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85 n.


Apostolic character of the Church of

Rome no proof of unlawfulness of
Abbas Panornitanus, 46 note.

separation, 180 n.
Abbeys, 161.

Aqueducts of Rome, 180 n.
Absolution, 39.

Arians, favoured by Liberius, 2008-
Accidents of a body, 55.

pretensions of, 116.
Adrian VI., Pope, 127 n, 208 n. Arnobius quoted, 21 n, 145 n.
Adversity, use of Scriptures in, 292 s. Article, the xiiith, 81 n—the xxxviith
Advowsons, 246 n.

of the Church of England, 219 n.
Æneas Sylvius, 47 n.

Articles presented by Jewell and
Agnus Dei, 172 n, 245 n.

others to the


Agreement of Christians, 85 n. Athanasius, 211 sma forged epistle of,
Ambrose, 237 s—notice of him, 28 n. 164 n, 202 n-quoted, 165 n, 188 n.

quoted, 28, 43, 49 n, 56, Atheists, the name given to Christians,
120 n. 162 n, 236 n.
Anabaptists, German, 95 n.

Atonement, 67_use of the word, 256n.
Andreæ, John, 200 n.

Attributes of GoD displayed in the
Antichrist, 114 n—coming of, 123.

Scriptures, 300
Antiochus Epiphanes, 138 n.

Augustine, his conversion, 278—no.
Antiquity, plea of by the Church of

tice of him 27 n-quoted 15 n, 26,
Rome, 145 ss. 230 n—the mo-

32, 36, 40 n, 42 n, 47 n, 48 n, 50 n,
del of the English Reformers, xxxii. 51n, 52n, 57n, 62, 63 n, 64, 65, 67n,
230--the true rule in settling 69 n, 75, 79 n, 88 n, 112 n, 120 n,
religious matters, 233 s.

133, 140 n, 143 n, 149, 150 n, 151n,
Antoninus, archbishop of Florence, 153, 154, 157 n, 158 n, 162 n, 163
109 n.

n, 182 n, 186 n, 187 n, 188 n, 189
Apocrisarii, scholastic definition of, n, 201 n, 235 n, 236 n, 242 n, 285,

286, 287, 301, 305, 315–studied by
Apocrypha quoted as Scriptures, 262 n. Jewell and Martyr, xlv.
Apologies of the early Christians, 19 n.
of Justin Martyr, 86 n.

Apology, Jewell's, its claims to regard, Babylon, name applied to Rome, 242 n.
v, vii-_its relation to the Church of Bacon, Roger, 126 n-Lady Anne,
England, v, vi—its origin and xv-her translation of the Apology,
plan, vi, vii—its design, vii, viii- xvi, xxii-editions of, xx n.
its revision, vii—its publication, Baptism, 52—of bells, 65 n.
viii—its reception, viii, ix-trans. Baptist of Mantua, 130 n.
lations of, viii, xiv, xxiii-supposed Basil quoted, 182 n, 288-liturgy
notice of, by the Council of Trent, of, 184 n.
xn-controversy created by it, x, Beast, number of the, 115 n.
xiii-editions of, xiii n-supposed Beatific Vision, 201 n.
additions to, xix n-notes to this Becket, Thomas a, 250 n.
edition, xxiv, xxv-division of this Bells, baptism of, 65 n, 245 n.
edition, xxv, xxvi.

Benifices, plurality of, 161.
Apostacy, predicted by Christ and the Bernard, notice of him, 91 m/quoted
Apostles, 123 s.

69 n, 91, 125, 131 n, 132, 159, 163
Apostle, use of the word, 121 nescho- n, 165 n, 199 n.
lastic derivation of, 178 n.

Bible, see SCRIPTURES-due rere.
Apostolic Canons, 155 n.

rence for, xxxi, xxxii.

178 n.

Bishops, the heads of their churches, Childeric, deposition of, 103 n.

33 n, 162 n-consecration and con Chrism, 245 n.
firmation of, 33 n-election of, 38 CHRIST called the Truth, 7–Calum-
n-must consult with their priests nies against, 9, 24—his example
and deacons, 195 mnames of,

teaches to repel calumny, 18/used
120, 162 n-office of, 36, lii n- Scripture in his defence, 26, 277—
Romish, servilely subject to the

incarnation of, 31-passion and as.
Pope, 211 n-succession of, 244- cension, 31–locality of his glorified

their duty to preach, 161, Ixxiii. body, 32—the only head of his
Boors of Germany, their revolt, 95 n. Church, 33—his peculiar titles, 36—
Bossuet's Histoire des Variations, 16n.

his fles! in the eucharist, 50 n-
Breviary, its character, 158 n.

his merits, how applied, 62 n-the
Brother, an appellation among early only mediator, 66—his sacrifice,
Christians, ii2.

