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inaternal tenderness by Helen Cardross, the minister's daughter. Years roll on, the cripple's life is prolonged against all expectation, and, with the feeling that he is the last Earl of Cairnforth, he resolves to settle all his disposable property on Helen. Helen demurs to this, as he has some distant, though unworthy relatives, and the consequence is very calamitous to her. One of these relatives, Captain Bruce, appears, gains the confidence of the Earl, and finding out the intended disposal of the property he determines to win it for himself. He takes advantage of the absence of his benefactor on a mission of charity to make love to Helen, and by a series of misrepresentations that would impose only on the simple-minded, he persuades her that she is fulfilling the Earl's wish by marrying him. The shock almost kills the Earl, and Helen, who is a very pattern of truthfulness and honesty, finds herself the victim of a mere swindler, and reduced almost to beg bread for herself and her child. Happily for all parties, Captain Bruce soon dies, and Helen is enabled to return to Cairnforth, where her life is passed in attending alike to her father, her son, and the Earl. In this boy the Earl takes a paternal interest, and Helen is obliged to agree to his formal adoption, which being accomplished, the “wee Earl” sinks quietly to his rest. His touching story leaves on the reader the conviction that even a life so maimed and imperfect as his may yet be a noble and useful one, and strongly impresses on all the motto of the tale Fiat voluntas tua."


a Three Months' Residence in the Himalayas, and Narative of a Visit to Bhotan in May, 1865, By Surgeon Rennie, M.D., 20th Hussars, Author of "The British Arms in North China and Japan,” and

Peking and the Pekingese.” From painful experience gained in the "little wars,” we are somewhat afraid that the "Story of the Dooar War” is not yet complete, even though we take into due account the brief telegraphic notices which bring Dr. Rennie's book down to the end of the year. A reference to Lieutenant Collins' Notes on Mignagoree and Dhombomie (Royal Engineer Papers, Vol. 14), will show that Bhotan stockades are far from contemptible defences, and Dr. Rennie makes us aware that their defenders are rather of the stout Mongolian type than of the feeble Indian stock. Dr. Rennie's former works have made most people aware that he has a very considerable respect for Chinese and Tartars, and that when differences break out between them and his own countrymen, he is by no means inclined to allow that there is fault on one side only. He has also opinions of his own on many matters that concern the well-being of troops in hot climates and he doubts the wisdom of many routine practices in the Army medical department, so that he must be regarded as a thorough heretic at Netley, whatever other people may think of him. The narrative of his three months' residence in the Himalayas tells us little that we did not know before, but his visit to Bhotan has some novel information, and may give the English public a few clear ideas about a country that is likely to engage attention for some time to come. At the date of the last news “a treaty” was on foot, by which the British Government was to pay a kind of "black mail” to the Bhotan chiefs for forbearing to plunder their neighbours. We know that this course is not without precedent in our dealings with the Indian hill tribes, and Dr. Rennie looks on it as an economical method of settling the matter, for then he says, “a few hundred armed police would be all that would be wanted on the frontier,” but we cannot agree with him. Disguise them as you may, such payments are regarded as "tribute” by vain-glorious ignorant Asiaties, they presure on their supposed strength, and get more and more insolent, till they become quite intolerable; then a crushing blow falls on them and they are annexed;" and such, we are persuaded, will be the fate of Bhotan, a few years earlier or later, nor does it much matter which.


This, the 35th annual volume of Lodge is as carefully executed and as complete as usual, than which higher praise need not be desired, nor could well be accorded. As usual, the information is brought down to the latest possible date, and being derived, directly, from the members of the aristocracy, no possible doubt as to its entire trustworthiness can be entertained. Such an authenticated record is really invaluable, and it may be readily turned to every-day use. It might be supposed that at the present day, any unauthorized parade of hereditary honours was, impossible, in England at least; but the discovery of one or two pseudo baronets of late, shows that such is not the case. No better check on such practice can be found than the habitual reference to“ Lodge,” in any case of doubt or difficulty, for every one will be found in its pages that has a right to be there. WATERLOO, a Lay of Jubilee for June 18, 1815. Second Edition.

