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sonal superintendence of the mayor, gentlemen, but I make it a rule always who, I was told, was a most zealous to proceed with my painting according antiquary, and possessed of a very va to my own notions, and for the followluable collection of curiosities, which ing reason; some years ago I had a have been discovered. About ten years commission to paint a garden-scene for ago, this curious building was so cover a provincial theatre ; whilst occupied in ed up with rubbish as to present a mis- executing it, I was advised by one pershapen mound of great magnitude. At son to make such an alteration; imporpresent all the south side of it is so tuned by another to put this ; entreated cleared away, as to leave the outside by a third to add something else ; and walls, more than fifty feet high, quite being at that period a novice in my proclear. The inside has been so ex- fession, I was all submission and composed as to exhibit the dressing-rooms plaisance, yielded to the opinion of each of the actors, and many tiers of benches. new critic, and made whatever alteraThe outside is composed of tufa which tion was suggested, 'till one morning, covers the walls; they are of chalk and stepping back from my canvas to take Roman brick, cemented together so a general survey of my performance, I strongly as to be more like a solid rock perceived, alas! my garden-scene was · than inasonry. The road from Havre to

a street !” Rouen cuts off one end of the amphi A man named “ Cæsar,” married a theatre, which, when perfect, is calcu- girl of the name of “Roma ;" (both lated to have contained 22,000 per- common names in modern Rome). sons.”

They lived in the Piazza Navona, close THOMSON, the poet, who exclaims in to Pasquin's statue, where, on the day his Seasons, “Falsely luxurious, will of their marriage, was found the folnot man awake!" used to lie in bed till lowing piece of advice to the bridenoon, because, he said, he had no mo- groom:-“ Cave, Cæsar, ne tua Roma tive in getting up. He could imagire respublica fiat!" The man replied the good of rising, but he could also next day, “ Cæsar imperat!” but his imagine the good of lying still. antagonist rejoined, “ Ergo coronabi

VOLTAIRE'S RIDDLE.—What is the tur !"— Travels in Italy. longest, and yet the shortest thing in the A PERSON having an even number of world—the swiftest, and the most slow counters in one hand, and an oddnum-the most divisible, and the most ex- ber in the other, how to tell in which tended—the least valued, and the most hand the even numbers are, let the perregretted-without which nothing can son multiply the number in his right be done which devours every thing hand by an odd number, and the numnhowever small, and yet gives life and ber in his left hand by an even, and let spirit to every object however great ? - him then tell you, if the sum of the pro(Time.)-History of Zadig.

ducts together be odd or even. If it be STRANGE METAMORPHOSIS. Mr. even, the even number is in the right

whilst engaged one morning in hand ; and if it be odd, the even numpainting a scene at the Theatre, was ber is in the left hand.--Hooper's Ramuch annoyed by some gentlemen who, tional Recreations. looking on, were giving their opinions SINGULAR Fact.-At the execution very freely, and suggesting to him a va- of Caraccioli at Naples, his body was riety of extremely injudicious altera- thrown into the sea; however, the body tions; at length, being completely out three weeks after rose again and floated of patience with their conceit and im- with the immense load of 250lb. attachpertinence, he observed, “Excuse me ed to it. Life of Nelson.

Diary and Chronology.

Wednesday, May 9.

Venus rises 49m, aft. 3 morn. On this day, the ancient Romans held the fes. tival of Luuaria, or of nocturnal spirits, which lasted three days.

Thursday, May 10.
Anniversary of the battle of Loui, which was
fought in the year 1796.

Friday, May 11.
Mercury rises 12m. aft. 4 morn.

Earl of Chatham died 1778.
Fast with the Jews-Death of Elijah, 2 Kings,
ii. 11.

Saturday, May 12. The Right Hon. Spencer Perceval assassinated, 1812.


Sunday, May 13.
Lessons for the Day:-4 ch. of Deuteronomy,
mnorn, 5 ch, of Demeronomy, even.

Monday, May 14.
Full Moon, at 5 afiernoon.

Tuesday, May 15.
Sun rises 44m, aft, 4. sets 48m, aft 7.

