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General from initiating, carrying out, or completing any audit or investigation, or from issuing any subpena during the course of any audit or investigation.

(e) If an Inspector General is removed from office or is transferred to another position or location within a designated Federal entity, the head of the designated Federal entity shall promptly communicate in writing the reasons for any such removal or transfer to both Houses of the Congress.

(f)(1) The Chief Postal Inspector of the United States Postal Service shall also hold the position of Inspector General of the United States Postal Service, and for purposes of this section, shall report to, and be under the general supervision of, the Postmaster General of the United States Postal Service. The Postmaster General, in consultation with the Governors of the United States Postal Service, shall appoint the Chief Postal Inspector. The Postmaster General, with the concurrence of the Governors of the United States Postal Service, shall have power to remove the Chief Postal Inspector or transfer the Chief Postal Inspector to another position or location within the United States Postal Service. If the Chief Postal Inspector is removed or transferred in accordance with this subsection, the Postmaster General shall promptly notify both Houses of the Congress in writing of the reasons for such removal or transfer.

(2) For purposes of paragraph (1), the term “Governors” has the same meaning as such term is defined under section 102(3) of title 39 United States Code.

(g)(1) Sections 4, 5, 6 (other than subsections (a)(7) and (a)(8) thereof), and 7 of this Act shall apply to each Inspector General and Office of Inspector General of a designated Federal entity and such sections shall be applied to each designated Federal entity and head of the designated Federal entity (as defined under subsection (a)) by substituting

(A) "designated Federal entity” for “establishment”; and

(B) “head of the designated Federal entity” for “head of the establishment”. (2) In addition to the other authorities specified in this Act, an Inspector General is authorized to select, appoint, and employ such officers and employees as may be necessary for carrying out the functions, powers, and duties of the Office of Inspector General and to obtain the temporary or intermittent services of experts or consultants or an organization thereof, subject to the applicable laws and regulations that govern such selections, appointments, and employment, and the obtaining of such services, within the designated Federal entity.

(3) Notwithstanding the last sentence of subsection (d) of this section, the provisions of subsection (a) of section 8C (other than the provisions of subparagraphs (A), (B), (C), and (E) of subsection (a)(1)) shall apply to the Inspector General of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System in the same manner as such provisions apply to the Inspector General of the Department of the Treasury and the Secretary of the Treasury, respectively.

(h)(1) No later than April 30, 1989, and annually thereafter, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, after consulta


tion with the Comptroller General of the United States, shall publish in the Federal Register a list of the Federal entities and designated Federal entities and the head of each such entity (as defined under subsection (a) of this section).

(2) Beginning on October 31, 1989, and on October 31 of each succeeding calendar year, the head of each Federal entity (as defined under subsection (a) of this section) shall prepare and transmit to the Director of the Office of Management and Budget and to each House of the Congress a report which

(A) states whether there has been established in the Federal entity an office that meets the requirements of this section;

(B) specifies the actions taken by the Federal entity otherwise to ensure that audits are conducted of its programs and operations in accordance with the standards for audit of governmental organizations, programs, activities, and functions issued by the Comptroller General of the United States, and includes a list of each audit report completed by a Federal or non-Federal auditor during the reporting period and a summary of any particularly significant findings; and

(C) summarizes any matters relating to the personnel, programs, and operations of the Federal entity referred to prosecutive authorities, including a summary description of any preliminary investigation conducted by or at the request of the Federal entity concerning these matters, and the prosecutions and convictions which h resulted.



(5 U.S.C. 88551-559; 701-706; App.)



Agency, defined
Agency action, defined
Agency proceedings, defined
Ancillary matters....
Application for licenses, determination
Burden of proof..
Conclusion of matters presented
Conclusiveness of initial decisions
Congress, exclusion ..
Contempt, failure to produce evidence, etc.
Contents of initial, etc., decisions.........
Data or evidence, copies or transcripts....
Declaratory order, termination, controversies, etc..
Disqualifications, presiding employee
Effect on other laws..

Initial decisions....

Rule making.
Initial decisions
Inspections, enforcement, etc..

or prosecuting employees, etc., participation in decisions, etc .....
Investigations, enforcement, etc.
License and licensing, defined.


554 551 551 551 551 555 558 556 555 557 551 555 557 555 554 551 556 559 556 556 554 556 557 553 557 555 554 555 551



Rule making
Open meetings
Order, defined
Party, defined
Person, defined
Petition, issuance, etc.

, of rule..........
Powers and duties of presiding employees ......
Presiding employees

Initial decisions...
Process, enforcement, etc....
Public information; agency rules, opinions, orders, records, and proceedings...

Available for inspection.
Not apply to...

Congressional reservation.........
Publication or service of substantive rule..

554 553 552b 551 551 551 553 556 556 557 555 552 552 552 552 553 Section

As basis of decision
Initial, etc., decisions.
Maintained on individuals.

556 557 552b

551 555 555 557 553 551

559 551 556

Relief, defined
Reports, enforcement, etc ......
Representation, persons appearing before agencies ..
Review by agency of subordinate employees' decisions.
Rule making...



Powers and duties of presiding employee .....

Evidence required.

Submissions by parties, initial decisions, etc.
Subordinate employees, initial decisions, review by agency.
Subsequent statute, effect of.
Suspension, revocation, and expiration of licenses.
Transcripts, testimony and exhibits, basis of decision..

551 556 558 557 557 555 559 558 556

Actions reviewable....
Agency, defined
Agency action, defined
Application ..
Finality of agency action
Form of proceedings
License, defined ..
Order, defined
Person, defined
Relief, defined
Relief pending review..
Requirements for federal entities
Right of review ..
Rule, defined
Sanction, defined.
Scope of review
Venue of proceeding ..

704 701 701 701 704 703 701 701 701 701 705 App. 702 701 701 706 703

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