The term “ Jubilee” will explain why we have here a song of triumph so long after the event that it is meant to commemorate. The subject of Waterloo, we know, is not out of date with our Gallic neighbours, and Dr. Selwyn's mode of dealing with it is one that we believe has not before been attempted. He has devoted a handsomely printed poem of some 1,500 lines of blank verse to giving the details of the battle with minuteness worthy of (and indeed derived from) Siborne and Jones, supporting it all by notes and two plans of the battlefield, which show that he has undeniable authority for all bis statements. That his poem will gain general popularity equalling the noble passage of Byron, beginning,

“Childe Harold stands upon the place of skulls,

The grave of France, the deadly Waterloo,” we are not prepared to assert, but that it will be very welcome indeed to the survivors of the great battle we feel assured. Indeed, it would appear to have been printed specially for them, as we learn that a copy of the first edition was forwarded to every Waterloo officer whose address could be found, and further, that the author will be thankful for the address of any Waterloo officer, or soldier, who has not yet

received a copy.


Harbord, Chaplain, R.N. Mr. Harbord, who is, we believe, serving on board H.M.S. Implacable, addresses seamen as only one who has been afloat can do. His discourses, which are twenty-six in number, are brief, pithy exhortations, which treat of all the topics appropriate to the sick bed in a plain and practical manner. He says, “I have myself lain on the bed of sickness at sea, and know well the discomforts and pain which cannot always be guarded against on board ship,” and thus he has become admirably fitted to be the comforter of other sufferers. He puts forward his little book “ for the use of hospitals where there is no chaplain, and for our sick seamen serving in small ships, whose sick-bays have no spiritual ministration.” For the latter, probably no better help than these Short Sermons can well be looked for: and until our hospitals are provided with chaplains, as every one ought to be, they will do as much as a book can do to supply the want.




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The following are the names of the successful candidates of the recent competitive examination for admission to the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, Jan. 25, 1966. Order. Names and Places of Education

Index No. 1. Clarke, G. S., Haileybury College and Wimbledon School 61 5,814 2. Cockburn, G. A., Cheltenham College

74 5,422 3. Macgregor, J. C., Mr. Hayes, Guernsey, and Dr. Bridgman's, Woolwich-common

136 5,205 4. Bartram, G. W., Messrs. R. P. Jones and i. D. Jones. and R. R. Fowler, Grosvenor House, Tunbridge Wells

72 5,170 5. Brutzer, C. H., Royal Gymnasium School, Stuttgart, and Mr, Kierser's, Percival House, Blackheath

112 4,851 6. Turner, G. H., Marlborough College ; Mr. C. Rippen, Wool. wich-common

93 4,832 7. Brackenbury, E. F., Eton, and Mr. C. R. Rippen, Woolwich

20 4,760 8. Goldie, M. H. G., Rossall School and Cheltenhem College 35 4,687 9. Salmond, R. A., Cheltenham College, and Mr. C. R. Rippen, Woolwich

2 4,543 10. Smart, A. w., Professor Attwell

, Nassau School, Barnes ; Messrs. Forshall and Jackson, High-house, Old Charlton · 19 4,499 11. Rawson, C. C., Dr. Phillips, Worcester ; Dr. Bridgman's Woolwich Common

77 4,490 Tydd, w. J., Rev. A. G. Ryder, Tipperary; Mr. C. R. Rippen, 12. Woolwich Common

125 4,478 Walter, F. E, Eton, and Wimbledon School

146 4,478 14. Kirke, St. George M., Brighton College ; Rev. E, A. Claydon, Lee

29 4,397 15. Preston, A. T. Cheltenham College

65 4,366 16. Brookes, C. H., Rev. W. Foster, Fareham, Hants

119 4,320 17. Fowler, W. J., Wimbledon School

81 4,272 18. Dorward, A. R. F., High School, Edinburgh, and Cheltenham College

128 4,261 19. Bogle, A., Harrow, and Mr. J. P. Fleming, Tunbridge Castle 26 4,186 20. Campbell. G. A., Wellington College ; Messrs. Forshall and Jackson, Old Charlton


4,171 21. Nicholls, H. P. N., Rev. W. Hodgson, Streatham School, and Wimbledon School

116 4,161 22. Waterfield, D. M. D., Eton; and 'Rev. H. Williams, Croxon:

Thetford ; Rev. P. Hansel, Caen; and Wimbledon School 133 4,091 23. Fulton, S. M'Kerrell, M. O. C. Waterfield, East Sheen; Messrs. Hughes and Norcott, Old Charlton .


