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home to his garner. Mrs. Newton RECENT SUDDEN DEATH. was quite ill on Saturday, but has been tolerably well since. The On Sunday last, August 7th, Lord corrects but in mercy, and Mr. Seagram, a surgeon, of War. helps us in the time of need. 'We minster, a man possessed of great join in best respects to Mr. and professional knowledge, in going Mrs. , love to Miss , to visit a patient, found himself Miss , and your brothers. suddenly ill, dismounted from his I hope, when you are near the horse, and instantly expired ! throne of grace, you remember He was carried a corpse to the both her and your affectionate house where he intended his visit. ; Friend and brother,

O reader! prepare to meet thy Jonn Newton. God! Diney, 24th Nov, 1778,

Aug. 12, 1814.



THE POOR MAN'S GUIDE TO THE bearing different names : Moses

INTERPRETATION OF TŅE PRO- would have his reasons for selectPHECIES.

ing this name, because it would fall

to the lot of his people Israel to CHAP. II.

accomplish the prophecy in the di· The next general prophecy. rect descendants of Canaan. But which we find in Scripture is that whether this be the right solution contained in the twenty-fifth and of the difficulty or not, we know, two following yerses of the eleventh from the event, that all the de. chapter of Genesis : « And he scendants of Ham, as well as the said, Cursed be Canaan; a servant branch of Canaan, were alike inof servants shall he be unto his cluded in the prophetic curse; so brethren. And he said, Blessed that we are quite certain that Ham be the Lord God of Shem, and Ca. is meant, whatever be the cause naan shall be his servant; God why we now read Canaan.. . shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall I shall /say but little on the cir. dwell in the tents of Shem, and cumstances of the occasion of this Çanaan shall be his servant.” prophecy : inasmuch as it is a pro There is one difficulty in this pas- phecy, we must look for an higher sage of Scripture, which, I dare agency than man; the perfection gay, has struck the poor man at- or the criminality of the prophet is tentively reading his Bible, as well therefore of small moment; we as the more learned ; and it is may leave the unvarnished tale of this : why, since it was Ham who Scripture to itself. But one re. was the immediate occasion of this fection we should make--the pre. prophecy, his name is omitted, and diction forebodęd ill to one branch the name of one of his sons men of the fațnily of Noah: the irrevetioned with his brother's in the rent exposure of his father's weak. prediction. The easiest and most ness and sin, was the moment cho. probable explanation that I know sen by the Almighty to announce of the difficulty is, that Canaan to the head of that branch the night be one of the names of Ham, painful tidings of the sad destinies as well as the name of his son. We of his posterity to the latest ages. have many instances of persons Thus doth this.prophecy to the lan


test ages proclaim aloud the Divine they were many ages afterwards displeasure against him who setteth we learn from an allusion of the light by his father.

Prophet: “ Can the Ethiopian This prophecy, which we now change his skin ?” This, then, is proceed to consider, presents us the stock from whence the blackwith a grand outline of the history skinned negroes, with which so of mankind : for the reader will large a portion of Africa is peoremember, that Shem, Ham, and pled, have sprung. Japheth, were the only sons of The second of the sons of Ham, Noah, " and of them was the whole Mizzaim, I need only tell my reaearth overspread.” We have, der is the common name in the oritherefore, nothing to do but to ginal for Egypt, situate, as he trace in the history of these three knows, in pa frica likewise. With great branches of the human fa respect to Phut, the third of these mily the fulfilment of the pro- sons of Ham, if the Jewish histophecy.

rian, Josephus, has informed us : First, of " Ham, the father of right, we are to look for his deCanaan.”-He is pronounced " ac- scendants also in Africa, in the cursed :" “ a servant of servants more western parts. Canaan, as shall he be;" that is, a most abject my reader knows, peopled that slave. We have only to remark, part of Asia which became afterthat the prediction was not fulfil- wards the land of promise. . But à . led in the persons either of Ham remnant of these also, which esor Canaan, but is spoken in view caped from the sword and yoke of of the general fate of their poste the Israelites, followed their brerity: now the reader will find, in thren into Africa, and founded the the following chapter, an account nation of the Carthaginians; SO of “the sons of Ham after their that in Africa, ill-fated Africa, we families, after their tongues, in must look for the scene of the intheir countries, and in their na fliction of the curse of Ham-"A tions *." Here, then, we shall servant of servants shall he be;" "a learn in what part of the world to most abject slave;" and, as it is look for the inffiction of the curse said afterwards, " a servant both which hangs over the descendants to Shem and to Japheth."-And of Ham.

