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O MICROS B' Elle Luending from (Manelagh" Gardens January 15-17

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try, gained a victory and took his Lordship appointment put his firmness to the moft seprisoner. He married the hereditary Coun- vere trial. Satisfied, however, with his own iels of Nassau, by whom he left two sons ; determined purpose of making the experiwhereof,

ment fucceed, he calmly renewal , whillt (3d Earl.) Godert-Adrian the eldest, was ķhe public, with that patience and good-nathe 3d Earl; but dying at Marbourge in iure which characterize Lisbmen, far from Hesse, 8ch O&tober, 1736, by the finall-pox, interrupring the process, seemed less anxious at the age of 20 years and eight months, was for their own entertainment than his honour, buried in the vault of his ancestors at Ame. At half after two, all things being in readirongen, and succeeded by his brother ness, our adventurer mounted his car with

(4th Earl.), the fourth Earl, who was that intrepidity and coolness which cannot born in the year 1917, and educated with be too much admired; when we consider the his brother in the University of Marbourge; lateness of the hour, the variableness of the but died unmarried in November, 1747, be- wind, which scarcely continued for two miing a Nobleman of fine qualities; and, tho' nutes in the same point, and the proximity cnly 30 years of age, had a seat in several of the sea. At leventeen minutes before Colleges of the Generality, in behalf of the three, with the utmost composure he gave province of Utreche.

orders by the speaking trumpet, for the (sth Earl.) Frederick William, descend. rockets to be fired. As soon as the rope was ed from Heer Harvelt; the 2d son of the it cut, he ascended with majelic folemnity, Earl succeeded, and had issue.

when, being aware of the circumstances (61h Earl.) Frederick, the 6th and pre- which generally attend the ascent of Balfent Earl.

loons, that they become stationary, or someTitles.) Frederick Christian, Rynhart de times descend again ; and animated with a Ginkell, Earl of Athlone, and Baron of zeal for the success of the experiment, he Aghrim.

threw out a large quantity of ballaft, when Creations.) Baron of Aghrim, in the he rapidly hot up into the wide expanse county of Galway; and Earl of Athlone, in At this moment, his appearance was awful the county of Roscommon, 4th March, 1691. and glorious ; when he stood up in his car 4th of Wm. and Mary.

to falute the public, which now broke the Arms.) Pearl, two barrs dancetle, dia- ‘most profound silence with loud acclamatimond,

ons; with inexpresible delight, which it has Creft.) On a wreath, a pair of wings hitherto been the lot of few men to experi

ence, he beheld the multitude and the vari. Supporters.) Two gryphons, with wings ed scene below, gradually contracting to his expanded, topaz.

view. In three minutes and fifty seconds Motto.) Malo mori quam fædari. I from the firit moment of his ascent, he enprefer death to treachery.

tered a white cloud, and instantly vanilhed Seat.) The Calle of Amerongen, in from the eyes of the spectators; a few seconds the P:ovince of Utrecht, &c.

previous to this he had stooped down to adErratum, in Mag. for Dec. 1984, page just the Barometer, which having, as he is 688, in the creations of the Earl of Water- magined, completed, he found the Mercury ford and Wexford; read' 17th July 1447, stand at twenty-fix inches, by which it apinstead of 1747

peared to have fallen three inches and fifty

Three hundredths. Whilft he was examinAccount of tbe Afcenfion of Mr. Crosbie's kir ing this, he heard the explofion of a cannon, Balloon, (Witb, an elegant engraving.)

a lignal agreed upon to inform him when he

vanished from the eyes of the spectators, and THE Zeavy rain and other unfavourable on looking out, the earth was lost; and the

appearances of the weather, on the glorious object that struck his view was the sight preceding the experiment, 191h Janu. fun, of an oval form, through the refracting ary 1985, prevented the commencement of clouds. After emerging from this, he der the inflation fo foon as had been originally cried another range of clouds far above. proposed ; however, the process began at ·

In this interval it occurred to him to try such an hour as Mr. Crosbie, and the gen- the effect of his own voice, having seen Mr. tlemen who affifted him, had reason to Harper's account of a temporary deafness, think, would enable them to gratify the which was said to have affected him ; when, public about noon. Mr. Crosbie's eager de- to his surprise and delight, it was re-echoed fire to give the curiosity of the spectators the from all the surrounding clonds. Determinmoft immediale satisfaction, induced him to ed now to soar above inis second range, he hazard the experiment, as soon as he thought ftill preserved his gas undiminished, and achis accent practicable, even without ballait ; cordingly in a few seconds bis ambition was but upon trying the buoyancy of the ma- gratified. The scene was now aitonishing chine, it was found necessary to continue and glorious, the fun in unknown fplendour the process for some time logger, This dir.