4,024 24. Hassard, F. N., Dr. Kemshead, Southsea ;

Woolwich-common .

105 4,016 25. Hyslop, R. M., Wellington College

23 3,980 26. Rochefort, W. R. H., privately; M. R. B. De Burgh, Dublin 30 3,936 27. Curling, H. T., Marlborough College, and Dr. Bridgman's, Woolwich-common

80 3,927 28. Chard, J. R. M.. Plymouth New Grammar School; Messrs. Forshall and Jackson, Old Charlton

58 3,867 29. Fuller, C. F., Cheltenham College, and Rev. G. Frost, 28, Kensington-square

115 3,862 30. Cotton, E. T. D., Rugby, Marlborough College, and Tunbridge Wells

95 3,821 31. Whiteford, w. w. B., Uppingham School ; Rev. F. Brown, Birmingham


3,732 32. Burridge, F. J., Privately; Rev. G. Perrin, Wellingion, Somer. set; and Royal Academy, Gosport

7 3,713 38. Whittall

, R. H. C., Rev. G. Fernstone, Hyde Abbey School, Winchester

37 3,694 34. Williams, A. C, Cheltenham College

127 3,687 33. Darton, T. H , Cheltenham College



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Chanticleer, 17, sc. Com. W. Fenwick 1856,

Mediterranean Clio, 22, sc., Capt N. E. B. Turnour, 1859,

Pacific Cockatrice, 2, sc. Lieut. Com. R. M. Gillson

(1855), Mediterranean Cockchafer, 2, sc. gunboat, Lieut.-Com. Howard

Kerr, 1857, China Columbine, 4, sc., Com. T. Le H. Ward, 1861,

Pacific Conqueror, 78, sc., Capt. W. G. Luard, 1857,

Japan (ordered home) Coquette, 4, sc., Commander A. G. R. Roe, 1863,

China Cormorant, 4, sc. Com. G. D. Broad, 1860, China Cordelia, 11, sc, Com. De Wahl, 1860, North

America and West Indies Coromandel, 5. st. ves., Lieut. Com. D. A.

Denny, 1858, China Constance, 39, sc., Captain E. K. Barnard, special

service Cossack, 20, sc., Capt. R. D. White, 1856,

Mediterrranean Cumberland, 24, Capt. G. G. Randolph, receiv

ing ship, Sheerness Curacoa, 23, Commodore Sir W. Wiseman,

Bart., C.B, Australia Cygnet, 5, sc. Com. G. R. Miall, 1862, North

America and West Indies Dædalus, 16, Com. E. Field, 1859, Naval

Reserve Drill ship, Bristol Dasher, 2, st. ves., Com. G. J. Malcolm, 1859,

Channel Islands Dauntless, 31, sc. Capt. E. P. Von Donop, 1855,

Coast Guard, River Humber Dee, 1, st. Store Ship, Mas.-Com. G. Raymond,

1858, particular service Defence, 16, sc. Capt. A. Phillimore, 1856, Chan

nel Squadron Devastation, 6, st. ves., Com. W. K. Jolliffe,

1856, Pacific Donegal, 81, sc., Capt. J. A. Paynter, 1854,

Liverpool Doterel, 2, sc. gunboat, Lieut. Com. R. Elliot,

1854, S.E. Coast of America Dromedary, sc. store-ship, Mast.-Com. Allard,

(1851), particular service Duke of Wellington, 49, Barrack Ship, Capt.