what a striking feature in the hisIn the sixth verse we read that tory of mankind is the debased w the sons of Ham were Cush, and state of the nations of Africa ! Mizzaim, and Phut, and Canaan." For what is Africa famed, but as a From the first of these were de market of slaves for all the world scended the Cashites, or, as we ge- besides ? nerally render the word, Ethiopi- Nimrod, the first monarch web ans, who appear to have been ex- read of, was, indeed, of this line; tremely numerous in the ages im- but his kingdom soon felt under the mediately after the flood. They dominion of the sons of Shem; to seem first to have occupied Baby- whom we find, in the earliest ages, lonia, and to have settled especially the nations of Canaan in subjecin the south-eastern parts, after- tion. Egypt, indeed, for many wards called Khuzestan. . From ages, seemed to escape the curse, hence they are supposed to have and appeared as an exception removed to the eastern parts of among the children of Ham. But Arabia, and by degrees to have mi. at length their destinies prevail. grated into the corresponding parts In the following language a later of Africa. What sort of people Prophet foretells the fate of Pha

raoh's kingdom: “ It shall be a "* Ver. 20.

- base kingdom. It shall be the

basest of the kingdoms; neither ready to cry out, like one of old, shall it exalt itself any more among “ I acknowledge the fortune of the nations *,” And first, the Africa *.” But it will be something children of Shem, the Chaldeans if they can but save our country and Persians; and since, the chil- from again partaking in this enor. dren of Japheth, the Greeks and mous guilt of blood; and someRomans, the Turks and Mame, thing, perhaps, that shall have the lukes, have held it in the most greatest influence upon her desticomplete subjection. The history, nies in the ages that are coming. too, of Carthage, was for some time Let us hope that, in this sense, an exception to the general fate of England will hear the voice that Ham's descendants, but Carthage bids her come out from the comat length yielded to the better for munity of Babylon; and if the tunes of Rome, and fell to rise no apostate Christian nations of the more. The horrid narrative of the Continent will not give up this slave-trade, however, is, beyond shameful, felonious traffic, our all other circumstances in the his country will not be partaker of: tory of Africa, the most striking their sins, that she “receive not of fulfilment of this part of the pro- their plagues †." And I need not, phecy; and it appears that, long I trust, remind my reader, that the before the nations of Europe en- African slave-trade's being foretold gaged in this cruel traffic in human in Scripture does not at all lessen Hesh and blood, the Arabians had the guilt of those who are, directly for ages carried on an extensive or indirectly, partakers in its guilt. commerce in the same, and filled The killing of Christ, and many Asia with negro slaves. To Shem, other crimes of the darkest die, he therefore, as well as to Japheth, will remember, are foretold, but has Ham been a servant of ser- the perpetrators nevertheless were vants. With the situation of the held guilty to the full amount of poor African slave, the most unin their sins. But we must proceed formed of my readers is well ac, to the other branches of the proquainted; for it is a subject that phecy. has for years occupied the atten- . 2. Respecting Shen it is said, tion of the British people, and « Blessed be the Lord God of England we had hoped, and will Shem; and Canaan shall be his still hope, has washed her hands of servant.” How Canaan or Ham this guilty commerce. But while was the servant of Shem, we have I am writing there is a rumour, already seen. We have only, therethat the peace over which we are fore, to attend to the former part now rejoicing is to be cemented by of the prophecy, “ Blessed be Je. a measure which is, in fact, a bar“ hovah, the God of Shem.” This gain to give up to the French expression evidently denotes, that West India planters eight millions what would in a peculiar manner of the unhappy Africans, and all distinguish the branch of Shem, their posterity, to hopeless slavery; would be the knowledge of the and with amazement we read among true God. The line of Shem, it is the articles of the merchandise of probable, from the first retained those merchants that shall weep most of the true patriarchal relifor the fall of the great Babylon, gion. Perhaps we may mention the article of slaves +! Surely the book of Job as an evidence of the benevolent persons who have this. But be this as it may, the for so many years been labouring reader will know, that by the call for the abolition of this traffic, are. * Livy, book xxvii. toward the end, le

ferred to by Mr. Mede. * Ezek. xxix. 14, 15. + Rev. xviii.13. + Rev. xviii. 4:

of Abraham, and God's providen- tories of Japheth. Japheth, on the tial dealings with the Israelites, contrary, has never ceased to en. the knowledge of the true God large his possessions at the expense was fixed and permanently esta- of Sheni, and to thrust himself, eiblished in the line of Shem; while ther in the character of conqueror. all the world, both the descendants or sojourner, into the dwellings of of Ham and the descendants of Shem. All the western portion of Japheth, had entirely lost theknow- Shem's inheritance, exclusive of the ledge of Jehovah, and had chosen deserts of Arabia, has been, by turns, to them new gods, sinking into the occupied by the Greeks, the Romost abominable idolatries. “Bless- mans, and the Turks, all children of ed be Jehovah, the God of Shem," Japheth. The Tartar nations, also, evidently marks, therefore, what broke into India and China, and in future ages would be the parti- have formed large empires in those cular privilege and happiness of most populous portions of the posthis branch of mankind. Nor need terity of Shem. The settlements, 1 insist longer' on this subject, as also, of the Portuguese, the Engthe whole Scriptures are a com- lish, the Dutch, and French, in ment on this part of the prediction. India, all which nations are de-, I shall therefore proceed to the scended from Japheth, mark to last division of the oracle.

