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But chance what may, thou wilt no more

With sense and wit my hours beguile, Inform with learning's various lore,

Or charm with friendship’s kindest smile.

Each book I read, each walk I tread,

Whate'er I feel, whate'er I see, All speak of hopes forever fled,

All have some tale to tell of thee.

I shall not, should misfortune lower,

Should friends desert, and life decline, I shall not know thy soothing power,

Nor hear thee say, “My heart is thine."

If thou hadst lived, thy well-earned fame

Had bade my fading prospect bloom, Had cast its lustre o'er my name,

And stood the guardian of my tomb.

Servant of God! thy ardent mind,

With lengthening years improving still, Striving, untired, to serve mankind,

Had thus performed thy Father's will.

Another task to thee was given ;

'Twas thine to drink of early wo, To feel thy hopes, thy friendships riven,

And bend submissive to thy blow;

With patient smile and steady eye,

To meet each pang that sickness gave, And see with lingering step draw nigh

The form that pointed to the grave.

Servant of God! thou art not there;

Thy race of virtue is not run ;
What blooms on earth of good and fair,

Will ripen in another sun.

Dost thou, amid the rapturous glow

With which the soul her welcome hears, Dost thou still think of us below,

Of earthly scenes, of human tears?

Perhaps e'en now thy thoughts return

To when in summer's moonlight walk, Of all that now is thine to learn,

We framed no light nor fruitless talk.

We spake of knowledge, such as soars

From world to world with ceaseless flight; And love, that follows and adores,

As nature spreads before her sight.
How vivid still past scenes appear !

I feel as though all were not o'er;
As though 'twere strange I cannot hear

Thy voice of friendship yet once more.
But I shall hear it; in that day

Whose setting sun I may not view, When earthly voices die away,

Thine will at last be heard anew. We meet again ; a little while,

And where thou art I too shall be. And then, with what an angel smile

Of gladness, thou wilt welcome me!

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My God, I thank thee! may no thought

E’er deem thy chastisements severe ;

may this heart, by sorrow taught, Calm each wild wish, each idle fear.


Thy mercy bids all nature bloom ;

The sun shines bright, and man is gay; Thine equal mercy spreads the gloom

That darkens o'er his little day.

Full many a throb of grief and pain

Thy frail and erring child must know ; But not one prayer is breathed in vain,

Nor docs one tear unheeded flow.
Thy various messengers employ;

Thy purposes of love fulfil ;
And, 'mid the wreck of human joy,

May kneeling faith adore thy will !


Faint not, poor traveller, though thy way

Be rough, like that thy Saviour trod; Though cold and stormy lower the day,

This path of suffering leads to God.

Nay, sink not; though from every limb

Are starting drops of toil and pain ; Thou dost but share the lot of Him

With whom his followers are to reign.

Thy friends are gone, and thou, alone,

Must bear the sorrows that assail ; Look upward to the eternal throne,

And know a Friend who cannot fail.

Bear firmly ; yet a few more days,

And thy hard trial will be past;
Then, wrapped in glory's opening blaze,

Thy feet will rest on heaven at last. Christian ! thy Friend, thy Master prayed,

When dread and anguish shook his frame; Then met his sufferings undismayed ;

Wilt thou not strive to do the same ?

O! think'st thou that his Father's love

Shone round him then with fainter rays Than now, when, throned all height above,

Unceasing voices hymn his praise?

Go, sufferer! calmly meet the woes

Which God's own mercy bids thee bear ;
Then, rising as thy Saviour rose,

Go! his eternal victory share.


He has gone to his God; he has gone to his home ; No more amid peril and error to roam;

His eyes are no longer dim ;

His feet will no more falter;
No grief can follow him;

his cheek can alter. There are paleness, and weeping, and sighs below; For our faith is faint, and our tears will flow;

But the harps of heaven are ringing ;

Glad angels come to greet him,
And hymns of joy are singing,

While old friends press to meet him.

O! honored, beloved, to earth unconfined,
Thou hast soared on high, thou hast left us behind.

But our parting is not forever,

We will follow thee by heaven's light,
Where the grave cannot dissever

The souls whom God will unite,

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