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the recently recovered vestiges of the has been wonderfully successful in misHittites and of other ancient peoples, the sion work, and each is an enthusiastic traditions of the creation and deluge, and apostle of the evangel of missions. In the revelations of science, instead of de- this volume Dr. Thoburn gives the result stroying the authority of this oldest book of his wide experience and observation, in the world strikingly corroborate and and treats among other subjects “Missionconfirm it. In a series of well-written ary Possibilities,” Missionary Polity," chapters Mr. Spiers adduces this evidence "Women in the Mission Field," "New and frankly meets many of the difficulties Testament Missions,” and kindred topics. cited by neo-criticism, and presents a The book is specially adapted for mission lucid and cogent argument in favour of bands and circles and is calculated to the hitherto prevalent acceptance of the inspire enthusiasm in this noble cause. Mosaic age and authorship of the Pentateuch

Whittier Year Book. Boston & New

York : Houghton, Mifflin & Co. ToCornish Stories. By Mark GUY PEARSE. ronto : William Briggs.

New York : Hunt & Eaton. Toronto:
William Briggs. Price, 70c.

Call no man happy till he is dead, says

the Greek adage. In a modified form Mark Guy Pearse has made the duchy chis may be applied to the poets, those of Cornwall peculiarly his own. He is to sages and seers of mankind. Only after the manner born, and loves Cornwall and they have passed away is the full scope its people with a love that has “ grown of their influence realized, do they take with his growth and strengthened with their places in the great Valhalla of the his strength.” His immortal story of gods. Then do those dead and buried

Dan'el Quorm and his Religious Notions” sovereigns “still rule our spirits from has never been surpassed for picturesque their sceptred urns." Whittier, beloved description and keen spiritual insight. by thousands during his life, is now throned In this volume Mr. Pearse has collected a among the immortals. His literary canonnumber of short stories illustrating Meth- ization may be marked by the preparation odist life and character in the land of Tre, of this beautiful Year Book from his Pol and Pen. These are as good in their writings. For every day of the calender way as anything in Dickens or Barrie, a notable poem is printed. To this and have the infinite advantage of being treatment Whittier is the more adapted instinct with the highest religious teach- from his reflex of nature in her various ings. A fine vein of old-fashioned humour seasons and many moods. The selection runs through these stories that enhances has been made with taste and will be their enjoyment. The quaint characters welcomed by every lover of the good Mr. Tresidder catches to the very life Quaker bard. in his clever illustrations. The fact that this is the eighteenth thousand of this The Lord's Supper, Aids to its Intelligent book is demonstration of its popularity and Devout Observance. By W. T. DAand merit.

VIDSON, M.A., D.D. London : Charles

H. Kelly. Toronto : William Briggs. The Christless Nations. By Bishop J.

In this little book Dr. Davidson comM. THOBURN, D.D. A Series of Addresses on Christless Nations and Kin

bines a sketch of the history and meaning dred Subjects Delivered at Syracuse

of the Lord's Supper, with devotional University on the Graves Foundation,

guidance towards its reverent observance. 1895. New York: Hunt & Eaton.

He describes its institution, our Lord's Toronto: William Briggs. Price, $1.00.

teaching concerning spiritual food, traces

the institution in the early Church, points James Thoburn and William Taylor out the end and purpose of the service, have the honoured distinction of being and inculcates the truth of its privileges the two missionary bishops of the Metho- and obligation. It is a very neat, reddist Episcopal Church. Each of them edged, red-lined volume.

LIGHTEN mine eyes, O Saviour,

Or sleep in death shall I ; And he, my wakeful tempter,

Triumphantly shall cry: “He could not make their darkness light, Nor guard them through the hours of night!"

Be Thou my soul's Preserver,

For Thou alone dost know
How many are the perils

Through which I have to go :
O loving Jesus, hear my call,
And guard and save us from them all.

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of Petra, the ancient stronghold of mained hidden and unknown; for Edom.

it was not earlier than 1811, when The architectural remains and Burkhardt discovered its forgotten natural beauties of Petra serve to site, and drew the attention of the make the solitude and desolation civilized world to its mournful specthat prevail deeply and almost over-. tacle of prostrate grandeur and utter poweringly impressive, and show desolation. with what minute accuracy the Petra lay at the foot of Mount Hor, words of the prophet have been ful- in the Wady Mousa, two days' jourfilled—Isaiah xxxiv. 11 : “But the ney south of the Dead Sea, and the

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cormorant and the bittern shall pos- same distance north of the Red Sea. sess it; the owl also and the raven The principal entrance to the city is shall dwell in it: and he shall stretch through a long, narrow defile in the out upon it the line of confusion, and mountains, in which, for nearly two the stones of emptiness.” Being hours, the path winds among wild deserted of man, the place now and picturesque masses of gray and affords a residence only for beasts red granite, greenstone and yellow and birds. Yet for centuries, this, sandstone. The ruined city lies in a which may be well denominated one narrow valley, surrounded by lofty of the wonders of the world, re- and precipitous mountains, and ap

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