this day the fulfilment of the pro3. “ God shall enlarge Japheth, phecies. What multitudes, thereand he shall dwell in the tents of fore, of the descendants of Japheth Shem, and Canaan shall be his are at this hour dwelling in the servant.”. The enlargement and tents of Shem! But where, in the extension of their tribes is to be portion of Japheth, will you find one leading feature in the history any considerable number of the of Japhet's family : accordingly we sons of Shem, except, indeed, the find, that this family extended it.' dispersed nation of the Jews, who self over the whole of Europe, the form but a small exception in the immense regions of what now general history of nations? forms the Russian empire, and all Some also imagine, that the prea the eastern and western Tartary, diction of Japheth's dwelling in and other extensive regions in the the tents of Shem, contains an obmiddle Asia, leaving only its south- scure intimation of the accession of ern empires, Arabia, Persia, India, the Gentiles of Japheth's race to and China, to be occupied by the the religion of the God of Shem: children of Shem. The Medes, but whether this was included in the Greeks, the Romans, the Scy. the view of the Spirit of prophecy, thians, the Tartars, the Moguls, I cannot take upon me to deter, were all descended from Japheth. mine. Enough, however, has been

The prophecy further declares, produced from the general history that · Japheth should dwell in the of mankind, to show the clear ful. tents of Shem." And history has filment of the prediction in three explained to us how this has been grand circumstances: the debaserealized. In tracing the history of ment and slavery of the family of the two families, it will be found, Ham-the religious privileges of that Shem's posterity have never Shem's descendants--the enlarge

made any considerable conquests ment and encroachments of the : or lasting settlements on the terri. enterprising children of Japheth.




stated by the following interroga

tories and answers. WARGARET GEORGE.

.“ Why, Margaret, do you wish On the opening of the Forest to die?"_" Because I am afraid school, in January 1813, Margaret of being wicked.” “ Where do George was received with above you hope to go ?"-" To heaven," two hundred more children. Her " But nothing that is sinful or unappearance did not prepossess you clean can enter into heaven; and in her favour; there was also a are you not a sinner?”-“ Yes; I disposition to rudeness. After a am," “ What kind of a child does few reproofs and admonitions, a your catechism say you are by nagreat alteration became visible in ture ?". A child of wrath.", her conduct; a desire to learn evi. “Why a child of wrath?"_" Bedently occupied her mind. The cause I was born in sin.” Are çorrect and distinct manner in you not, then, afraid to die?"which she passed her public exar - No." “ Is it because you are mination soon attracted the notice young, that you expect to be hapa of the congregation, and convinced py in heaven ?"-"No." “ Have me that she must have 6 studiedyou no fear of appearing before an her exercises.

holy God, whose law you have The good behaviour of this child broken?"-I wish to go to him.” gained my esteem: her improve. “But are you not fearful of the ment was rapid, and the very par- judgment ?" " No.” “ As a ticular attention paid to the orders transgressor of the law, how can of her master showed a desire to you escape that judgment ? as a please" which frequently caused a sinner, how do you hope to be parsurprise.—Margaret George be- doned-to be made pure and came noticed as a fine and very or. holy?"-" By the blood of Jesus." derly girl... . ... .. This was the child's faith--this was - In the course of the autumn she the source from whence she derivai was often absent from indisposi- ed a freedom from all fear and tertion; this increased as the winter ror:"the blood of Jesus" was her advanced, and in the latter end of treasure-her salvation. November her complaint assumed The funeral was deliberately ara very serious appearance. Being ranged by herself, and all things informed by a medical friend of made ready for her departure. In the great danger of this little girl, the mean time her sufferings inI directed my conversation to her creased, and her constant prayer on the principles of the Christian was in these words: “ Lord Jesus! faith. It was with no small delight be pleased to release me.” The I discovered that “ our labour had day preceding her death she antinot been in vain in the Lord.Her cipated seeing me once more, to sufferings became distressing; but, talk to her, and frequently asked so far from having any fear of dy- for me. At night her sufferings ing, she uniformly, for the space were more and more poignant of six roeeks, without once varying, her prayer the sam?,“ Lord Jesus, expressed a wish to depart. It was be pleased to release me." At a subject of important inquiry, from the last, under unspeakable agony, what principle this firmness of she cried out, “ Lord Jesus, come mind proceeded, which may be and release me, and I will give'

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