68%-condemnation of, justified by
Bucer's citations from Origen, 150 n.

certain Papists, 206—the true light,
Bullinger, xlvi, lxix n.

287 s-revealed in Scripture, 309.
Bulls, Papal, 173.

Christian, the name hateful, 11.
Burnet, (Bishop,) quoted, v, 39 n, 63 n, Christianity, its rise attended with
66 n, 82 n.

heresies, 745-charged with novel-
Burry, Peter, XXXV, Xxxvi.

ty, 145 s.

Christians, Early, calumnies against,

10, 86, 96, 111-divisions among,

77 8.--corruptions among, 88 s, 122
Calixtus, Pope, 54 n.

-adversaries of, 97.
Calumny, to be repelled, 18 ss. Chrysostom, 212—notice of, 40 n, 18
Camotensis or Carnotensis, 203 n. n-liturgy of, 184 n-quoted, 40,
Campbell, Rev. A.C., his translation of 42 n, 44, 49, 53 n, 58, 60, 110 n,
Jewell's Apology, xxii.

133 n, 141, 144, 152, 163 n, 1737,
Canon of Scripture, 47 n.

180 n, 191 n, 245 n, 279, 307, 310,
Canonists, their propositions relative to

the Pope's power, 164 n.

Church, Catholic, 33, 113_compared
Canons, apostolic, 155 n.

to the moon, 120 n, 2754 liable to
Cardinals, pretended antiquity of, 147 decay, 121- liable to error, 120 se,

that, 217 n—pretended origin 177 s-marks of, 132—not to be de.
of, 147 n.

spised, 113--its character, 33——its
Cartwright, the Puritan, lxxi, lxxii. original, 121-independent of Coun.
Casa, Cardinal John, 92 g.

cils, 241-letters on, 215 n-sepa.
Castro, Alphonso de, 200 n.

ration from, 111 ss, 178 ss--the ark,
Cathedra, scholastic etymology of, 113—the spouse of CHRIST, 113-
178 n.

the pillar of the truth, 113.
Catholic, assumption of the name by Cistercian order, 91 n.
Romanists, 23 n, 122 n.

Civil authority, 214 ss.
Celibacy of the Clergy, its effects, 45 Civil Law, its divisions and history,
n—not universal, or ancient, 156 n.

157 n.
Celsus, 97 n-quoted 146.

Clement, John, 148–of Alexandria,
Ceremonies, 65, 154—of Rome, quo- quoted, 191 n, 310.
ted, 105 n, 106 n, 173.

Clementines, quoted, 160 n.
Chalcedon, Council of, 14 n.

Clergy, not to undertake temporal
Chalice, 105 n.

offices, 155. n.-exemption of from
Challenge, Jewell's, at Paul's Cross, civil authority, 219-gorgeous habi.

liments of, 217-marriage of, 156
Chambers, a benefactor of Jewell, Romish ignorance of, 178 n.
xxxix, xliv.

Code of Justinian, 157 n.
Chapter 38 n.

Cole, Dr. H., xlviii, lviii, kx.
Charlemagne crowned emperor, 103n Common Prayer, 65, 157 s.

-holds a council to condemn image Communion, General, 54in botbe.
worship, 239.

kinds, 54 s, 159 s, 187—of Eastern
Charles Vth, the emperor 20 n.

Churches, 183 n.-Service, its an..
Charlier, John, 126 n.

tiquity, 59 n.
Child, duty of, as taught in Scripture, Composition, Jewell's opinion concern-

ing, xxxvii.


Condition of man by nature, 272 s. Curtop, Dr., a benefactor of Jewell,
Conference of March, 1558-9, xlviii.
Confess, use of the term, 87 n. Cusanus, Cardinal, 119 n-quoted,
Confession, 142 n.

