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Israel Mort, Overman, by john Saunders, 2 vols. Station Amusements in NewZealand, by LadyBarker, I v. Kilmeny, by William Black, I vol.

Martin’s Vineyard, by Agne: Harrison, I vol.

Only a Butterfly, by Miss Georgiana Craz‘k, 1 vol.
Uncle John, by G. j. Whyte Illelm'lle, 2 vols.

Old Fort Duquesne, by Charles McKnight, 2 vols.
Out of Court, by Mrs. Cashel Hoe], 2 vols.

Reginald Hetherege, by Ifenry Kz'ngslgl, 2 vols.
South Sea. Bubbles, by the Earl and the Doctor, 1 vol.
My Mother and I, by the Author of “John Halifax,” I v.
The Parisians, by E. Bulwer, Lord Lytton, 4 vols.
The Impending Sword, by Edmund Yates, 2 'vols.
Fables in Song, by Robert Lord Lytton, 2 vols.

For Love and Life, by Mrs. Olzlbhant, 2 vols.

Taken at the Flood, by Miss Braddon, 3 vols.
Johnny Ludlow, 2 vols.

Mecca and Medina, by Richard F. Burton, 3 vols.
Lady Hester, by Charlotte M Yonge, I vol.

The Collection of Britzkh Authors, Taurhnitz Edition, will mntaz'n the new works of the mast admired English and A meriam I/Vrz'ters, immediately on their appearance, with capynght far continental circulatzbn.

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W. Harrison Ainsworth: Windsor Castle I v. Saintjames’s I v. Jack Sheppard (w. portrait) I v. The Lancashire Witches 2v. The Star-Chamber 2 v. The Flitch of Bacon I v. The Spendthrift I v. Mervyn Clitheroc 2 v. Ovingdean Grange I v. The Constable of the Tower I v. The Lord Mayor of London 2 v. Cardinal Pole 2 v. John Law 2 v. The Spanish Match 2 v. The Constable de Bourbon2 v. OldCourt 2v. Myddleton Pornfretzv. The South-Sea. Bubble 2 v. Hilary St. Ives 2 v. Talbot Harland I v. Tower Hill I v. Boscobel; or, the Royal Oak 2 v. The Good Old Times 2 v. Merry England 2 v.

“All for Greed,” Author of— All for Greed I v. Love the Avenger 2 v.

Miss Austen: Sense and Sensibility I v. Mansfield Park I v. Pride and Prejudice I v. Northanger Abbey, and Persuasion I v.

Nina. Balatka r v.


Lady Barker: Station Life in NewZealand I v. Station Amusements in New Zealand I v.

Rev. R. H. Baynes: Lyra. Anglicana, Hymns and Sacred Songs I v.

CurrerBell (CharlotteBronté): Jane Eyre 2 v. Shirley 2 v. Villette 2 v. The Professor I v.

Ellis & Acton Bell: Wuthcring Heights, and Agnes Grey 2 v.

Isa. Blagdenl: The Woman I loved, and the Woman who loved me; A Tuscan Wedding I v.

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Eliz. Barrett Browning: A Selection from her Poetry (w. portrait) I v. Aurora Leigh I v.

Robert Browning: Poetical Works (w. portrait) 2 v.

Bulwer (Lord Lytton) : Pelham (w. portrait) I v. Eugene Aram I v. Paul Cliflord 1 v. Zanoni I v. The Last Days of Pompeii 1 v. The Disowned ! v. Ernest Maltravers ! v. Alice I v. Eva, and the Pilgrims of the Rhine I v. Devereux I v. Godolphin, and Falkland l v. Rienzi I v. Night and Morning 1 v. The Last of the Barons 2 v. Athens 2 v. The Poems and Ballads of Schiller I v. Lucretia 2 v. Harold 2 v. King Arthur 2 v. The new Timon; St Stephen’s I v. The Caxtons 2 v. My Novel 4 v. What will he do withit! 4v. TheDramatic Works 2 v. A Strange Story 2 v. Caxtoniaua 2 v. The Lost Tales of Miletus I v. Miscellaneous Prose \Vorks 4 v. The Odes and Epodes of Horace 2 v. Kenelm Chillingly 4v. The Coming Race I v. The Parisians 4 v. '


Henry Lytton Bulwer (Lord Dalling): Historical Characters 2 v. The Life of Henry John Temple, Viscount Palmerstonzv.

John Bunyan: The Pilgrim’s Progress I v.

Buried Alone 1 v.

Miss Burney: Evelina r v.

RobertBurnszPoeticaIWorks (w. portrait) r v.

Richard F. Burton: Mecca and Medina 3 v.

Lord Byron: Poetical Works (w. portrait) 5 v.

Thomas Carlyle: The French Revolution 3 v. Frederick the Great !3 v. Oliver Cromwell’s Letters and Speechcs4v. The Life of Friedrich Schiller I 1!.

