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« Perhaps, poor soul, he has sigh'd in Ah me! too long by these inchanters led, secret, long, [“ his tongue :

Fast have I follow'd their delusive * Ere the presumptuous thought fell from

song, “ I am the cause, yet innocent, by heaven; And deeds of hard emprize adventured, “ Why were these eyes for such destruction To raise my name aloof the vulgar “ given! [“ one feature ;'

throng, « Tis not my fault, I did not make And fix my lorty worth the noblest ranks Then turn'd the lock to view the dying

among. crcature. [swain now prove? But ah! - Who Mou'd th'enamour'd A wretch who dy'd by trade and not for Such were the fantasies which reign'd love,

within, No mortal pen can figure lier surprize,

And swell'd my bosom with their flatWilling to trust her ears, but not her eyes.

t'ring found :

Each selfith view I deem'd a deadly fin, On a late intended ADDRESS. (See p. 31.) And griev'd, whene'er I cast mine

eyes around,

ONE knows the heart, except who That publick love so scanty fou'd be
is form :

Bleft be the man, who, firm to virtue's
Yet sure the words were elegant and warm.-


(Rome : Reproof, tho' poarp, has oft the with'd Stood, emulous of Greece, or antient effe&t :

Peace to their fhades, and endless their But nothing flings like - absolute neglet.

applause, [first 'gan bloom Well should we weigh this maxim from

Who sought her face when manhood above,

In senates, camps, or courts; on scaffolds • On condescension waits reluctant love.'

or the tomb. Subdu'd by goodness, prejudice departs,

3. And grateful duty captivates our bearis.

But these illusions now I strive to banish, LYRIC STANZ A S.

Since reason, waxing ripe, assumes her

throne, Ensive sitting, swell’d with anguish,

(So Chanticleer's Mrill pipe bids spectres


vanish) Commerce utters thus her grief : Fetter'd fill, behold me languilk,

And sage experience, into wisdom Arts of peace bring small relief.

Whispers, Be careful for thyself alone. Brisk and active, thro' the city,

Why dost thou fondly seek another's Erf, in tranquil times I went :

good, • Fathers ! view me now with pity ;

And open wide thy charitable hand, • Loose this fatal * five per cent.

To fill the hungry poor with needsul « Under pressure can I flourish ?

food, • Can I pay Britannia's debt?

To help the stranger on a foreign « Freedom only me will nourish:

strand, « Give me ibat, and I am great.

And spread thy bounties largely thro' the « Let the rival monarcbs + wrangle

thankless land ? « For their Golden Fleecein air :

4. « Vain is bonour's brilliant spangle ;

Ne mistereth, that thy head, of hilding • Be my Woolly fleece your care.


Is conscious of its innocent desire,

For highest worth by envy is annoy'd,
Who hateth most where most the ought


And lies perdue, to vent her bitter ire.
TRGE it no more : For virtue, truth, Haft thou not often felt her venom'd


Shall ever in my breast resume their Blasting the faireft actions of thy life?
All manly, gen'rous thoughts I now dir. (Like the bleak north, which nips the

buds in spring)

And chase the gaudy phantoms far And wilt thou follow still th' unequal
Which long my limple youth have When foul ingratitude prepares her cank's-
'guil'd aftray,

ous knife ?





URGE nor fame,

+ The emperor . See the debate in our Mag. por last year, p. 345, 393, 489. and the king of Spain. See the declaration of the Spanish minister, in our Mag. for No. vember last, p. 523.



9. Learn to be truly wise. ---And mark me

Then greatly rising in his country's cause, well,

[mend ; When proudest breasts were fill'd with The world is much too bad for thee to

huge dismay,

(draws, What boots one single drop, to fill a well?

By freedom led, his generous sword he Or one good man with millions to

Nor could the dreadful perils him af. contend,


[way. When all those millions shall oppose his

Or turn his footsteps from the toilrome Tis folly to dispute against the torrent,

Chearful he marches thro' keen wintry And prudence warns thee to her safe


[round, retreat ;

In every danger, foremost fill is Algates thv soul to vice be most abhorrent,

And each hard duty of the camp performs, Yet wisdom in concealment finds her

Till swarms of wild Barbarians whelm seat, [lead thy feet.

him round, [lifeless on the ground. Where, safe in virtue wrapt, I fain would

And with unnumber'd wounds, stretch 6. Behold the man, who fingly dar'd be brave,

