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Poland, .....
Sonnet, by R. C. C., ...
The Wake,...po
Sonnet, by R. C. C.,
To Zoe, by R. C. C.,....
The Blieel,.....
To the Memory of a Lady who died of Consumption,..
Observations on the formation of Language, arising from a study of

the most simple elements of the Greek Tongue,.. The Sinaer's Delinition of Thought,

Medical and Physical Society,....
Agricultural and Horticultural Society
An Appeal in behalf of Seamen,
Meeting of the Saugor Island Society,
Insolvent Court,
Supreme Court,..
The Free School Church,
Chowsinghee Theatre Neeting,
Vedical and Physical Society,.
Lilinch of the Sylph,...


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Civil an:1 Illary Appolatments,
Cemmriu inteligence,
Shipping Arrivals and Departures,.
Arrivalul Depa.fiue os Passengers,.
Dra:eszic assurrencesy.


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