J. Seccombe, 1859, Portsmouth Duncan, 81, sc. Vice-Adm. Sir James Hope,

K.C.B, Capt. R. Gibson, 1863, N. America

and West Indies Eagle, 50, Commander W. E, Fisher, 1856,

Naval Reserve Drill Ship, Liverpool Eclipse, 4, sc., Com. E. R. Fremantle, 1861,

Australia Egmont, receiving ship, Capt. H. F. W. Ingram,

1863, Rio de Janeiro Elfin, pad., Mas.-Com. A. Balliston, 1853,

Portsmouth Enchantress, 1, st. Admiralty Yacht, Staff

Com. J. E. Petley, 1863, particular service Enterprise, 4, sc., Com. c. J. Rowley, 1861,

Mediterranean Esk, 21, sc., Capt. J. P. Luce, 1858, Australia Espoir. 5, Sc., Com. M. L. S Peile, 1862,

W. C. of Africa Excellent, gunnery ship, Capt. A. C. Key

C.B., 1830, Portsmouth Fairy, sc. yacht, tender to Victoria and Albert

Staff-Conn. D. N. Welch, 1863, Portsmouth


(Corrected to 26th January.)

With the Dates of Commission of the officers in Command.

Aboukir, 86, sc, Sir F. L. McClintock, 1854,

Achilles, 26, sc., Capt. E. W. Vansittart, 1856,

Channel Squadron
Acorn, Hosp. Ship, Mast.-Com. D. H. Speer,

1856, Shangliai
Active, 20, Training Ship, for Naval Reserve,

Com. B. S. de R Hall, 1861, Sunderland Adder, st. ves., Second Master W. Blakey,

(acting) Chatham Adventure, 2, sc. troop ship, Capt. C. L. Waddi

love, 1862, China Advice, st. ves, Second Master Com. M. C. Ray

mond, 1849, Queenstown
Alberta, 1 pad., Staff Com. Welch, 1863, special

Albacore, 1, Capt. W. J. Pullen, 1856, Bermuda
Alert, 17, sc. Com. A. J. Innes, 1861, Pacific
Algerine, 3, Lieut-Com. Tucker, 1855, China
Arethusa, 35, sc., Captain Macdonald, Sheerness.
Argus, 6, steam res. Com. H. L. Round, 1862,

Asia, Rear Admiral George Elliot, Capt. H.

Caldwell, C.B., 1853, Guard Ship of Reserve,

Assurance, 4, sc., Com. H. B. Woollcombe,

1860, Mediterranean
Aurora, 35, sc. Capt. A. F. R. De Horsey, 1857.

North. America and West Indies
Banterer, 2, sc., Lieut -Commander Tonkin,

Barrosa, 21, Sc., Captain H. Boys, 1858,

Banterer, sc., 2, Lieut.-Com. Tomkins. 1855,

Basilisk, 6, Captain W N. W. liewett, V.C.

Sheerness, 1862.
Black Eagle, 2, pad, Staff-Com. Whillier,

1863, Portsmouth
Black Prince, 41, sc. Capt. Lord F. H. Kerr.

(1852) Channel Squadron Boscawen, 20, Com. MacLeod B. Cockcraft,

1855, Training Ship, Southampton
Bouncer, 2 sc. gunboat, Lieut.-Com. F. W.

Lewis, 1854, China
Brilliant, 16, Com. J. E. Bickford, 1860, Naval

Reserve Drill Ship, Dundee
Brisk, 16, Capt. W. c. Hope, 1861, Australia
Bristol, 39, Commodore G. T. P. Hornby, Capt.