[the west : Nor pomp, nor wealth, nor thirst of When mountain ruffians delug'd from

proud command, Nor wealth nor life the hero fought to

Nor the vain luit of popular applause, save,

Nor splendid titles founding through the

Jand, But publick zeal alone inspir'd his

(the cause, breast,


Nor aught which malice would assign To quit his sweet repose, and happy

Engag'd the patriot to defend her laws. In peace and joy, his days rollid fost

Fair liberty, and truth, inspir'd the


[delight ; along,

[throne, And each succeeding hour brought new

And Brunswick's virtues on the British

Nor gold, nor honourable meed, be But his high praise exceeds my humble


sought, song,

[dwell unknown,

But Thunn'd the croud, and chose to For ne'er was seen a more accomplish'd

While his own conscious heart approv'd its In learning, wit, or parts ; in courage, or

deed alone. in fight.

7. Oh Britain' oh corrupt, degenerate And yet, ev'n here-oh horrible to tell ! ille!


Even here can flander aim its rancorous No longer boast thy warriors endless


[from hell, See, Glover droops, who once could gaily And venom'd rage, and falfhoods hoc smile,

[piain, With murdering wounds, to stab his And count two millions ready from the

fame unite :

(in fight. If need requir’d, to punish haughty Wounds, more severe than erst he feit Spain.


Such is mankind : - (How funk beneath Now, prophet, now! a meaner host

the beast,

[commands ?) Call forth my myriads, and chastize Who honours and obeys his lord's the foe :

Such is mankind! -Nor canst thou spread Alas! the trembling nation owns its fears,

a feast,

[land, * And a few robbers, rushing from their So grateful known in this accurred

snow, (and blood, and woe. As when some spotless fame lies flain by Can spread the nation round with flames,

envy's hand. 8. None dare appear in arms. The tot. Thus grey experience school'd her striptering land

[to yield :

ling ward, Feels its own weakness, and contents And bad him popularity despise : Yield to the vilest, basest, filthiest band, Come praise, or flanders, be thou still That e'er presum'd to seek the warlike


[rite, field,

(wield. Nor let thy spirits droop when tempefts Or manly weapons in their hands to And learn alike to scorn the flattering But Britain stands aghast, and cries for


(hey'd, aid

(whisker'd Helle, Be steady, and be just--The youth 0To lubber'd Dutchmen, and fierce. Spending his days in peace and innoWhile her own daslard fons itare, all

cence ;

(ings paid, afraid,

distress, But first to friendship's pow'r his otterAnd pallid cheeks reveal their deep And prov'd this shametul truth, How And melancholy looks their anxious thoughts

dangerous is the fence, confess,

To pitie beyond iby peers, in virtue or in sense. January, 1749






Monthly Chronologer.


WEDNESDAY, Jan. 4. 2946W HIS day the young prin.

ces and princeffes, fons

and daughters to their royal T

highnesses the prince and princess of Wales, and re

veral young persons of dir. tinction, played the tragedy of Caro, before a great number of persons of quality, &c. at Leicester-Houfe : As they did also the next day. (See P: 37.)

SATURDAY, 7. Between 2 and 3 this morning, a fire broke out in the work-Mop of the widow Tindal, a cooper, in New-Street, near Sbadwella Dock, which in a short time consumed the fame, with a great part of the dwelling, and 4 houses adjoining, besides damaging several others. Jofeph Wells, a journeyman to Mrs. Tirdal, thro' whose negligence the fire is said to be occasioned, (he being in liquor, and lying in the thop) perished in the flames.

SUNDAY, 8. This morning, about 4 o'clock, a fire broke out in the house of Mr. Saunders, a holier, opposite St. George's church in Southwark, which entirely consum'd the fime, with the houses of Mr. Renny, a snuff-Top, Burset and Page, undertakers, and 2 other houses in the front adjoining, besides 3 houses in Mini-fireet and 3 in Pecl's-Tard. Mr. Saunders was committed to the New Goal, (after having been admitted to bail) on a strong suspicion of setting his own house on fire.

TUESDAY, 10. The right Hon. the lord mayor read a letter, which his lordship had receiv'd from George Heathcore, Esq; Alderman of Wal. brook Ward, defiring leave to lay down his gown ; upon which it was resolv'd to send a letter to Mr. Alderman Hearbcote at Batb, giving him the option to vote for a recorder, and afterwards to resign his gown on Tuejday next. (See p. 29.)

