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thou hast hitherto vouchsafed unto me: but Q merciful father! thou hast declared thyself to be a God merciful and gracious, forgiving iniquity, transgression, and fin.Myonly hope, therefore, is in thytender mercies, which have been ever of old, and in that pity and compassion which thou hast shewn to mankind, in the redemption of the world, by the death of thy dear fon Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour,

For thy name's sake then, O Lord, and for thy beloved son’s fake, pardon, I molt humbly beseech thee, all my past fins, and let not iniquity be my ruin. Forgive the deadness of my devotion; the coldness of my affections; the wanderings of my prayers; and whatever else thou hast seen amiss in me. O pity my weaknesses, and forgive my infirmities, and lay not to my charge the imperfections of my religious duties. But,

Ænableme, by the assistanceof thy good fpirit, to amend whatever has been amiss, and to endeavour more and more after the attainment of all thosegraces and good dispositions, which on this solemn occasionare necessary to render our prayers and praises acceptable in thy sight. O let me never fall into a careless and unconcerned state of mind; into a cold




my own

ness and indifferencytowards the duties of religion; but animate and enliven my sluggish heart, and cleanse it from all its defilements.

Grant me such a conviction of weakness and insufficiency, as may procure thy gracious aid and assistance; such longing desires of being madeconformable to thy holy will and pleasure, as may transform me into thy divine image, and fix me to continue thy faithful servant all the remaining days of my life; so that I may finally inherit thy heavenly kingdom with him that has commanded me to call thee father, and has taught me when I pray to say, Our father which art in heaven, &c.

Here olferve the directions given on page 8, and more particularly endeavour to improve your soul by reading a lesson out of the help Whole Duty of Man, Sunday 3. Sections VII. and VIII.

The Meditation for Tuesday Evening. On the nature and necessity of our preparation before

the receiving the holy sacrament. He that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drink. eth damnation to himself, not discerning the Lord's body. · Cor. xi. 29. I. Onsider, now, O my soul, what that

great mystery is to which thou art invited in the holy sacrament: let us consider the


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nature and end of this sacred institution; what is ineant by this boly ačtion; to what purpose it was ordained; what benefits and advantages may beexpected fromit. Thisnecessary knowledge once attained, and which

may passed without great difficulty, will be a standing qualification in all our future communions, and create such godly dispositions of mind that I may no longer be afraid to approach the Lord's table. And to this end,

2. Let us call to mind our baptismal vow, wherein we have promised to lead a godly and christian life, which can never be fulfilled so long as we live in a constantneglect of this boly facrament ; nor is it possible to be a meet partaker of that holy mystery, except there be a due preparation, by confessing our sins with an humble, penitent, and obedient heart, and a readiness to forgive those that have offended us, and asking with faith: without these, O mysoul, I dare not go to that holy table, and my prayersand praises will find no acceptance at the throne of grace. But if I endeavour to live as becomes a christian; if I really believe the christian religion, and sincerely govern my life by the doctrines and precepts of the gofpel, there is nothing should deter me from par


taking taking of this holy ordinance; nay, I am bound to receive it at any time when there is an opportunity

3. Thus, tho’ it be my duty to communicate at the Lord's table, it is very adviseable that my lamp should betrimmed, that I should examine the state of my mind, renew my repentance, exercise my charity, enlarge my devotions, and spiritualize my affections; I am therefore resolved to retire from all unneceffary business and pleasures; that by prayer and alms-deeds, thou, my soul, mayest beraised to relish spiritual enjoyments; and that I may no longer be deprived of that glorious expectation of the saints, whither I can never expect to be exalted, if I live in the constant habitual practice of any known fin, without repentance; for such an impious approach to the holy table is a mocking of God, and a great contempt of his authority.

4. Say then, I will wash my hands in innocency, so will I compass thine altar, O-Lord. Pfalm xxvi. 6. For I believe that according to a man's preparation, so will be his profit.

Impenitence makes our prayers an abomination to the Lord; for to profess one's self forry for one's fins, and resolved to forsake them, when


there is no sense of the one, nor firm resolution to do the other, is the greatest affront imaginable to our Maker, by supposing either that he doth not know our hearts, or that he will be pleased, when we draw near to him with our lips, though our hearts are far from him: but yet this is our encouragement, that if the Lord fees a man set himself seriously to a preparation, he will bear with many failings, and so heal his people that they may keep the feast with gladness; a feast wherein thou, O Father, hast commanded us to commemorate that greatest instance of thy love to us, our redemption by the death of Jesus Christ, thy Son, our Lord,

Here observe the directions given on page 8, and more particularly endeavour to improve your cul by reading a lesson out of the New WHOLE DUTY OF MAN, Sunday 6.

Tbe prayer on Tuesday evening, for a worthy re

ceiving of the most holy facrament. What reward shall I give unto the Lord for all the bepefits that he hath done unto me? I will receive the

cup of salvation, and call


the name of the Lord. Pfalm cxvi, 11, 12. Lessed be thou, O my Lord, for ever bles

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mankind, in sending thine only begotten son for our redemption, who are not worthy of the great and many mercies which thou hast shewed unto us-Grant, O Lord, that this


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