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7th. Or to prevent the principal officers of any railroad company or companies from exchanging passes or tickets with other railroad companies for their officers and employees ;

8th. And nothing in this Act contained shall in any way abridge or alter the remedies now existing at common law or by statute, but the provisions of this Act are in addition to such remedies. Provided that no pending litigation shall in any way be affected by this Act. (Sec. -22.)





Schedules of Freight Rates and Passenger Fares,

How to be Kept.


HE sixth section of the Act deals with the

very important subject of schedules, which the common carriers, subject to its provisions, are enjoined to keep for the use of the public.

By this clause it will be seen that the common carriers are charged with the following duties.

Preparing Schedules.

I. Of printing and keeping for public inspection schedules.

II. These schedules must show the rates and fares and charges for transportation of passengers and property which such carrier has established, and which are in force at the time upon its railroad, as defined by the first section of the Act.

III. These printed schedules shall plainly

state :

ist. The places upon its railroad between which property and passengers will be carried.

2d. The classification of freight in force upon such railroad.

3d. Shall also state separately the terminal charges.

4th. Any rules or regulations which in any wise change, affect, or determine any part of the aggregate of such aforesaid rates, fares, and charges.

IV. The schedules to be plainly printed in large type of at least the size of ordinary pica.

V. Copies for the use of the public shall be kept in every depot or station upon any such railroad, in such places and in such form that they can be conveniently inspected.

In addition to the above, common carriers receiving freight in the United States to be carried through a foreign country to any place in the United States shall also,

VI. Print and keep for public inspection, at every depôt where such freight is received for

shipment, schedules showing the through rates established and charged by such common carrier to all points in the United States beyond the foreign country to which it accepts freight for shipment.

Freight shipped as above, the through rate on which shall not have been made public, shall be subject to customs duties, as if said freight were of foreign production. (Sec. 6.)

Advances in Rates.

The section then deals with advance in rates, etc., and provides :

I. That no advance in the rates, fares, and charges shall be made except after ten days' public notice. (Sec. 6.)

II. This public notice shall state as follows :

Ist. The changes proposed to be made in the schedules then in force.

2d. The time when the increased rates, fares, or charges will


into effect. III. These proposed changes shall be shown by printing new schedules, or shall be plainly indicated upon the schedules in force at the time and kept for public inspection.

Reduction in Rates.

Reduction in published rates, fares, or charges may be made without previous public notice, viz. :

1. Notice of the reduction shall immediately be publicly posted.

II. The changes made shall immediately be made public by printing new schedules; or,

III. Shall immediately be plainly indicated upon the schedules at the time in force.

Carrier not to Charge, Demand, Collect, or Re

ceive Greater or Less Compensation than Published Rates.

It shall be unlawful for the carrier to charge, demand, collect, or receive a greater or less compensation for the transportation of passengers or property, or for any services in connection therewith, than is specified in such published schedules then in force.

Filing Schedules, Contracts, etc., with Commis


The carrier must file with the Commission (within what time is not specified, but the in

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