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Illustrated Article.

regiments of the line, under the command

of a General Duval. He was a man of a PIERRE LOU VOIS. morose and stern disposition, a strict (FOR THE OLIO.)

martinet, and one but little prone to

pardon any offences comunitted by the At the time the French army held soldiery under his comm and; but, on possession of Italy the most strict and the other hand, he was just, and not rigorous measures were put in force by slow in rewarding merit, when such them, to suppress the lawless habits of fell under his observation. His notice the inhabitants; which, under a weak had for a short time been attracted to form of government, had risen to such a a lad about eighteen years of age, for height of crime as to require more than whom he began to feel some interest. ordinary severity to check. These laws Pierre Louvois, which was the youth's were not alone in force against the na name, was a general favourite in the tives, for they fell with undiminished regiment to which he belonged, though rigour on such of the French troops as his manners and dispositions were but were caught in the commission of any little in accord with those of his rank ; act contravening the strict code laid there was a sort of dignity and lofty down for their observance, and punish- bearing not exactly in unison with the ment came so swiftly after the offence as siluation of a private, but yet it had to be attended with at least one salu never been the cause of his creating a tary effect, that of taking place whilst single enemy amongst his associates. its cause was yet fresh in the remem- His mother, who said she was the wibrance of the shuddering spectators. dow of a soldier, had lived in the neigh

In the northern part of Italy was quar- bourhood of Montpelier, of which part teted a small division, consisting of a few of the country, however, she was not a Vol. IX.


native. She had maintained herself open, and the noise of a scuffle above and son as a lace-worker, at which she stairs plainly indicated where help was was very expert, and from her upright desired. As he entered the room, he conduct and quiet modest demeanour perceived a soldier in the French uniwas much esteemed. As Pierre grew form, who no sooner saw that he was towards manhood, nany were the offers discovered, than, throwing open the back from the farmers and mechanics in the window, he leaped into the garden, and vicinity to give him employment, but in an instant was flying across the counthis she always firmly but thankfully try. A woman lay upon the floor, refused. To the often-repeated in- bearing the marks of recent ill-usage, quiries as to what she intended to make and apparently lifeless; the chamber of him, she could give no answer, and was in the greatest confusion, some arthe neighbours esclaimed against a lad ticles of small value and a little money of such spirit and promise being lay scattered upon the ficor, shewing brought up in idleness, with nothing to that the villain's intention had been look forward to. Madame Louvois that of robbery. cared but litele how hard she worked The piercing cries uttered by the woherself, but could not brook that Pierre man had been heard by inore than Pishould be obliged to submit to menial erre, for a small detachment which was drudgery of any description ; at times, marching from Vicenza to Verona, besadness would come over her mind, ing within hearing at the moment, some when she thought how unable Pierre of them ran to give their assistance, and would be to support himself, alike ig were not a little surprised to find a norant of any business or profession, French soldier in the act (as they supwhen she should cease to exist ; but posed) of plundering. Pierre stated, these thoughts had scarcely gained ihat the cries of distress had drawn him birth, when she received a pang but thither, and he had just arrived in time little expected; the Conscription had to see the villain escape from the windecided that Pierre should become a dow. The officer listened, but shook soldier. It was quite beyond her means his head doubt, at the saine time givto raise sufficient money to obtain a ing orders that Pierre should be strictly substitute, and she therefore decided guarded, and instantly marched off to on following him, in whow all her hopes the quarters of his regiment. centred, wheresoever his fortunes or The news flew swiftly through the his fate might lead him; provided she regiment, that Pierre was under arrest, remained near him, she cared but little charged with an attempt at robbery; but in what capacity, servile or otherwise ; there were none amongst those who and Madame Louvois the Sutler sound- knew him well that would give it a moed as musically in her ears, as would ment's credence; circumstances might the repetition of his title to a new made be, as they were, strongly against him,

About a year after Pierre had but they were convinced he could rebut joined his regiment, he was one day them ; no, no! it was a more guilty sauntering listlessly along the road to heart that planned the commission of Vicenza, without perceiving that he had the deed. passed the boundary of the camp; the Pierre himself was sanguine; he felt view before him was so beautiful that it that the woman could exculpate hiin in called to mind his former home in the an instant, and that the court-martial, south of France, which he had left with which was appointed for the following much regret, for there was more than morning, would order his instant libeone dark-eyed Brunelle that had looked ration. The cell in which he was conupon him with other than the eyes of fined was not very agreeable to be sure, friendship; and there was one playful but then it had only terrors for those smiling girl that he had early learnt to guilty beings who worked up hideous love, with whom he would often wander thoughts in their imaginations to fright forth beside some rippling brook, or themselves; he stretched himself upon through the rich vineyards, and conjure his hard wooden bed, and slept as up together bright dreams of future days. soundly and rose as much refreshed as