154 n, 168 n.
Confutation of the Apology, Harding's, Cyprian, notice of, 35 n-quoted, 34,

35, 39 n, 47 n, 88, 195, 256, 278.
Consecration of churches, 246 n. Cyril of Alexandria, 212–notice of,
Constancy of believers, 283 8, 301. 59 n-quoted, 59, 308.
Constantine, donation of, 130 n, 167
n—Emperor, sat in council of Nice,

, first council of, 14.n; Dandolo, Doge of Venice, 106.

Damn, use of the term, 133 n.
223—Second, ibidThird, ibid, 225
-Fourth, ibidFifth, ibid.

Dataries, 256 n.
Consubstantiation, 76 n, 85.

Dean, 38 n.
Conversion of Heathen, 269.

Defence of the Apology, Jewell's, xii,
Convocation of 1562–3, viii, ix, lxviii, Deposition of princes by Popes, 101 n.

-of 1571, Ixviii n, lxxii.
Cope, Alan, xiii, lxii.

Depravity, human, 272.
Corpus Christi, a festival, 61 n.

Detection, Harding's, xii, xiii.
Corruptions of the early Christians, Diaz, Juan, murder of, 9i.
89 n, 122—of the Church, 122 ss.

Differences of opinion among Chris-
Council of Sardica, 202—of Frankfort

tians, 85 n.
239 n—of Cæsarea, 212 n-of Con- Digest of the Civil Law, 157 n.
stantinople, first, 14 s, 223—of Mi. Dispensations, Papal, 246 n.
lan, 212 n-of Nice, 14 n, 80 m; Dominicans, their controversy with

Divine nature, 31.
223—of Constantinople, second 14 s,
225—of Orange, 225 n.

the Franciscans, 82 n.
Councils, Provincial, 236 ss, 254-

Donatist Schism, 237 n.
none universal, 239—primitive con-

Dorinan, x, lxxii n.
stitution of, 195, 224 s-supposed

Duns Scotus, 80 n
assistance of the Holy SPIRIT in,
196 n—claim of the Popes to au.

thority over, 146, 163 n, 197 n, 198 | Easter, controversy respecting, 79 s.
9, 211-confirmation of, 197 n—de. Eastern Churches different from that
crees of, corrupted by a Pope, 202 n of Rome, 182 n.
-Caiaphas and Annas' assembly Ebion, 116 n.
allowed for one, 206—rejected, 2118 Ebionites, 10 n, 116 n:
-how respected by the Reformers, Ecclesiastical and temporal powers
235 n-authority to summon, 223— independent, 215 n.
14 n-necessity of, 120 n-General, Elevation of the Host, 60 n.
14 n, 160, 191-of Trent, lxxvii, 22 Eliberia, council of, 150 n.
9-161, 197 n, 198, 209, 239, 254 Elizabeth, accession of, xlvii—her dis-
-of Vienne, 102 n-of Chalcedon, position towards the reformation,
14 n, 223, 228—of Ephesus, 14 n, xxxiii.
116 'n, 223-authority of, 144 n, Emperor, degraded by Papal preten.
191 ss, 235 n-of Eliberia, 150 n- sion, 105 n.
second Nicene, 150 n, 195 n-of Emperors, Christian, their sway in
Rome, 155-of Gangra, 156 n, 236 religious matters, 223—of Germa.
n-of Carthage, 158, 236 no-of

ny, 224 n.
Hippo, 158 n-not subject to the Enemies, spiritual, 274.
Pope, 163 of Lateran, 168 n-England, state of, on Elizabeth's acces-
of Ferrara, 168 n-Romish, 194, sion, xxxiji, xlvii, liji, liv.
207 s, 212 s, 223.

English, wrongs done to them by the
Cowl, prete antiquity of, 147 n. Pope, 249 ss.
Cross, sign of the, 173—in the queen's Ephesus, Council of, 14 n-temple of

chapel, lvi,-episcopal, 217 n. Diana at, 233 n.
Crucifix, 173 n.

Epiphanius, notice of, 74 n-quoted,
Cup, refusal of to the laity, 54.

117, 150 s.
Cursing, with book, bell'and candle, Episcopal robes opposed by Hooper,

187 n.

xlix n.

[ocr errors]

Erasmus, quoted, 79 n, 178 n, 189 n. Gregory, Nazianzen, quoted, 45, 79,
Eucharist, see Lord's Supper,--use of 89, 194, 256--notice of, 89 n.
the word, 51 n.

Gregory VII

, Pope, 101'n.
Eugubium, 35 n.

