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Fountain's Kate Nickleby-Mr. Skelton's Madcap, Dr. Snaith's Ivanhoe, and Mr. Eland's Rory O'More, not placed." Every horse fell in the race.

Burton Constable, March 19.-Mr. Bowlby's Emperor (Cayley) beat Mr. Green's Sportsman (Hyde), Mr. Baxter's Hardship, Mr. Hobson's Haphazard, Mr. Grafton's Transport, and Mr. Harrison's Sinclair. The latter fell severely at his last fence, and remains in a very precarious state.

Burton-on-Trent, March 19.-Seven horses started for a Sweepstakes of 3 sovs. each, with a Purse added, and Mr. H. F. Brown na. Flash Bill (Arnold) and Mr. H. Woodhouse's Solicitor (Dester) ran a dead heat. Flash Billy then walked over, and divided the Stakes with Solicitor.—Marianne was third, The Queen fourth, Thirty-one fifth, and Archiball sixth. Regent fell and was distanced.-Four started for the second race, a Sweepstakes with a Purse. Mr. Dester's Stag and Mr. Carpenter's Betsey fell in the brook, and were with difficulty got out. The race was well contested by Mr. Calvert's Gamecock and Mr. Woodhouse's Phantom, the former winning, but not without difficulty.

Chatham Garrison, March 20.-Although this race, for a Sweepstakes of 50 sovs., was postponed from time to time owing to the precariousness of the weather, the disappointment on the previous occasions had no other effect than to produce a greater muster on the present. The start was from the Robin-hood Inn, in the Hollow, about half a mile on the right of Blue Bell Hill, on the Maidstone Road, a mile and a half out and in; and at three o'clock, Mr. Doxat appeared on his Jenny, Mr. Corbett on his Cæur-de-Lion, Mr. Bringhurst on his General, and Mr. Scott on his Hop-o'-my-Thumb.-At the sound of the bugle, the four started off gallantly ; General and Cour-de-Lion took the first fence well, but capsized their riders; the other two following close. Mr. Bringhurst and Mr. Corbett were soon all right, and quickly came up with the others. A steep hill and a ploughed field greatly distressed both horses and riders. At the end of the latter, a hurdle-fence had been erected, which all got over but Ceur-de-Lion, whose foot catching in the top, he fell with his head under and dislocated his neck: he died instantly. Jenny went a long way a-head of the other two, cleared her last leap in fine style, and went in a clever winner; General second, and Hop-o'-my-Thumb last.

A second race, arising from the preceding, came off on the 30th, between Mr. Bringhurst's General and Mr. Doxat's Jenny (both of the 90th Regiment), and Mr. Scott's Hop-o'-my-Thumb (of the 51st Regiment), each jock'd by his Owner.—The General in this second action not only had the credit of the victory, but won it fairly by superior speed and the good tactics of his rider; Jenny a very good second. As to Hop-o'-my. Thumb, he got on a gate, and seemed to amuse himself at see-saw, for there he remained some time with his legs dangling on each side, and was obliged to be lifted off by the bystanders. This gave him a sickener-not that he had much chance, for, during his balancing propensity, his opponents had gone at least four fields in advance—and, on coming to another gate out of a lane, he peremptorily refused, and no persuasion could induce him to make an attempt. Mr. Scott, finding all efforts vain, turned back, and had the

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pleasure of joining his competitors on their return from the distanceflag.

Fakenham, March 20.-After an excellent race, the Stakes of 5 sovs. each, with 80 added, were won by Mr. Land's Lottery beating Captain Ives's Camton, Mr. Long's Juliet, Mr. Land's Predictor, Hon. B. Wodehouse's Magic, and Mr. W. R. Sandiford's Corringham :-the second race for light weights, 3 sovs. each, with 40 added, by Mr. J. Browne's Longwaist (Green) beating Mr. Browne's Diana, Mr. Long's Bradbury, Mr. Land's Jim Crow, and Hon. B. Wodehouse's Sweep.

Aylesbury, March 21.—Three races were announced as the events in petto for the attraction of the good folks of this part of Buckinghamshire—the first for a Cup given by the Earl of Errol; the second, a ditto given by the Gentlemen of the Aylesbury Royal Hunt; and the third, a Sweepstakes.-For the first, only three started, Mr. Perrin's ch. m. by Carbonaro, Mr. Lucas's Prunella, and Mr. Harding's Jackof-all-Work, the line including three brooks. The latter was first to the first brook, in which he landed his rider; Mr. Perrin's mare thence took the lead, and maintained it to the end; Prunella a good second.

