoThese remarks may not, per gether unsupported by any scriphaps, at the presenteventful period, tural proof whatever; and contrary be deemed futile or absurd. In to the Apostle's account of the the present age, of Bible societies fact. A few mad Atheists (like and associations, they may excite the Hell-fire Club of old) decree the attention of numerous readers, that there is no God, that death is whose hearts may not only be an eternal sleep, that the Bible is blessed with the consolations of the a lie; and then, as may well be extruth, but cheered by the delight. . pected, in less than twenty months

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