He was thus gazing on the scene be- if he had been again in France, without fore him, and associating it with places a single care to obtrude itself upon his far away, wł.en the sound of some person mind. in distress burst upon his ear; it seem In the morning the court-martial ased 10 come from a cottage standing on sembled with all the usual ceremony, the road-side, to which he hastened to and Pierre stood arraigned for a crime, render his assistance. The door was of which he knew himself to be as guilt


less as the Court about to try him; he " Die !" said shem" to die!-no, was extremely glad that business had no! you are deceiving me. They could drawn his mother to Milan, from whence not-would not slay a child like that. she would not return until the follow- Crime never yet entered his imagination ing day, when it would be too late to -it must be others that have palmed feel uneasiness, and they could talk' it their deeds of villany upon him. Who through together.

is there could look upon his fair face When called upon to affirm or deny and form, and say it was that of a guilty his guilt, he briefly stated the circum- being ?--none! I will be sworn.' stances, and said the woman could at The frantic mother flew to the guardonce prove him innocent.

house, to gain from his own lips the Young man,” replied the president, history of his misfortune ; and with your story is well conceived, and told breathless anxiety did she listen to his with a semblance of truth, but, unfortu- brief recital. nately, there are discrepancies in it; " Truth," said she, when he had and as the woman died during the night finished, whilst her loud sobs almost of the injuries she received, you may hindered the words from being heard. safely call upon her to assert that inno Truth, indeed! is there not truth cence, which I must say that for my stamped on every word and action ?-own part I very much doubt."

Does it seem like falsehood that he The information of the woman's speaks? - No, no! falsehood never death staggered him"; it was upon her spoke thus. But, stay-yes! there is evidence his safety entirely rested; the yet hope. Duval must and shall listen idea of her death had never once enter to me!-I will force that upon hiin ed his imagination, and a cold shudder shall make him feel bim innocent, even ran over him as he thought of the over- should he have seen the commission of whelming weigh' of evidence, that could the deed itself.” only be gainsaid by his simple asser General Duval was not a little surtion of innocence; the current sel too prised at finding the door of the room strongly against him to be stemmed, and in which he was sitting suddenly burst when proof was adduced that it was im- open, and a half frantic woman rushing possible, on account of the distance, that in to throw herself at his feet, at the the cries of distress could have been same time exclaimingheard within the bounds of the camp, he Mercy! mercy! for the love of felt that he was a lost man.

heaven, grant me mercy !” The court were unanimous in their 66 What is the meaning of this, my opinion of his guilt, and the following good woman? — Who, or what are day, at noon, was named as that on you ?" asked the General. which he was to close his short career "I am the mother of the poor boy of life. Pierre heard his sentence with you have doomed to die. Oh, Sir, but out shewing any signs of trepidation; spare bis life! On my knees I will pray his cheeks blanched not for an instant; to you-will worship you—but spare a faint smile played around his lips, his life !-he is too young to die yet !which would have said, you are de- He is not a fit subject to wreak your ceived, but still I blame you not. cruel laws upon !-indeed! indeed! he

The veterans of the regiment, when is innocent." told of the result of the inquiry, swore Woman, it cannot be-he must a volley of oaths and insinuated that the die !" officers did not deal justly by them ; Oh, no! no!-you have but to say they could not see that any evidence the word, and he is spared.” was sufficient to find Pierre guilty of " I say again, it cannot-must not be." murder and robbery_Bah! he could'nt " Oh, Sir, you have the power 10 do it if he would a harmless lad like save him, and may yet live to bless the that; it was no use arguing the matter, day you did so; but spare his life ?" it was’nt in his nature ; spirits like his óc This is trifting ; woman, the law were not the ones that stooped to the must take its course; I can stay and crimes of rapine and bloodshed !'. listen to you no longer." and their belief in his innocence re “ Not listen to me, Duval," said Mamained still unshaken.