-For the second, over a beautiful grass country, seven horses started—Mr. Lucas's Prunella (W. Eustace), Mr. Golby's Conservative (Owner), Mr. Harding's Jack-of-all-Work (B. Eeles), Mr. Corbett's The Clockmaker (C. Ward), Mr. Sherriff's The Shepherd (E. Bennett), Mr. Hitchcock's Rory O'More (J. Hill), and Mr. Cook's Fanny (Powell).—Rory refused the second fence, and thereby lost his chance. Clockmaker kept a-head to the second brook, where he threw his rider. Prunella and Conservative then made desperate play, the former winning a capital race; Jack-of-all-Work a good third ; the rest not placed. -The third and last brought eight to the post, and was won by Mr. Eeles's Primrose (Owner) beating Mr. Perrin's ch. m. by Carbonaro, owing, as is said, to her making a slip at the last fence but one-no slight feather in the cap of the farmers in the “ Vale” in beating the crack-jocks Mason and Bean, the former on Mr. Adamson's Jericho, and the latter on the same Gentleman's Ten-and-Sixpence. The other horses in the race were, Mr. Mally’s Miller, Mr. Leppar's Sportsman, Mr. Ward's Lady Elizabeth, and Mr. E. Bennett's Hercules. The latter, a fine powerful horse, after taking his fences admirably, fell at a small one, and broke his back!

South Devon, March 21, on Teignbridge Marshes.-Mr. T. Carew's Nell Gwynne (Huxham) beat Mr. Guard's Cock Robin, Mr. Davies's Whissendine, Mr. Mackenzie's Jerry, Mr. Chichester's Bayard, Sir Walter Carew's Paganini, Mr. Brown's Nimrod, and two others.

Bedford, March 22.—Mr. Wesley, on his b. m. The Queen, beat Mr. P. Booth's Nottingham, Mr. Good's Comet, and Mr. Purser's Leamington, for the Open Stakes of 10 sovs. each, with 50 added; and Mr. Higgins's Balloon (G. Higgins) beat Mr. S. Rogers's Rumour, Mr. J. Whitworth's Walnut, Mr. Tebbs's Billy Whistle, and his Woodman, for the Farmers' Stakes of 5 sovs. each, with 25 added.

Leamington, March 22.-Under the Stewardship of Sir John Gerrard and Major Vivian-two miles out and in, under the Newbold Hills, a short distance from the town -an immense number of the élite of the Fashionable World and first-rate Sportsmen congregated,


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those attending Warwick Spring and Croxton Park Races pouring into the town in rapid succession. The first, called par excellence the “ Royal Grand Steeple-chase," was a Sweepstakes of 25 sovs. each, with 200 given by the Town; and for this eleven started, most of both horses and riders well known to fame-Lord Macdonald's The Nun (W. M‘Donough), Sir E. Mostyn's Seventy-four (Oliver), Mr. Robertson's Wattle (Patrick), Count Bathyany's Perfection (Parker), Mr. Elmore's Lottery (Mason), Mr. Elmore's Jerry (Bean), Mr. Newcombe's Cannon-ball (Carlin), Mr. W. Vevers's Charity (Barker), Mr. Bruce's The Miller (Martin), and Mr. Lambden na. Transport (Power).—Captain Lamb's Vivian, Count Bathyany's Fury, Mr. De Burgh's Jacopo, and Lord Suffield's Turban, were entered, but drawn. Mr. Marshall's Railroad and Foreigner, Mr. Kent's Rust, Mr. Ferguson's Daxon, Captain White's Topthorn, and Mr. Theobald’s Paulina, were desirous to have a shy, but delayed their entry till after the time specified for closing.–At the word "off," they all went away well together, The Nun being a leetle in advance at the second fence, with Lottery, Splendour, Charity, Cannon-ball, and the rest lying close up, Jerry waiting in the rear. At the next fence Lottery went a-head, and Cannon-ball refusing, he became last, though, on taking it, he soon came up with the leading horses. Lottery and Splendour cleared the first brook beautifully, but the hind-legs of Charity, Seventy-four, Cannon-ball, Jerry, and two others fell in. Perfection fell on the other side, and one of the rear-most horses knocked Parker off. The leading horses had by this time advanced considerably, and were making full sail. At the second brook, Lottery floundered, but did not get in; Splendour, Seventy-four, The Nun, Wattle, and Charity got well over, but Cannon-ball, Jerry, Perfection, and The Miller were all in, and did not get out till they met the other horses on their return after passing the distance-post. Lottery, Nun, Charity, Seventy-four, and Wattle took the brook nearly together, but Splendour's hind legs dropped short, and threw Barker a summerset on the opposite bank. In the ploughed field Lottery slackened his pace, and Charity went a-head, both, however, refusing a bullfinch out of the road, and getting over with difficulty. Splendour and Seventy-four had a terrific fall, and the race then lay with Lottery, Charity, and The Nun. Lottery went the wrong side of a flag, and had to return, Charity in the mean time going first. In the winning-field The Nun went up to Charity, and Lottery put on the steam, and all three were nearly abreast: a glorious burst ensued, The Nun winning by half a neck of Charity, and Lottery half a length in the rear; Wattle a good fourth, Seventy-four fifth, and Splendour sixth.

