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The Vision changes—ages take their flight:
All, save the Temple, dream-like, now is flown :
The City's place is vanished from the sight:
One massive fragment from that shrine is thrown,
One sits thereon of kingly mien, alone :
Deep lines of thought upon his brow appear:
The imperial toga hath the Roman shown :

He gazes on the answering Ruin ;-near
His silent courtiers wait—for dumb is flattery here !

LXXXIV. It is Augustus Cæsar : it may be Truth silently is entering his breast, Filled with the wisdom of antiquity : Those mighty spirits who their words impressed, And works, upon mankind, now laid in rest, Passed, yea, forgotten as the breeze that blew Unheeded by him there ! then, unrepressed,

A deeper gloom upon his forehead grew, Feeling how vainly Fame doth here our life renew.


LXXXV. He felt the Power presiding here, as thou : Stern Mutability :—that Rome, his pride, His boast, arrayed by him in marble now, Might one day in the desert thus abide, Bowed to the Fate she haughtily defied ! Her Forum-place, a solitude ; the spot Even where she stood—unknown: he turned aside:

The moral with his spirit's life was wrought; Truth entered in his soul — her words were unforgot.


The Sun is setting : carrying Day before,
And leaving Night and Solitude behind :
Material god! and is the word-NO MORE-
Stamped on thy blazing brow? shalt thou, enshrined
Soul of that infinite space, thy mandate find,

The irrevocable doom to be destroyed ?
Or, art thou living like the Almighty Mind?

Thy beams decreed to lighten o'er the void
Where once our World of Life, thought, suffered, and



Glorious idolatry of elder time!

God-like, or rising, throned, or in decline : Where are those days when men, like gods, sublime, Bowed on their hills ? yea, hallowed as divine The Stars that drew their crowns of light from thine ! They who beheld in thee the visible face Of the INVISIBLE within his shrine: What shrine was like thine Eye? what altar-place Like thy all-infinite heaven-whose walls are echoless

space ?


Lord of the Day! and being infinite,
That lives within thy beams--whose life thou art :
Creator of the Seasons–Eye of Light!
Thy rays pervade, like melody, the heart,
Till of their feeling it becomes a part :
Until all shapes that haunt our phantasy,
All forms of beauty into life that start,

Of glory, power, and of majesty,
Are drawn from thy bright Urn by treasuring Memory !
The blue Mediterranean bosoms thee:
Thy crown of many hues doth o'er her glow;
O thou glad rolling and rejoicing Sea !
Could I behold thy waters foaming now,
Nor all the rapture which thou giv'st, avow?
Thy bosom bears the azure of the Sky:
The breeze is playing o'er thy glorious brow!

The pulses of thy mighty Heart on high
Are heard like thunder-throbbing everlastingly!

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Roll on for ever, wildly fresh and free! Men raise their ant-hill cities on thy brink ; States, empires' rise and fall are typed by thee : Time's dusty records in oblivion sink ; And they, the lights that shone o'er ages, shrink Again in darkness : deeds, and thoughts that bore The stamps that to immortal natures link; Unchanged alone thou roll'st from shore to shore, Girding the earth like heaven- the same for evermore!

And galaxied with Cyclades, whose names
Enduring as the stars hath Memory kept:
What glorious deeds each shore opposing claims !
What patriots there even virtue overstepped ;
What baffled tyrants vainly there have wept,
Checked in their game of slaughter unessayed,
And, while thy Waves in thunder by them swept,

Stood—even as children !-but thy Voice obeyed : “ No further pass—even here shall thy proud course be

stayed !"

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Thou mighty Being ! vain are round thee reared
Earth's mountain walls, and ramparts of the sand,
That sunk beneath the irruption which they feared;
Thou, who hast made an Ocean of the land,
Whose Waters o'er a buried world expand !
What Mammoth-monsters, there, lie unconfessed!
Oh, in thy mystery alone how grand

Art thou !—the Almighty mirrored in thy breast : The calm—the wrath-the thunder—the eternal rest!

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