WEDNESDAY, 11. On this and some other days, about this time, there were several very confiderable flashes of lightning, a thing somewhat extizordinary at this time of the year; and two men were struck blind with it.

The eight following rebel prisoners were convey'd from the Nw Goal to Tooley.freet Watergare, viz. Charles Deacon and William Battereau, both belonging to the Manchefter regiment; Henry and Robin Moore, two foruthers; Donald and Curry Mackenzie, two brothers; and I'alter Mitobel, and David

Oliphant of Edinburgh: They were put on board a palTage yacht, which was to carry them to Gruvejent, where they were to embark on board a ship, in order to be transported for lite.-Some of them wenc off with white and others blue ribbands in their hats.

Mr. Furnival, of the Manchester regiment, was discharg'd from his confinement. Mr. Cbarles Gordon has liberty to transport himself where he pleases out of the kingdom. Mr. Weelder and Mr. Watson were repriev'd for a certain term of years, and to be discharg'd.

Sheriffs appointed for the year ensuing, viz. for Berks, Willmoi Baker, Esq;--Bedf. Tho. Crawley, Erq;-- Bucks, Tho. Leigh, Esq;--Cub, Henry Richmond Brougham, Esq; --Ceeshie, Geo. Leigh, Esq;--Cambr. and Hunt. Peter Standley, Esq;-Devon, John Rogers, Esq;-Dorfet. Julines Beckford, Esq;--Derbysh. Henry Every, Esq;Elsex, John Fishpool, Esq;-Glou. Tho. Winston, Esq; --Hertf. Nicholson Calvert, Esq;--Heref. John Delahay, Esq;-Kent, Rich. Horniby, Esq;-Leicest. Philip Bainbrig, Esq;--Linc, Chri. Neville, Esq; Morm, Sydenham Shipway, Erq;--Norbumb. Gawen Aynsey The younger, Esq; Noribamp. Rich. Woodford, Esq;-Norfolk, Tho. Sotherton, Esq;~ Nosting. Will. Chaworth, Esq;--Oxf. John Pollard, Esq;Rull. Cha. Smith, Esq;--Sbrop. Charles Leighton, Esq;—Somers. Matthew Spencer, Efq;-Staff

. John Wyrley, Esq;- Suffolk, Tho. White, Eiq;--Sourbamp. Will. Sloane, Esq;-Surrey, Jer. Crutchley, Esq;-Suflex, John Fuller, Esq;-Warwick, Wilson Aylesbury, Esq;-Wilts, Tho. Cooper, Esq; Yorkph. John Bouchier, Esq;--- For South Wales, viz. Brecon, Will. Bridges, Erq; Carmar. John Lewis, Esq;--Card. Lewis Pryse, q;—Glam. Joieph Price, Esq; Pemb. Tho. Picton, Esq;--Radnor, More gan Evans, Esq; -For North Wales, viz. Anglesea, Owen Wynn, Esq;—Carnar, Cha, Allanson, Erq;-Denb. John Mortyn, Esqi -Flint. John Broughton Whitehall, Esq; Merion. Owen Holland, Esq;-Monrg. Thoa Lloyd, Esq;

FRIDAY, 11. Sir Michael Foster, Mr. Baron Clive and Sir Thomas Bireb, having been appointed by special commission to try the smugglers in Suflex, concerned in the harbarous murder of Mr. Galley, a custom-house officer, and Mr. Chater, let out on this day for Cbicbefter, in the duke of Ricbmond's coach, escorted