Gregory, the Great, quoted, 110 n, 34
Eusebius, notice of 41 n quoted, 41, n, 36, 115 n, 125, 154 n, 163


122, 139, 146, 169 n.

Gregory of Nyssa, 210 n.
Evagrius, quoted, 162 n.

Grindal, xlv, xlviii, lvi, lxx n.
Excommunication, 40—of princes by Guest, Edmund, xlv, xlviii, lv.

the Pope, 101—of the Reformers, Gyges' ring, 141.
186 n-of Henry VIII, 251.


Hallam quoted, 102 n, 104 n.
Faber (G. S.) quoted, 66 n, 210 n, Harding, Thomas, xi, xxxv, liv, lsi,
230 m, 233 n.

Ixii n, lxiii.
Faber Stapulensis, notice of, 45 n.. Harpesfield, Nicholas, Ixi, lxii n.
Faith, causes of, 62 n--productive, Heads of the Church, 33 n.
69-rule of, 280 s.

Heathenism, its plea, 270.
Fanatics, 73.

Henry II., king of England, his dis-
Father, scriptural representation of pute with the Pope, 250 n–IV.,
the duty of a, 290.

emperor, 101 n, 105 n, 108—VI.,
Fathers, complain of corruptions in the emperor, 107 no-VII. emperor,

Church, 124–claimed by the Ro- 105 n–VIII. king of England, ex-
manists, 145—compared with Ro- communication of, 251 n.
mish doctors, 150 ss-corrupted by Heresies, causes of their prevalence,
Papists, 149 s—fallible, 287—inter- 70 ss-old, 72, 74 m-detected by
preters of Scripture, 285 s—their Scripture, 141, 277.
authority, 15, 29 n, 145 ss-their Heresy, charge of, 23 ss—meaning of
testimony to the superiority of bish- the word, 24, 25 n.
ops, 162 n.

Heretics, first burnt in England by
Ferdinand I., Emperor, 224 n.

Henry II. 250 n_killing of, 143 n.
Figurative language of Scripture, in. Heskyns, xiii, lxi.
terpreted, 289 n.

Hexapla, 152 n.
First Fruits, 246 n.

Hilary, quoted, 124, 241, 255.
Fulgentius, 32 n.

Hildebrand, Pope, 101 n.
Frederic Barbarossa, Emperor, 108. Historia Tripartita, 154 n.
Friars, 82 n.

History, Scripture, its interesting na.

Holy Ghost, his nature and opera.
Garbrand, John, xxiii n, lxxvi, n.
Gelasius, Pope, 54 n, 160.

Holy water, its use, 173, 174 n-pre-
Genealogies of the Jews, said to be tended origin of, 147 n.
burned by Herod, 139.

Hooker patronized by Jewell, lxvi-
Gennaduis, quoted, 165 n.

quoted xi n.
Germany, boors of, their revolt, 95 n. Hosius, Cardinal, 134-misquoted by
-princes of, their league, 95 n.

Jewell, 137 n-quoted, 147 n, 204 n.
Gerson, John, 126 n-quoted, 128. Host, elevation of the, 60 n-proces-
Good Works, 68 s.

sion of, 61-worship of, 61.
Gospel, dissemination of, 269-limited Horne, (Bishop) 289 n.

use of the word, 73 n-how to be Hulderic, 45 n.
professed, 257.

Humphrey, Laurence, lxx, lxxvi-
Gospellers, 12.

his life of Jewell, lxxvii.
Grace-favor, 50 n.
Gracious, use of the word, 146 n.

Greek Church, its contest with the

Latin, 79 n, 184 n—their mutual Idolatry, of the Church of Rome, 108,
enmity, 128 n—the primitive stock 209–of the heathen worship of
whence the Church of Rome separa. devils 269 n.
ted, 182—has no private masses, 182 Ignorance recommended by the Church
---purgatory, 1837-corruptions of, of Rome, 118-of its clergy, 178th
185 n.

of Scripture, no excuse, 296.

ture, 200.

tions, 33.

