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fition, the more fusible it is laid shafts only for Air to pierce those to be. From whence it is fup- Adits, the Work being commonposed that Tin has most of it, be ly so wet and dirty that a Man can cause it melts sooneft, which is scarcely It and to it two or three probable enough by agreement and hours together. And as for the lubtil combination of Tin and danger, both Lives and Estates aro Mercury, in the Art of making bazarded by it, the latter through Looking Glasses.

the raftness of cxpence and uncer• The finding of Metals has always tainty of profit, some baving laid been with difficulty, labour, and out to the value of Eight or Ten hazzard. And in order to the disthousand Pounds, in an Adit to a covering of Mincs several methods Tin Work, which after all has have been pursued, some have ob pror'd worth nothing ; and Work ferved Dreams, as if God Almigh- men have oft loft their Lives by ty that way reveals these Trea. Damps, or the falling in of the fures to 'em; others have depen. Earth, notwithstanding all the ded much upon the Rof-cruhan Caution and Expence used to preRod, cut under certain Constella-vent it. tions and Conjunctions; fome 0. I am desired by a very sober, have regarded the colour of Sheepsboneft young Country-Gentleman, Teeth; others the Sands of Ri- bough a Dissenter, to propose this ters. But it appears most reaso- Question to you, in this Order as nable to observe the peculiar Plants, follows: His Father is a Church and forts of Stone and Earth, near of England man, but fo covetous, the place where Metals have been that though be bath 400 l. per already found, and of them and Annum, will not allow bis Son athe Mineral Stones or Oar to keep bove 40 l. per Annum to live upa quantitty of cach as samples. on, suppos'd because be difsents : But when we have discover'd where wereupon the son learns Mer. it is, it is often very difficult to chandising, though you may judge come at it; sometimes by the at first it could be but litile, wiib hardness of Rocks, (which are so small a Stock; by reason of bis open'd by Fire, Water, or Vine- Merchandise be was

forc'd to come gar) as Hannibal made his way to London to dispatch forme busithrough the Alps: Sometimes by nefs could not be done without bis their great depth in the Earth, presence. The next day after he and Tometimes occa Goned by came to Town, meets a Lady be Springs of Water which 'arisc in liked so well, that he must needs the bottom of thc Works ; and dodge her till he found where soe this must be drawn out by Pumps, lived, as be thought ; but was de(for wbich Mill-Pumps are beit)ceived. In great concern he was or else let out by Adits, which to find out mbo me was; but the are new ways cut out from the bot next Sunday be fees ber at the tom of an adjoyning Valley, into Meeting.bouse be us'd

to go to: the Hill where the Mine lies: The The second fight fo enflam'd him labour is also very great, through that nothing could be more ; but digging lo decp, drawing out so resolved not to lose so good opporo much Rubbish, making many sunity, dodges her again, and

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finds out the place of her abode ; displeases and offends the Las but firids ber and ber Parents that she purposely avoids bim a Church of England People ; bo often as he can (nay Sometimes cannot be quiet ieli he breaks his when she cannot prevent the fer Mind to the Lady; but she be ing or being seen by him, free ing a 3 or 4000 l., Lady, is care- will make as if she were not wel, fully watchd, and not to be spoke and lay her Head against the Pew) witba!, but before her Parents; would it not be wij dom in tbe much time being spent to no pur.

Gentleman to leave off going to pole, in finding occasions to speak that Churcb ? He also defires your to her, at last be resolves to go to Opinion whether it may be lawful the House,where he told his Mindor sinful in him to Court her if be to the Parenes, the Lady not be. can find a convenient opportuniing to be seen; they tell him pe cy? And to endeavour to peris engag'd already to another; he suade her to break promise with believes not, writes to ber. She, another to marry bim? And by the Father, anficers, foe is so moould fe confent, and ber Pathat will not do ; he is so deep in rents too ; whetber it would be Love, he cannot overcome it. He lawful for him to marry ber due leaves the Meetings, goes to

ring the orber Man'stofe ; unless Church, and twice a week

fees the be Mcould utterly refuse? Woich Lady. But she, to crofs him, of be poould do, if be máy Court

(even in the Church) turns her ber ?. And can gain her and her Self always go as he can bave but Parents content to marry ber? one fight all the irbile be is at The Gentleman determines to folo Church, which not fufficing, he lovo your directions and advice in traits at the Door, and overtakes the Cafe ; and is refolved to go no ber in the Street, &c. and is re more to that Church, if you adfolved never to Court any other vise him fo. Lady as long as this is ut. mary'd; A. We would advise our tender for be fays be cannot fancy any Consciénc'd Querist to examine besides. Richer Matches bave why the Commands of a Father been proposed to bim, but in vain, are not strong enough to prevail be can think en no osher. And with him to go to Church, and this be cannot Court, because al yet the fight of a fair Mistress ready engag'd. I advis'd bim draws bin thither continually; riot to goto:lat Church where she which if he juftly confiders, he'll wes to go, and so by degrees to find 'lis more Humour than Rca.