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by a party of the horse guards, and arriving to go any further, they beat him unmer. there the next day, were lodged in the cifully, and threw him off his hoile, by bishop's palace. Eighty private men out which he fra&ur'd his skull; and then in of the guards, with 8 serjeants, 2 drums, that condition they took him up, and Nung a ensigns and one lieutenant, march'd be- him across the horse, like a calf, and carfore co Chichifter, in order to prevent any ried him to a place called Lady-Hut, where rescue or disturbance. Next morning (be- they buried him among the sand before he ing Sunday) dean Afbburrbam preach'd was quite dead. As for Chater, they us'd before the judges from Ezra, vii. 26, him as cruelly, and afterwards took him and part of 27. And wboloever will not to old Mills's, and put him into a curfdo sbe law of : by God, and the law of be house, where they chained him until king, let judgment be execuice spredily upen Fbursday following, 4 days after the murder bim, wberber it be unto deatb, or to banismeni, of Galley ; in which time they continually or to corpácation of goods, or to imprisonment ; went to him, kicking and beating him in a and blejjed berbe Lord God of our farbers, arbo cruel manner, unto the time they took him barb put fuck a rbing as this in the king's away to murder him ; when 18 of the gang beart. On Monday the 16th, the judges being atfembled at Mills's, agreed to draw open'd their special commission, and pro- lots who should be the murderer: The lot ceeded to the trials. which lasted that day falling on Topher, he immediately thrust and the next, and ended on Wednesday a fork into one, and then into the other of in the afternoon ; when 7 out of the 8 smug- Chater's eyes, the last of which fell on his glers that were apprehended, receiv'd ren- chcek. After some time, Taprer cut off tence of death, viz. William Taymer, alias Cbater's nose and privy parts, the space of Tarner, Riebard Mills the father, and Rich. time between each operation being full half ard Mills the son, John Col bv, fobn Ham- an hour, scoffing and jeering the unhappy mond, William Jackson, and William Carter. man during all the time of his sufferings ; The counsel for the crown were Mr Banks, who returned them no other language, but Mr. Sydney Stafford Smith, Mr. Recorder only, Pray, gentlemen, spare me my life ; of Cbiebefier, and Mr. Purcas ; Ms. Slany- which he repeated even after his privities ford was counsel for the prisoners, who were cut off. The villains, after conimitting made no defence, nor call d any witnesses. these barbarous acie, threw him down a well, The account of the murders for which while living, and cover'd him with ftones. there wretches suffer'd, is, perhaps, the On Thursday the 15th, in the afternoon, most shocking that ever was heard of; the very day after their coodemnation, which was as follows.

these execrable murderers were hang'd on His majesty's warehouse at Poole in Dor. a gallows erected on purpose about a mile fetfhire being broke open in February last, trom Cbicbifter, (all but Jacken, who died by a gang of armed smugglers, who took a few hours after his sentence.) .They all away between 13 and 1400 lb. of seized tea, Thew'd great marks of penitence, except a proclamation was issued for apprehending old Mills and his son, who seem'd quite them ; accordingly one Diamond was ap- harden'd, and neither kiss'd, spoke to, or prehended and committed to goal. Cbater, took the least notice of each other. 'Tis who was a shoemaker hy trade, and one Mocking to think, that upon coming out concern'd in taking away the tea, being of the hall, the young man talk'd me rily, apprehenfive he thould also be taken up, and said, We Mall have a very jolly hang of resolv'd to turn evidence, and gave infor- it ; and at the place of execution, he said mation to the late Mr. Galley, a custom- it was very hard to be refused a pint of house officer, who agreed to go with him beer, which he had asked for : As to to one major Barten, a justice of peace the father, he would have smoak'd froin near Chic befter ; accordingly they both set the goal to the gallows, but was prevented. out, but having occasion to bait, call'd at Tapner and Carter gave a creat deal of good * publick house at Rollings.caftle, which was advice to the spectators; the former roco.n. kept by Elizabeth Pain, who has 2 fons, mended, in a very strong manner, to the both reputed notorious (mugglers : Aster dragoons and soldiers who attended the Mr. Gallcy and Chater, had put up their execution, to be very vigilant in their enhorses, they sat down to drink; but drop- deavours to take one Ricbards, ho ho ping, in their discourse, something of their said was one of the worst of the gang, and intention, the 2 Pains went and fetched the principal cause of his coming to so Jackson, Carter and Steel (the last was one of Mameful an end. They were all, with Jacka the king's witnesses) and 3 more smugglers fon, hang'd in chains, except the 2 Milis'sa not yet taken, who forced Mr. Galley and

SATURDAY, 14. Cbater away with them, setting one of the This morning early, a fire broke cut in gang behind Mr. Galley, who held him on his the house of Mr. Morvell, an ironmonger, horse by means of a cord tied over Galley's opposite the gully.h.ke in Thames-Street, brealt; but Galley Rruggling, and refuling F 2


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near London-Bridge, which entirely con. when John Forsier, for healing about 251. sumed the inside of the said house, and da- Ufer Gabagan, and Terevice Conner, for filmag'd those adjacent; Mr. Howell very ing guineas; Elizabeth Warfon, for returnnarrowly escaping the Aames.