eredt, topaz.

joy ?

in the expanse of deepest blue, and the complaint, fca-sickness. What a beautiful clouds rolling beneath his feet. He now ex- and surprising structure is a well-built fhip! it amined the Barometer again, and found the is always a pleasing satisfaction to me, when in screw of the bafon not fufficiently released : the midit of feeming danger, in one of these this being corrected, the mercury fell in- floating habitations, just on the point of being Itantly to near fixteen inches; which fuffici- overturned, to find her steadily return to her ently informed him that be was at a vast origiral position, and force her way thro' height, and had ascended with great rapidi- feis foaming with madness, in almoft oppo. ty, owing, as it is most probable, to the ex- fite direction to the windis:--to fink, unhurt, pansion which had now fenably taken place twixt saline rolling hills, and rise triumphant through the effect of the diminished preilure. over the tops of raging mountains.--In a

In compliance with the wishes and advice few days we got sight of Canada, and tho' of his friends, who had requested of him not it was then the 20th of May, the hills on to push his experiment too far, on account both sides, were white with inow, the fteril of the lateness of the hour, he opened the dreary appearance of those parts, together valve, the Balloon still continued to afcend, with the dreadful monsters of the deep, inas was indicated by the barometer; at numerable, tumbling and blowing, and the length the mercury became stationary, and grandeur and beauty of the scene around, he marked it at fifteen inches ninety-nine Thew the wisdom and power of the hand hundredths, equivalent nearly to two Irish which formed them; struck with such awful iniles in height.

profpc&ts, and melancholy reflections, I then At length the force of ascent was over- wrote an Elegy, which I submit to your come, and he descended for fome time flow- perusal. ly, and repassed the upper range of clouds ; foon after which, he met with a current

· Where, now, are all my flattering dreams of which carried him to the eastward, as he Jeemed to be persuaded from the relative po- Ah, where the pleasing hopes once fill'd my

breast ! fition of the sun, and his progress over the furface of the lower cloud; which opi- Or why does trouble all my mind annoy, nion seems to be verified from hence, that Why can't my soul, that busy something,

rest! upon his approaching the edge of the cloud, a chasm opened to his view, which disco- Since first I left Jamaica's friendly isle, vered the Bay of Dublin beneath. It was Where ev'ry blefling socially unite, not long before he repallid this range of From fickle fortune I've not gain'd a smile, clonds also, and heard the noise of sip-car. The adverse jade, to me has thewn her fpite ! penters, and the barking of a ship-dog; he was at this time in a contrary current of air Here now, I'm rolling on wild boiffrous seas, to the westward, and was carried over the Tofs’d by each swelling billow to and fro, Strand near lord Charlemont's feat at Ma- Sad barren plains ! or hills of ice and snow!

Whilst dismal lands on ev'ry fide amaze, rino; where descending talt, the tide being low, he threw out his grappling, the fluke Instead of steady breezes, which I love, of which being badly wrought, broke with Ilere veering winds, or stormy gales ; the strain : prefently a prodigious concourse Instead of Dolphins, sporting as we move, of people crouded around him, and laying. Here clumsy Porpoises, or monstrous Whales. bold of the rope, he was landed in perfect What dreary prospects, and whatsad contrasts: fefetv. Those, who were present at his What woful icenes are these, I now behold! defcent, testified their applaufe by carrying Can man survive the Winter's willing blafls, him in his car, with the Balloon floating In luchi itrange climes, fo piercher cold? over it, on their houlders, to lord Charlemont's' house in Dublin, whilst all ranks Farewell Carolina's warın genial clime, vied with each other in congratulation on his My few Charlestown friends a while adieu! lafety, and admiration of his intrepidity. Tho'l be affent ever so long atime, Extracts of a Letter from Banks Moreton,

In the cold it regions I fall think of you. Dated 20th August, 1784.

Nor Mall my grateful heart forget the days, Quebec, 20:6 Augul, 1784.

I gayly spent whilfl in Jamaica dear!