“Chronicles of the Schenberg-Cotta Family,” Author of—Chronicles of the SchiinbergCotta Family 2 v. The Draytons and the Davenants 2v. On Both Sides of the Sea 2 v. Winifred Bertram I v. Diary of Mrs. Kitty Trevylyan IV. The Victory of the Vanquishecl I v. The Cottage by the Cathedral I v. Against the Stream 2 v.

Coleridge: The Poems'! v. Wilkie Collins: After Dark

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Mrs. Craik (Miss Mulock): John Halifax, Gentleman 2 v. The Head of the Family 2 v. A Life for a Life 2 v. A Woman’s Thoughts about Women I v. Agatha’s Husband I v. Romantic Tales I v. Domestic Stories I v. Mistress and Maid I v. The Ogilvies I v. Lord Erlistoun I v. Christian’sMistake I v. Bread upon the Waters I v. A Noble Life I v. Olivez v. Two Marriages I v. Studies from Life I v. Poems I v. The Woman’s Kingdom 2 v. The Unkind Word 2 v. A Brave Lady 2 v. Hannah 2 v. Fair France I v. My Mother and I l v.

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Charles Dickens: The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club (w. portrait) 2 v. American Notes I v. Oliver Twist I v. The Life and Adventures of Nicholas N ickleby 2 v. Sketches I v. The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit 2 v. A Christmas Carol; the Chimes; the Cricket on the Hearth I v. Master Humphrey’s Clock (Old Curiosity Shop, Barnaby Rudge, and other Tales) 3 v. Pictures from Italy I v. The Battle of Life; the Haunted Man I v. Dombey and Son 3 v. David Copperfield 3 v. Bleak House 4 v. A Child’s Histony of England (2 v. 8° 2Mk. 70 Pf. = 27 Gr.) Hard Times I v. Little Dorrit 4 v. A Tale of two Cities 2 v. Hunted Down; The Uncommercial Traveller I v. Great Expectations 2 v. Christmas Stories I v. Our Mutual Friend 4 v. Somebody’s Luggage; Mrs. Lirriper’s Lodgings; Mrs. Lirriper’s Legacy I v. Doctor Marigold’s Prescriptions; Mugby function I v. No Thoroughfare I v. The Mystery of Edwin Drood 2 v.

B. Disraeli: Coningsby I v. Sybil l v. Contarini Fleming (w. portrait) I v. AlroyIv. Tancred 2 v. Venetia 2 v. Vivian Grey 2 v. Henrietta Temple I v. Lothair 2 v.

W. Hepworth Dixon: Personal History of Lord Bacon I v. The HolyLand 2 v. NewAmerica Majesty’s Tower 4v. Free Russia 2v. History of two Queens 6 v.

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The Earl and the Doctor: South Sea Bubbles I v.

Miss Amelia B. Edwards: Barbara’s Historyz v. Miss Carew 2v. Hand and Glove I v. Half a Million ofMoney2 v. Debenham’s Vow 2 v. In the Days of my Youth 2 v. Untrodden Peaks and unfrequented Valleys I v. Monsieur Maurice I v. Black Forest I v.

Miss M. Betham Edwards: The Sylvestres I v.

Mrs. Edwardes: Archie Lovell 2 v. Steven Lawrence, Yeoman 2 v. Ought we to Visit her? 2 v. A Vagabond Heroine I v.

Mrs. Elliot: Diary of an Idle Woman in Italy 2 v. Old Court Life in France 2 v.

George Eliot : Scenes of ClericalLifezv. AdamBedezv. The Mill on the Floss2 v. Silas Marner I v. Romola 2 v. Felix Holtz v.

Essays and Reviews I v.

Estelle Russell 2 v.

Expiated 2 v.

Fieldinnghe History of Tom Jones 2 v.

‘ Five Centuries of the English Language and Literature I v.

A Forbes: My Experiences of the War between France and Germany 2 v. Soldiering and Scribbling I v.

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John Forster: Life of Charles Dickens 6 v. Life and Times of

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Mrs. Gaskell: Mary Barton 1 v. Ruthzv. North and South I v. Lizzie Leigh I v. The Life of Charlotte Bronte 2 v. Lois the Witch Iv. Sylvia’s Lovers 2v. A Dark Night's Work I v. Wives and Daughters 3 v. Cranford I v. Cousin Phillis, and otherTales I v.

Goldsmith: Select Works: The Vicar of Wakefield; Poems; Dramas (w. portrait) r v.

Mrs. Gore: Castles in the Air 1 v. The Dean’s Daughter 2 v. Progress and Prejudice 2 v. Mammon 2 v. A Life’s Lessons 2 v. The two Aristocracies 2 v. Heckington 2 v.

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