Leverson E. Somerset, 1862, W. C. Africa.
Britannia, 8, Cadet Training Ship, Captain

R. A. Powell, C.B., 1855, Dartmouth Bustard, 2, sc. gunboat, Lieut.-Com. Adams

1855, China Buzzard, 4, st. ves,, Com. C. G. Lindsay,

1861, North America and West Indies Cadmus, 21, sc., Cap. A C. Gordon, 1858,

N. America and W'. Indies
Caledonia, 31, Capt. the Hon. F. A. C. Foley,

1860, Flag of Rear Ad. Yelverton, Mediter. Cambridge, gunnery Ship, Capt. C. J. F. Ewart,

1855, Devonport. Cameleon, 17, sc. Com. T. M. Jones, 1859, ordered

home Canopus, Naval Barrack, Capt. T. II. Mason,

(1819) Devonport Caradoc, paddle, 2, Lieut.-Com. E. H Wilkinson,

1556, Mediterranean Castor, 29, Com. C. K Jackson, 1854, Naval

Reserve Drill Ship, Shields


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Falcon, 17, sc. Corn. G. H. Parkin, (1859)

Australia. Fawn, sc., 17, Captain Hon. W. C. Talbot, 1860,

N. America and West Indies Ferret, 8, Training Brig. Lieut.-Com. R.

Mansel, 1852, Southampton Firefly, 5, st. ves. Lieut.-Com. G. R. Wilkinson,

1854, Mediterranean (survey) Firequeen, st. ves., Staff Com. F. W. Paul, 1863,

Portsmouth Fisgard, 42, Commodore. H. Dunlop, C.B.,

Woolwich Flamer, 2, sc. gunboat, Lieut. Com. A. Eaton,

1857, China Formidable, 26, Vice Admiral Sir C. Talbot,

K.C.B., Capt. John Fulford, 1848, Sheerness Forward, 2, sc. Lieut. Com. H. W. Fox, 1855,

Pacific Fox, 2, sc. store-ship, Staff-Com. Moriarty,

particular service Frederick William, 74, sc. Cap. E. Heathcote

1857, Coast Guard, Queenstown Ganges, training ship, Com. F. H. Stevens, 1854,

Falmouth Gannet, 11 Capt. W. Chimmo, 1864, N. America

and West Indies Gibraltar, 81, sc. Capt. R. Coote, 1854, Medi

terranean Gladiator, 6, st. ves., Capt Aplin, 1861, Devonport Gleaner, gunboat, Lieut. F. Hardy, Brazils Grasshopper, 2, sc. gunboat, Lt. Com. G. D.

Morant, 1857, China Greyhound, 17, Captain C. Stirling, 1863,

Devonport Handy, 1, 'st. ves., Sub.-Licut. Jones (acting)

Coast of Africa Hardy, 2, sc. gunbt, Lieut. Com. Morice, 1859,

China Harpy, pad.,. 1, Lieut.-Com. Howorth, 1856,

Greenwich Hastings, 50, sc. Rear. Ad. Charles Frederick,

K.C.B., Capt. J. Corbett, 1857, Queenstown Havock, 2. sc. gunbt, Lieut. P. E. Luard, 1855

China Haughty, 2, sc. gunboat, Lieut.-Com. MainwarHector, 34, sc., Capt. Preedy, C.B., 1855, Channel

Squadron Helicon, Commander Morgan Singer, 1862,

Portsmouth Hesper, 4, sc. store ship, Staff-Com. Thain,

1863, China Hibernia, rec. ship, Rear Adm. H. Kellett,

Com. G. L. Norcock, 1859, Malta Highflyer, 20 sc., Cap. M. S. Pasley, 1860,

Mozambique Hydra, 1, st. ves., Com. A. L. Mansell, 1855,

Mediterranean (survey) Implacable, 24, Com. E. L. H. Ray, 1860, Train

ing Ship, Devonport Impregnable, 78, Capt. F. S. Tremlett (1863)

Training Ship, Devonport Indus, Rear Admiral T. M. C. Symonds. C.B..

Capt. W. Edmonstone, C.B., 1853, Devonport Industry, 2, sc. store ship, Mast. Com. E.

C. T. Youel, 1850, particular service Insolent, 2, Lieut.-Com. Nicholas, China Investigator, 2, st. ves. Sub.-Lieut. Dutby,

Coast of Africa Irresistible, 24, sc., Capt. J. Borlase, 1854,

Coast Guard, Southampton. Isis, 2, Store Depot, Mast.-Com. Loney, 1860,

Sierra Leone Jackall, 4, st. ves., Lieut-Com. H. M. N. Dyer.