dame Louvois, looking sternly at him ; When Madame Loivois arrived from not listen to a mother pleading for Milan, the first intelligence that reached her son's life!- But I have known the her was, that Pierre was waiting with time when that hard heart of thine could the utmost anxiety to see her, since he feel as tenderly as would a mother's was doomed at noonday to die,

watching her sick child. Years have

passed, Duval, since that night, when, cruel laws, and who has been their after many an anxious hour of travel- victim ?- your only child. Mercy, inling, you arrived near your chateau in deed! - you would be merciful now, Alsace, indulging in the fond hope of were it in your power." pressing in your arms your wife and The orderly gently opened the door infant child. Did your heart not bleed to say he was too late the boy was no when you found the raging flames had niore! destroyed your noble dwelling, and

J.M.B. deprived you of a wife and child you fondly loved ?- Ay, it felt then as mine

BRITANNY. does at this moment. Yes! you look at me now, and strive to bring me to

A great part of Britanny is heath; your recollection. I was the foster, indeed, one-third of the depar!ment of sister of your wife, and after you married lle and Vilaine is computed to be still her I still followed her as a servant, in that state. When Henry the Fourth and when she became a mother, did I saw the uncultivated tracts between not nurse her child as though it had Rennes and Nantes, he exclaimed, been mine own-for I loved it as much

" Where can the poor Bretons find the even as its mother could. Oh! it was

money they have promised me?" a sweet, fair haired child, that all must

The present Cathedral of Quimper have loved. On the night the fire burst was built with the produce of indulforth, the boy lay sleeping beside me; gences, and finished in 1501. An its mother was not well. I was watch- equestrian statue of King Grallon foring its calm slumbers when the alarm merly stood over the gateway, which, of fire reached me; scarce knowing on every St. Cecilia's eve, one of the what I did, I caught the child in my bell-ringers used to climb: he prearms, and, rushing into the open air, sented the king with a glass of wine, flew across the country. Tired and fa- and then threw the glass among the tigued, I songht shelter where I was not crowd; if any one caught it whole, he known. I was soon informed that took it to the chapter-house, where he Madame Duval and her child had pe- claimed the reward of a Louis-d'or. The rished in the flames. The thought then

custom seems to have been early abodashed across my mind, that if I would lished. The statue of Grallon was not lose the child I so fondly loved, I thrown down in the beginning of the must keep its existence a secret from French revolution. you. The people who gave me shelter

The inhabitants of Machecoul made had forborne to question me. I told

a regulation among themselves, in 1603, the m some false tale of injuries and that whoever broke the third commandop pression, and privately left Alsace, ment should receive a slap on the face seeking the South of France, where from such as heard him, without liberty none knew me. I changed my name, of resenting it. As it produced ill-blood and brought up the child as my own. I among the neighbours, it was at length have toiled and worked for it until

dropped. Machecoul was the residence But, the child !” gasped forth Du- of the brave but profligate and sanguinval; “ where is it now?- Is it

ary Gilles de Retz, commonly called and he faltered in bringing out the Gilles de Laval, who put several wives words —" Is it the"

to death, and is supposed by some to be “ It is the boy you have doomed to the original of Blue Beard. He was die."

accused of dealing with the devil, of Orderly,"

;" exclaimed the General, murdering above a hundred children ; in a voice of thunder, “fly this instant, and for these and other crimes he was and stay the execution--there has been burned alive at Nantes in 1440. Before some error."

the revolution his sabre was shewn in The orderly gladly flew to obey his the castle of Machecoul: it was of an officer's commands on so joyous an extraordinary size. His name was still errand; but scarce had he passed the pronounced with horror when Ogee threshold when the sound of musketry wrote his description of Britanny. fell upon their ears.

The coast of Britanny is so dangerous “ Oh, mercy! heaven grant me that a former Viscount of Leon used to mercy!”.exclaimed the General, hiding say, that a certain rock, notorious for his face in his hands.

shipwreck, was a more valuable stone Mercy!” cried Madame Louvois : to him than the most precious jewel. you can cry for mercy, who would

Gent.'s Mag: grant none. You would execute your

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