Image worship, opinions of the Fa. to England, xlvii-presents a set of

thers on, 150-origin and growth of, articles to the queen, xlix-engaged
209 n-condemned at the council of in discussions relative to the visita-
Frankfort, 239 ntoleration of in tion of England, xlix-appointed a

England, opposed by Jewell, xlix. commissioner, li-preaches at Paul's
Imitation of CHRIST, Kempis', 126 n. Cross, lii, ly--nominated bishop of
Incense, used by Church of Rome, 173. Salisbury, lii—his belief in witch.
Inductive philosophy, 306 n.

craft, liv-elected and consecrated,
Indulgences, 119 n, 170 n.

lv-enthroned, lvi-his challenge at
Infallibility of the Pope, 205 n.

Paul's Cross lvi-lx-his controver.
Innovation, charge of, made against sy with Dr. Cole, lix, lx-his mode
the Reformers, 175 ss.

of controversy, lx n-attacked by
Institutes of Justinian, 157 n.

Harding and others, lxi-his Reply,
Intercession of CHRIST, 68—of the Ixii—his residence in his diocese,
saints, 66.

lxiv, performance of episcopal du.
Investiture, dispute concerning, be- ties, Ixiv—Ixviii--his preaching,

tween the Pope and Emperors, 101n. lxvii,l xxix-Sermons on the Sacra.
Irenaeus, quoted, 114 n, 231 n, 3104 ments, lxvii, Expository Lectures,
the famous passage of, concerning lxvii, Treatise on the Pope's Bull

prescription, discussed, 231 s. lxviii

, lxxviii-his part in the Con.
Isis, procession of, 61.

vocation of 1562-3, lxviii, of 1571,
Irony, use of, 197 n.

Ixviïi n, lxxii-his visit to Oxford
Isaacson, Rey. S., his translation of in 1565, lxix-his opinions relative
Jewell's Apology, xxii, xxiii.

to the Puritan controversy, lxix-
Ivo Carnotensis, 203 n.

lxxii—his sermon at Paul's Cross in

1571, lxx, lxxi, lxxiv—his habits of

private life, lxxii, lxxiii-account of

his death, lxxiii-lxxvi, his last
James on the Corruptions of the Fa- speech, lxxiv—his Letter to Scipio,

thers, 150 n-Liturgy of, 183 n. lxxvii—his sermons, lxxviii n.
Jansenism, 84 n.

Jews, how calumniated, 9—justified
Jansenius, 84 n.

in their condemnation of CHRIST
Jerome, quoted, 27, 35, 41 n, 47 n, 51 by certain writers, 207 n their

n, 68 n, 79 n, 144 n, 162 n, 165 n, genealogies destroyed by Herod, 139
223, 241, 244, 245 n, 312.

their reverence for the Scriptures,
Jesuits, their controversy with the

140 n.
Jansenists, 84 n.

Joachim, Abbot, 115 n-quoted, 131n.
Jewell, Bishop Burnet's opinion of, v, Joan, Pope, story of, 90 n.
n-his influence in establishing the John, king of England, 102 n, 105n,
English reformation, xxxiv.-- his

251-XXII, Pope, 201—of Salisbu-
birth, xxxiv, school education,

ry, 203 n.
XXXV, entrance at college, xxxv, Jolly, use of the word, 114 n.
collegiate reputation, xxxvi, xxxviii, Jones of Naygand, 289 n.
studies, xxxvii, lectures at col: Josephus quoted, 139 n.
lege, xxxvii—life at college, xxxviii Jubilees, 173.
-intimacy with Martyr, xxxviii- Judgment, the, 33—private, xxxi, 190
chosen Lecturer on the Sentences, n, 229 ss, 276.
xl-preacher and catechist at Sun. Julian, the Apostate, 97 n.
ningwell, xl--his expulsion from Julius I., Pope, 159 n–111., Pope, 22.
college, xli, valedictory, xli-che- Justification not by works 68.
sen Orator of the University, xlii—Justin Martyr, notice of him, 86 n-
congratulates Mary, xlii--subscribes

quoted, 86.
Romish articles, xliii—his flight to Justinian, the


London, xliii, concealment there,

xliv, escape to Germany, xliv—re
cants his subscription, xliv.-his Keys, power of, 39 s, 43 s.
stay with Martyr at Strasburgh, Kings, use of Scriptures to, 289.
xlv, at Zurich, xlv-his associates Knowledge, human, uncertainty of,
while abroad, xlv, xlvi, correspond, 306—advancement in, 306 n.
ence with Martyr and Bullinger, Knox, John, his book against the go
xlvi, xlix, lv, lxviii n, lxix n-return vernment of women, 95 n.

emperor, 156

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