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prescribed by ordinance and who shall in the discharge of their duties act under oath faithfully and impartially to make the assessment to them submitted.

XXIX. To borrow money on the credit of the May borrow city, and to pledge the credit, revenue, and public property of the city for the payment thereof, when authorized in the manner hereafter provided.

XXX. All ordinances shall be passed pursuant to such rules and regulations as the council or board of trustees may provide; and all such ordinances may be proved by the certificate of Proof of the clerk under the seal of the city or village, and when printed or published in book or pamphlet form, and purported to be published by authority of the city or village, shall be read and received in evidence in all courts and places without further proofs.

XXXI. The council or trustees shall cause to be published semi-annually a statement of the re- fiuances. ceipts of the corporation and sources thereof and an itemized account of expenditures, with a statement of the financial condition of the city or village.

XXXII. To purchase, hold, and pay for, in Real estate the manner hereinafter provided, lands not exceeding eighty (80) acres in one body outside of the limits, for the purpose of the burial of the dead, and all necessary grounds for hospital grounds and water works.

XXXIII. To survey, plat, map, grade, fence, Ornamentation ornament, and otherwise improve all burial and

Semi-annual statement of


of cemetery.

Conveyance of cemetery lots.

cemetery grounds, and avenues leading thereto, owned by such city or village, to construct walks, to protect ornamental trees therein, and provide for paying the expenses thereof.

XXXIV. To convey cemetery lots by certificates signed by the mayor and chairman, and countersigned by the clerk under the seal of the city or village, specifying that the person to whom the same is issued is the owner of the lot or lots described therein by numbers as laid down on such map or plat, for the purpose of interment, and such certificate shall vest in the proprietor, his or her heirs and assigns, a right in fee simple to such lot for the sole purpose of interment, under the regulations of the city council or board of trustees, and such certificate shall be entitled to be recorded in the office of the county clerk of the proper county, without further acknowledgment, and such description of lots shall be deemed and recognized as a sufficient description thereof.

XXXV. To limit the number of cemetery lots which shall be owned by the same person at the same time, to prescribe rules for enclosing, adorning, and erecting monuments and tombstones on cemetery lots; to prohibit any diversion of the use of such lots, and any improper adornment thereof, but no religious test shall be made as to the ownership of lots, the burial therein, or the ornamentation of graves or of such lots.

XXXVI. To pass rules and ordinances impostion of rules. ing penalties and fines, not exceeding one hundred

($100) dollars, regulating, protecting, and govern

Rules governing.

Penalties and fines for viola

ing the cemetery, the owners of lots therein, visitors thereof, and trespassers therein, and the officers of said city or village shall have as full jurisdiction and power in the enforcing of such rules and ordinances as though they related to the corporation itself.

SEC. 2. Section 69 of article 1 of chapter 14 of Repealing the Compiled Statutes of Nebraska, as now existing, is hereby repealed.

Sec. 3. An emergency existing, this act shall Emergency take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved March 31, 1887.



AN ACT to repeal section 76, of article 2, of chapter 14, of the Com

piled Statutes of 1881, entitled." Cities of the Second Class and Villages," and to amend section 20 of chapter 76, of the Compiled Statutes of 1881, entitled, “Registration of voters.”

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Ne

braska: SECTION 1. That section 76 of article 2 of chap- Repealed. ter 14 of the Compiled Statutes of 1881, entitled “Cities of the second class and villages,” be and the same is hereby repealed.

SEC. 2. That section 20 of chapter 76 of the Compiled Statutes of 1881, entitled, “Registration of voters,” be so amended as to read as follows:

SEC. 20. When any registrar shall resign or otherwise become disqualified, his book of registra

Book of registration shall be de


tion shall be deposited with the county clerk of his posited with county, and when the book of registration has been

substantially filed, said registrar, upon depositing the same with the county clerk is hereby authorized to draw another.

Sec. 3. Section 20 of chapter 76, Compiled Statutes of 1881, entitled, “Registration of voters," and all acts or parts of acts inconsistent with this act are hereby repealed.

SEC. 4. Whereas, an emergency exists, this act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved March 23, 1887.

Emergency clause.



3. Section repealed.


1. Sections amended.
2. Amendment of section 52, of

article 2, of chapter 14, Com.
piled Statutes.

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AN ACT to amend section 27 and 58, and to add subdivisions LVIII.

and LIX. to sections 52, of article 2, of chapter 14, of the Compiled Statutes relating to “Cities of the second class,” havingover five thousand (5000) inhabitants, and to repeal said original sections 27 and 58 and all acts and parts of acts in contlict with this act.

Be it enacted by the Leyislature of the State of Nein regard to cities of the second class, having over five thousand (5000) inhabitants, be amended to read as follows:


SECTION 1. That section 27, of article 2, of chapter 14, of the Compiled Statutes of Nebraska,

Section emended,

SEC. 27. The city engineer shall make estimates Duties of city of the cost of labor and materials, which may be done or furnished by contract with the city, and make all surveys, estimates and calculations, necessary to be made for the establishment of grades, building of culverts, sewers, water works, bridges, curbings and gutters, and the improvement of streets and erection and repair of buildings, and shall perform such other duties as the council may require;

Provided, however, That the Mayor and council may whenever they deem it expedient, employ a special engineer to make or assist in making any particular estimate or survey and any estimate or survey made by such special engineer, shall have Special the same validity and serve in all respects as though the same had been made by the city engi

Before the city council shall make any contract for building water works, or any part thereof, or any sewers, bridges or sidewalks, or for


work on the streets, or for any other work or improvement, an estimate of the cost thereof shall be made Engineer's by the city engineer, and submitted to the council govern cost of and no contract shall be entered into for any work or improvement for a price exceeding such estimate; and in advertising for bids for any such work, the council shall cause the amount of such estimate to be published therewith. Such advertisements shall Estimates shall be for at least twenty days in some newspaper published in the city.



estimate to

be published.

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