Officers of the Fourteenth Light Dragoons, at Allesley, near Coventry, March 25.–This was for a Silver Cup given by Lieut.-Col. Townsend, with a Sweepstakes of 5 sovs. each, 15 subs., for which seven horses appeared at the scratch. The race was well contested by the three leading horses, Mr. Dawson's Humbug being first, Mr. Rich's Terry O'Rigan second, Mr. Boucherett's Flambeau third, Mr. Robertson's Cigar fourth, and Mr. Tonge's Nimrod fifth-Mr. Doherty's Sligo and Mr. Faber's Charley a long way in the rear.-On the following day Nimrod beat Sligo easily over the same course for 50 sovs,

Ashby-de-la-Zouch, March 26.--This was a Sweepstakes of 3 sovs. each, with 20 added, for horses regularly hunting with the Marquis of Hastings, Mr. Meynell, or the Atherstone Hounds, for which eight appeared—won by Mr. Berrington's Dusty Bob (Barker) beating Mr. J. C. Hackett's Liberty (Powell) and Mr. Fisher's Thirty-one (Boultbee); Mr. H. Woodhouse's Solicitor, Mr. Whattoff's Luck’s-all

, Mr. Capenhurst's Betsy, Mr. H. Woodhouse's Phantom, and Mr. Princeps's The Stranger, not placed.

High Wycombe, March 26.—The first horse to receive 40 sovs., the second 10, and the third 5mwon cleverly by Mr. V. Corbett's The Clockmaker (J. Hill) beating Mr. G. Fane's Billy-the-Rover and Mr. J. S. Best's Poacher; Mr. J. Tollitt's The Vivid and Mr. Workham's Winchester close up~Mr. Lovegrove's Jubilee and Mr. Eeles's Primrose rayther in the rear.

Horndon-on-the-Hill, March 26.-The first race was won in good style by Mr. Martham's Sam Slick beating Mr. Littler's Water Gruel and Mr. Hilton's Mazeppa ; the second, by Mr. Francis's Patty beating Mr. Fuller's Merriman; and the third, by Mr. Thorn's Ball beating Mr. Littler's Water Gruel.

Kingsclere, March 26.--Five horses started, Mr. Justice's Deception (Buckridge) and Mr. Pither's Vivian (Fleming) alternately taking the lead. About a mile and a half from the starting-place Vivian fell at a bullfinch, but his rider regained his seat, and before the next fence had resumed his place. After the entrance into North Sidmonton Common, the contest lay between Deception and Vivian, who kept together until they crossed the river. Here Deception nearly lost his jockey; but Buckridge, regaining his seat, cleared the last fence into Greenham Common close by the side of Vivian, and then went gallantly up the hill, and won in style by about seventy yards—the other three horses, Major Hilliard's Nebuchadnezzar, Mr. Elderfield's Jenny Jones, and Mr. Drewe's William, having lost all chance from falls.

Pickering, March 26.—The first race, a Sweepstakes of 3 sovs. each, with lò added, was won by Mr. W. J. Wardell's Champagne (Owner) beating Mr. C. Spence's Hard Bargain and Mr. W. Ewbank's Cherry Brandy; Rory O'More, White Willie, Wilton Lass, and Benedict, not placed the second, at three heats, by Mr. J. Taylor's Logic beating Mr. Harrison's Miss Patty and Mr. Brown's Kate Nickleby ; Grissle and Hark-forward not placed.