{ an himself from ber; but he fon that makes a Difsenter of him. faith the very thoughts of that is He may take this by the bye only death to him, tvugl be fears for his Editication. Then as for that every time be Jees ber, be his Love Affair, it there were none breaks the tino firfi.Commind of these mighty Obitacles, the ments, if not the jevenib; nay, Match would be very improper for 112 some manner the tenth. Now him; Okat least for the Lady, they jeding there is no bapes of ever being of contrary Persuasions, gaining ber l'arents leave, and which generally occafions a great that the very light of him to deal of difference between Persons


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after Marriage, few Husbands be please and gratifie? Were I ans
ing either good humour’d or rea. Epicure (faith Herbert) I woulll
sonable enough to bear any con- | bate swearing. Were Men resol-
tradiction in their Wives, though ved to give themselves up to all
of meer Opinion. But as there is manner of sensual Delights, yet
a pre-engagement, both Honour there is so little that can be train-
and Religion oblige him to delift ; ed from this common sin, that cer-
and after such cold Treatment, if tainly, unless they intended to do
he has a spark of Reason, 'twill the Devil a pleasure, rather than
contribute very much to his Cure. themselves, they would never set
As for all his buts, and ifs, that their black Mouths against Heaven;
he Ahould win the Lady, gain her nor blafpheme the Great God who
Father, be permitted by her other fits inthroned there.
Lover, whether he may lawfully How gricvous indecency is it, at
marry ber, (though there appears every turn to fummon our Maker,
nothing probable from whence he and call down Almighty God from
can conclude any such thing) yet Heaven, to attend our Pleasure, to
if all this should happen without vouch our idle Prattle, to fe-
his having any hand in the matter, cond our giddy Paffions, to con-
he may lawfully take her for bet. cern bis Truth, Justice, Power, in
ter for worse; Although as mat our trivial Affairs.
ters ftand, he must not so much as What Presumption is it, with
lift up a little Finger to difturb unhallowed Breath, to vent and toss
the happy Lovers; and therefore that Great and Glorious, Holy
will do most prudently to thun and Reverend, Fearful and Ter-
the light of her as much as pofli- rible Name, of the Lord our God,

the great Creator, the Mighty SoQ. Having a near Relation vereign, the Dreadful Judge of all much addi&ted to Swearing, &c. the World ? That Name which all I defire, in one of your Oracles, Heaven with profoundest Submisyou'd discourse something of the fion doth adore ; which the An. Greatness and Heinousness of this gelical Powers, the Brightelt and Sin.

Purest Seraphims, without hiding A. First consider, that this fin their faces, and reverential Hor. of common Swearing, is a fin rour, cannot utter or hear; the which hath little or no temptation very thought whereof (hould strike to commit it. The Two great an awe through our Hearts, the Baits by wbich the Devil allures mention whereof should make Men to wickedness, are Profit and any sober Man to tremble? Pleasure. But now, this common The Jews permit not their raslo Swearing is the most unpro- Children to use the Name of God fitable, barren fin in the World ; till seven Years old, that they may What Fruits brings it forth, but retain a greater Veneration for that only the abhorrence and detefta- Holy and Reverend Name; and tion of all serious Persons, and the therefore the first Salutations of tremendous Judgment of God! Children are plainly, May you have

Again, what pleasure is there in a good Day, I wish you a good it? Which of his Senses doth it Sabbath, &c.


G g 2

“ selves.

The Efjeans account every word Name of God is, or may be chey speak of as much force, as if written in it: So that the holes they had bound it with an Oath; of the Walls are always to be and they (hun Oaths worse than seen stuck full of them; for Perjury; for they account bim a the same reason they use no PaLiar, who needs to call God to per when they go to ease themWitness.

