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tine (1645) a collection of his Latin and English poems appeared, in which the Allegra, and Penferoso, with some others, were first published. i ,,!;! RB

He had taken a larger house in Barbican for the reception of scholars, but the numerous relations of his wifejl to whom he generously granted refugor for a while, occupied his roons. 1. Inį time, however, they went away; and the “ house again,” says Philips, 6 noix “ looked like a house of the Muses only. " though the accesfion of fcholars was " not great. Poffibly his having prox “ ceeded so far in the education of a “ youth, may have been the occasion of “his adversaries calling him pedagogue : “ and school-mafter ; whereas it is weld!

" known

knowi ke never fét up for a publiek “ school, to teach all the yoting' fry of " à parifh'; but only was willing to im“ part his learning and knowledge to “ relations, and the fons of gentlemen * who were his intimate friends; and

that neither his writings por his way « of teaching ever favoured in the least « of pedantry.” Somos

Thus laboriously does his nephew extenuate what cannot be denied, and What might be confeffed without dif

grace. Milton was not a man who could become mean by a mean eniployinent. This, however, his warmest friends seem not to have found; they therefore shift and palliate. He did not fell literature to all comers at an open shop; he was a chamber-milliner, and measured his commodities only to his friends.

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Philips, evidently impatient of viewing him in this state of degradation, tells us that it was not long continued; and, to raise his character again, has a mind to invest him with military fplendour: “He is much mistaken,” he says, “ if there was not about this time a de“ sign of making him an adjutant“ general in Sir William Waller's army. “ But the new-modelling of the army " proved an obstruction to the design." An event cannot be set at a much greater distance than by having been only designed, about some time, if a man be not much mistaken. Milton shall be a pedagogue no longer; for, if Philips be not mistaken, somebody at some time designed him for a soldier. "

About the time that the army was new-inodelled (1645) he removed to a smaller house in Holbourn, which opened backward into Lincoln's-Inn-Fields. He is not known to have published any thing afterwards till the king's death, when, finding his murderers condemned by the Presbyterians, he wrote a treatise to justify it, and to compose the minds of the people.

He made fome Remarks on the Articles of Peace between Ormond and the Irish 'Rebels. While he contented himself to write, he perhaps did only what his conscience dictated; and if he did not very vigilantly watch the influence of

his own passions, and the gradual prevalence of opinions, first willingly admitted and then habitually indulged, if objections, by being overlooked, were forgotten, and desire superinduced conviction, he yet shared only the common weakness of mankind, and might be no less sincere than his opponents. But as faction seldom leaves a man honest, however it might find him, Milton is sufpected of having interpolated the book called Icon Basilike, which the Council of State, to whom he was now made Latin fecretary, employed him to censure, by inserting a prayer taken from Sidney's Arcadia, and imputing it to the king; whom he charges, in his Iconoclastes, with the use of this prayer as with a heavy

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