St. Neot's, March 27.-An excellent day's sport: the first race won by Mr. F. Day's ch. m. beating Mr. Evan's ch. m., well contested by their respective owners ; Mr. G. Peppercorn's bl. m. third, Mr. Inkersole's b. h. fourth, and Mr. Wilkinson's b. h. fifth :the second, by Mr. S. Day's roan h. (F. Day) beating Mr. Arnold's h. (Oliver) and Mr. Payne's bl. h. (Adams), Oliver was first, but coming in the wrong side of the winning-flag, the race was given against him :-the third, by Mr. F. Day's ch. m. (Owner) beating three others.--A Match between Mr. S. Day's roan mare (Inkersole) and Mr. Arnold's horse (Oliver) was won by the former, Oliver having lost his stirrups.--The day's amusement ended in a Pony Mateh, won by Mr. E. Peck's Creeping Billy beating Mr. J. Franklin's bay.

Driffield, March 27.--Sweepstakes of 5 sovs. each, with 30 added, 10 subs.-won by Mr. Marris's Peter Simple (G. Skipworth) beating Mr. R. Nicholson's Lady Gosling and Mr. Skipworth's Diana, rode by their Owners ; Mr. Sykes's Conservative fourth, and the other six well up: they were, Mr. Dalby's Mishap, Mr. Fewson's Antelope, Mr. W. B. Lamplugh's Mischief, Mr. Robson's Wilful, Mr. Patchett's Grasshopper, and Mr. J. Lamplugh's Prickbelt.

Long Sutton, March 28.-Seven horses started, and a most excellent 'race ensued between Mr. R. Hunter's Thornton (Owner), Mr. E. Skelton's O'Connell, Mr. T. Hunter's Snowdrop, and Mr. Mowbray's Wonder—the three not placed were, Mr. Greaves's Sootey, Mr. H. Tatam's Sir Harry (late Treble X), and Mr. W. B. Skelton's Madcap. The latter, from three falls, had quite enough, and on coming into the road, seemed determined not to take the fields again and he carried his point, notwithstanding the needles were applied unsparingly. Thornton won by three lengths, and there was scarcely one between the other three, O'Connell being second by only half a neck.–At a sumptuous spread at the Bull Inn, Theophilus F. Johnson, Esq. in the Chair, supported by Mr. Bagge, M. P., Mr. Bagge, jun., Hugh and Goddard Jackson, Esqrs., J. Read, Esq., &c., many good things were said as well as eaten, and a convivial and happy evening closed the day.

Beverley, April 1.—This race was a Sweepstakes of 10 sovs. each, with 50 added, six subs., but was reduced to a Match between Mr. Lamplugh's Prickbelt (Owner) and Mr. Robson's Paganini (Skipworth), the more interesting as it occurred during the Races, the line finishing at the winning chair on the course. The race was admirably contested, and though Paganini played first fiddle in the overture, he rested at a bar, and Mr. Lamplugh came in at the finale, and won by two lengths.

Shropshire, April 1.- This race was for Stakes and money amounting to nearly £60, starting at the Old Plough near Albrighton, and, taking a circle of four miles, finishing near the Fox Inn. Five horses started, and all took their leaps well, twenty-eight in number, and some of a formidable description. Four of them took the last fence gallantly, and were in the winning field together. Mr. Lowe's Beggar Boy stumbled at the fourth fence, and his rider (Smallwood) being a lawyer, he was nonsuited, and though he moved for and obtained a new trial, he had no better success, and was put out of Court. Mr. Vernon's Tushingham (Boot) was first at the winning flag, Mr. G. Strey's Primrose, late Harriet (Wadlow), second, Sir S. Smythe na. b. m. (Webster) third, and Mr. Crosse's Rustic (Cook) fourth.

Tamworth, April 1.-Mr. G. Ball's Mary Ann (Owner) had a decided superiority over four others, taking all her fences beautifully, until within a short distance of the winning field, when, not being up to the mark, Mr. H. Cooper's Bendigo (J. C. Barton) and Mr. Capenhurst's Betsey passed her, the former winning cleverly. Mr. Woodhouse's Solicitor was fourth, and Mr. Goodwin's Nimrod last.

Beaconsfield, April 2.-Eleven horses started for a purse of 50 sovs.-won by Capt. Maynard's Erin-go-bragh (Owner) beating Capt. Best's Poacher (Owner), Mr. Lovegrove's Jubilee (late Commodore), Mr. Nash's Miller, Hon. C. H, Cust's Rook, Capt. Oliver's Twilight,

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