Mr. Turner in his History of all “ A light, it is no less strange Religion, p. 321. tells us, The “ than ridiculous, to behold the "Perhans are mightily addicted Honour they do unto the Ca"to ill Language and Curling; melat his return into Conftan " but they never blafpheme God; tinople, which carried their AL “ for if they should hear one “ choran (amongst a Caravan of " Swear, or wish themselves at many thousand Pilgrims, to " the Devil, they would cry out uwards Mecha) crowding about “ in astonishment, Is not that “ hin, as led through the Streets, Fellow a Fool, to give himself " Come pulling off his Hairs, and " to the Devil, and renounce Pa " preserving them as Relicks, some radije ? All their Oaths are," kissing him,others with hisSweat

Ser-azire-fa(by the King's be besmearing their Eyes and “ loved Head )or Erva Pigumbir, “ Faces; and at last cutting bim “ (by the Spirit of the Prophet.)" into little gobbets and giving “ I remember, once at Galata, o thereof to cat to their Friends “ walking with some of the French

“ and Families. “ Ambassador's Servants, we saw He further tells us, page 325. “ two Turks at Cuffs : In the end “ That Cbryfoftom preach'd many " after 1000 Curses on one Gide, ". Sermons to the People of An" the other replied no more than " riocb against Swearing; but

this, I wila thy Soul may have they being weary of the Sub

no more repose in Paradise, o jedt, ask'd, When he would " than the Hat of a French man leave off preaching ? To whom “ hath in this World ; alluding he antwered, When you leave “ to their putting them off fo“ off Swearing : Would you have is often.

" the Plaister taken away, before « The Mahometans never men. the Wound be cured ? « tion the Name of Christ, but

“ The best way of observing « with high Reverence and Re. an Oath is, if you neither use

" it frequently, nor rafhly, nor " In naming the Name of God, in common matters, nor for the 4. they must bow, and add « amplification of Speech, mor

Most High,Blefjed, Mighey, &c. confirmation of a Relation,

" The Great Mogul bimself " but in things neceffary and fo“ would speak most respectfully lemn, and where there is no 66 of our Saviour Chrift. “ther way to procure Credit.

If the Mahometans find a “ With the Scythians the " bit of Paper in the way, they « Swearers Punishment was loss “ take it up, and put in romc “ of his Eftate; with the Persians “ place of a Wall, because the Bondage; with the Grecians



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cutting off the Ears; with the perly be called Savages. The hu. Romans throwing down a fcep mane, those who live in the Coun

try with their Families; and the “ With the Englise, formerly Civil, such Men who, though they payment of one 'Shilling, but live in Cities, make but little noile, « what now we know not, till and do not much frequent the " the New Ad against Prophane World. Swearing is publisht. Tous I know it has been an Opší far Mr. Turner.

nion long received, that there We shall only add, subdue as bave been Sybils (but in what much as you can all inordinate

Number has not, as I can find, Passion and Anger 5 for Anger is ever yet been agreed on;) and usually the cause and provocation that those Prophecies under their of Oatbs and Blasphemies. Names was a Truth, and not a

Anger is a Fire in the Heart ; Fiction. This I received as well and Swearing is the Smoke of this as ophers, till reading an Author Fire that breaks forth at the Mouth: the other day, who ascribes all and those who are violently hurried the Writings under their Names with this Paffion, do usually find to one, und though he seems not nothing so ready at hand as an

to doubt but that there were Oath; which if they cannot be such things written, yet be affirms, revenged on him, whom they con they all proceeded from one Perceit to have done them the injury, fon; I defire to know what may they Fling against Heaven it be said for it, and if there can : Self, and thereby seem to take an be any good reasons given, or impious Revenge upon the Al- Authority brought to prove is mighty God.

likely that there was but one O. 3. I bave heard fuch as Sybil? lead a solitary Life distinguished A. 'Tis true the Learned have into Divine, Savage, and Civil been of divers Opinions about the Persons; and being my self ad- Sybils, and have very much condicted to a retired Life, defire tradicted one another about it; you'd give me a Mort account of some believing there was Ten, otheir difference.

thers Four, others Three, and A. Those have been thought to roine again that there were but forsake the World upon a Divine Two of them, fome naming them account, who have imagined after one manner, and some after themselves, through a fupernatu another. 'Tis very probable the ral instinct, induced to quit the original of these contrarities was Commerce of Mankind, that they occafioned from the Authors, might be the more free from all (who writ upon this matter) only Temptations, and have the greater collecting some Paffages from liberty, without interruption, to Varto, Pausanius, Lactantius, contemplate upon Ged, and the and others, without making just present and future state of the Reflections upon them, and conSoul. And such as through an founded chcSybils with other Proaver Gion to Man, have retired into pbetelles. Those who have mort Deserts, are those wbo máy pro confidently asserted there was but



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