Suretfertile isle, where healthful smiling rays, Dear Sir, Have at length effected my voyage from And verdure, crown eternally the year! island of Anticofta, and in five more got to the Whon Nature, bountcous, sheds her blerentrance of the river of St. Laurence: during fings o'er, which time, we were tumbled about with such W’here chilling blalls, are never, impetuosity of the winds, and violent agitati

known, cus of the waves, that, I was not the whole And clothes, for ornament, are only wore! tuine, free from the disagreealle naweous



Ah, fly wanderer!-- Why did I firay During the voyage, the meamess and From all thy sweets, promiscuous ever spread, absurd behaviour of a certain medical genTo scenes of woe, of ice, and barren clay, tleman, who came passenger with us, contiWhere Sol a friendly ray docs feldoin fied ? nually boasting of his appointment to fucceed For me, no more I'll feck the tanarind the physician ineral of Canada, and of hiə

ir portance and great connections &c. renderfhade, Nor reve again, thro’lime or orange grove; however, I spent my time as agreeable as my

cd his company and convertation insipid; No more I'll wander with each Creole maid, situation would adinit, 'till the zoth of May, Thro' lonely walks to tell soft tales of love!

which day we came to anchor opposite Adieu ye rural sweets, ye fragrant shades, Quebec. Wasrefruit, delicious, hang from ev'ry trte! Ilaving been here more than two months, Faruwell, ye sofi, ye beauteous charining I shall trouble you with my remarks, as far maids,

as I have been capable to ascertain.“Quebec, Adieu to all the joys of # Mamgully! thie capital of the province, lies about 150

leagues from the fea, is situate in about Meeting with contrary winds, we came to anchor at Bic, a very small island at the 470 n. latitude and 69'' W. longitude. entrance of the River St. Laurence, where the town is divided into an upper and lowI wentamore, with a gun, traverting thro’ er; the houses are about two storics high,

built mostly of llaty or rotten stones; the that little defolate place, my mind was not a lituse elevated contemplating on the beauties treets, are paved, but rather uneven and of nature: there, without the afillance of parrow: both towns contain, I fuppose a

bout 2500 boufis ard 8 or 9 thousand inhaany labouring hand, cherry-trees, currant, Litanis. gooseberry, juniper and other fruitful flirubs

The fortifications are strong, and have and vines, grow spontaneous.

con Great-Britain immense fums: more mo“ Full many a gem of purest ray ferene, ney, in my opinion, than this frigid quarter * The dark unfathom'd calves of ocean of the Globe will be worth to that country 46 bear:

for many years to come. Here are two com* Full many a flow'r is born to blush unseen, fortaile hospitals.--In the upper town there 56 And waste it's sweetness on the defart air.” is an elegant and regular built citadel, in

The black uncultured wilderness of Bic is which the governor relides, but this not being inhabited by an old Scotchman, his wife fullicieni, alter fo advantageous a war, for (a favage) and their children, only; they the kind, vastly more fuperb, now carrying

frcat a man, there is another Structure of fubfift on seals, porpoifis and wild-fowl, which are there in great plenty, and tho’ the on, which will shortly be finished at a conii

durable cattle taite strong of fish, theie uncouth be

expence to Government. ings, in human forms, make delicious meals be elegant appearance; the Cathedral is a

The Catholic Bishop's palace has a toleraof thum: they substitute a wild plant or herh, which grows there for tea, and tie oil of leals College of Jifuits, and two or three Convents.

gothic building, rather mean; here is a for butter. After fome conversation with the old man, rished here at governinent's expence; most

During the war, trade was brisk and flouhe told me that he had lived there many people in business then, were in a thriving years, very content and happy with his fitua- itate; but since the peace numbers have been tion, laving—" Now my boys are grown reduced confidera'sly, several of the most ups

hroa listy lods, I intend to tak them “ huom to my ein country, where they woci capital merchants have failed, owing to their get lotgig cheap; and as soon as they of goods in iheir ftores and ware-houfes at

fpeculating high, and having large quantities “ speak Englith or Earle, I wor! get them the conclution of the war; notwithstanding, « places under Government, as have some trade being at present greatly stagnated and “ Scorch lairds my guid iriends.” Oo our parfage rrom Bic, up the river, that the inarkets are at the worst now,

European goods at a low rate, it is to be leped fill as we drew near Quchec, every thing and that commerce will again resume her appeared more pleasant, the country on toth tides, divided into finall farms or lots, by priftine channels, and fouriin once more.

At the time Canada was conquered by railed fencem, interspersed with innumerable the English, the inhabitants were allow'd the white-wained little houfes, feem'd fertile and free exercise of their religion, and permitted beautiful, and had an agreeable elust on

to enjcy all the privileges of the British con

ftitution ; but notwithlanding the most faN o T E.

cred promises to fulfil this agreement, civil

law and liberty have beun, long since, tram* A rural retreat, where I spent some pled on by military government. General happy hours.

baldimand, tho' a German, is commander

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the eye.

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