ing from transportation ; and Josepb MapThe band of musick that is to perform bam for filing guineas and Portugal pieces, at the fire-works in the green-park, is to received sentence of death, congst of 40 trumpets, 20 Fiencb horns, In the evening about 10 fellows, arm'd 16 hautbuys, 16 baiToons, 8 pair of kettle- with pistols, cullaffes, hangers, &c. went drums, 12 fide.drums, a proper number to the Gadebouse, and one of them knockof flutes and files ; with 100 cannon to go ing at the door, it was no sooner open'd, off singly at intervals, with the musick. Sce than they all rush'd in, and struck and de. the View of the fire-works in our Maga- sperately wounded the turnkeys and all that zine for December luft.

oppos'd them, and in triumph carried off MONDAY, 16.

a fellow who pick'd general Sinclaire's pecThis morning, a little after one o'clock, ket of his watch, as he was going into a terrible fire broke out at his majesty's Leiceffir- House. Another fellow was comvictualling office, at Dep:ford, occalion'd, mitted for the same fact, who remain'd as was said, by some lacks being hung up sale, chain'd down to the floor in a rooni before a fire to dry, a spark of which few by himself, to rescue whom they swore on one of the.n, which foon convey'd its they would make a second visit with blunfames to the reil, and by that means, in derbusses. A party of soldiers was order'd leís than half an hour, the whole building to keep guard at the Garebouse all night. was in fiames, as were likewise a great

MONDAY, 23. number of faves that were piled up by the Printed copies of the definitive treaty of ode; and the wind blew so strong atW...w. peace were deliver'd to the members of that two lighters that lay off the wharf, both houses of parliament : In which there laden wich dry stores, such as biscuits, is nothing but what our readers may see in peale, * c. were set on fire, and one of them our Magazine for November last, p. 503entirely confumed, by the fakes of fire which

512, except the full powers and acts of fiew that way in prodigious quantities. accesion, which are only matter of form. TUESDAY, 17.

TUESDAY, 24. A copy of the preliminary articles of

A motion was argued in the court of peace was laid before the house of commons. king's bench, upon a rule to new cause

His excellency the earl of Sanduich arri. why the counsel for the king Mall not be at ved at his house at the rismirairy-Ofice from liberty to inspect and take copies of the staHolland.

tutes of the university of Oxford ; and tuo A court of aldermen was held at Guill. days after the judges gave their opinion, ball, for the choice of a recorder, in the and the rule was dismiss d. room of Sir Joon Stracey, Knt. deceased. The Wolf noop of war was loft on the The candidates were Mr. Adams, and Mr. coast of Ireland about the beginning of this Moreton, who had each of thein 11 votes, month, Capt. Veacbell, his wife and fifterwhen the Rt. Hon. the lord mayor gave his in-law, and go of his men perishing by thay casting vote in favour of Mr. Ailams, and he disaster, and not one officer sav'd but the was declared duly elected.


Several other ships and vessels The following 22 aldermen were present were lost in the stormy weather in this and voted, viz.

mopth; among the rest, the Neptune, Whis-For Mr. Adams. For Mr. Moreton, ile, from Chefier to Dublin, with about 100 The Lord Mayor, Sir John Barnard, passengers on board, who, 'twas said, all Sir Edw. Bellamy, Sir Dan. Lambert, perithed, together with the crew, Sir John Ttom:plom, Sir Hen. Marshall,

THURSDAY, 26. Sir Robert Ladbroke, Mr. Ald. Bern,

A court of common-council was held at Sir Geo. Cbumiior, Sir Samuel Pennant, Guiliball; when it was resolv'd to make an Sir Josepb Harhey, Mr. Ald. B'a bford, addition of Sol. per ann. to the 120l. per ann, Mr. Ald. Baker, Mr. Ald. Cokayne, the recorder's settled salary, tho' sometimes Mr. Ald. Arnold, Mr. Ald. Alloh, 2001. more is granted. After which it was Mr. A. Wirterbultom, Mr. Ald. Gascoyne, agreed to send the following to Mr. HeatbSir William Smith, Mr. Ald. Ironfide, core at Barb-Resolved, That the thanks of Mr. Ald. 1 bruker. Mr. Ald. Rawlinson. this court be given to George Heathcote, Esq; Mr. Ald. Jarlen was prelent, but did not Jate Alderman of this city, for his uniform, vote.

alive and disinterested conduct, in every

station of publick trust :--For the many FRIDAY, 20.

and great services he has done this metroThe anniversary of the birth of his royal polis, as magistrate and representative in Highness the P. ci!Yakes was celebrated, who parliament :--For his zealous and laudable ben enter'd into the 430 year of his age. endeavours to promote the trade and proThe setions ended at the Olu. Daily,


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