1855, Scotch Fisheries. Janus, 1, Lieut.-Com. Powys, 1854, China Jaseur, 5, sc. Com. W. J. H. Grubbe (1861)

Coast of Africa Kestrel, 1, sc. Lieut.-Com. Grant, 1857, China

Landrail, 6, 8c., Com. H. L. Maitland, West

Coast of Africa Leander, 39, sc. Commodore Michael de Courcy,

1852, Pacific Lizard, 1, st. ves. Lieut.-Com. Telfer, 1854,

Coast of Scotland Lee, 5, sc. Lieut. Com.

1860, tender to Rattlesnake, Coast of Africa Leopard, 18, st. vessel, Capt. C. T. Leckie, 1858,

China Leven, 3, screw gun vessel, Lt. Com. H. P.

Knevitt (1855) China Lightning, 3, st. ves,, Capt. E. J. Bedford,

survey. Coast of Scotland Lily, 4, sc., Com. A. C. F. Heneage, 1857,

North America and West Indies Linnet, 2, sc., Lieut.-Com. A. Salwey, Brazils Liverpool, 35, sc., Capt. R. Lambert, 1855

special service Lion, 60, sc. Captain J. M. Hayes, C. B., 1855,

Coast Guard, Greenock Lyra, 9. sc., Com. R. A. Parr, 1861, C. of Africa Mæander, 10, Capt. J. G. Bickford, (1860) Ascen

sion Malacca, 17, Capt. R. B. Oldfield, 1862, Ports

mouth Manilla, sc. Mast. Com. B. Stuart, 1854, China Martin, 12, Training Brig, Lieut.-Com. Hon.

J. FitzMaurice, Portsmouth Medusa, 2, st. ves. Mas.-Com. Potter, 1851.

Sheerness Meeanee, 60, Captain G. Wodehouse, 1854,

Mediterranean. Megæra, 6, Capt. M. B. Dunn, store service,

1862 Mutine, 17, sc. Com. W. H. Blake, Pacific Naiad, 6, store slup, Mas. Com. G. Reid, 1850,

Callao Narcissus, 35, sc. Rear Adm. C. B. Elliott, Capt.

Colin A. Campbell, Brazils Nereus, 6, store depot. Staff Com. C. R. P.

Forbes, 1863, Valparaiso Niger, 13, Captain J. Bruce, 1862, West Indies Nimble, 5, Com. A. J. Chatfield, 1862, North

America Octavia, Capt. C. F. Hillyar, East Indies Oberon, 3, st. ves., Edmund H. Verney, 1858,

West Coast of Africa Orontes, 2, sc., troop ship, Capt. H. W. Hire,

1862, troop service Osborne, st. yacht, Com. John D'Arcy, 1863,

particular service Osprey, sc., 4, Com. W. Menzies, 1862, China Pandora, 5. sc. Com. Edward Stubbs, 1863,

Coast of Africa Pantaloon, l1, sc. Com. F. Purvis, (1860),

Bombay Pelican, 17, sc. Com. R. Cator, 1857, MediterPelorus, 21, sc. Capt. W. H. Haswell, 1858,

China Pembroke, 25, sc. Coinmodore A. P. Ryder, 1848,

Capt. J. 0. Johnson, 1856, Harwich Penguin, 5, Sc., (tender to Princess Royal)

Lieut.-Com. E. S. J. Garforth, 1857, East

Indies and Cape of Good Hope Perseus, 17, sc., Com. C. E. Stevens, 1860, China Phæbe, 36, Capt. W R. Rolland, 1857, Medi

terranean Pigmy, 3, st. v. Master Com. Petch, 1861

Portsmouth. Porcupine, 3, st. ves. Staff-Com. Calver, 1863,

Downs (survey) President, 16, Com. W. Mould, 1855, Naval Re

serve Drill Ship, London. Prince Consort, 31, sc., Capt. G. O. Willes, C B.

1856, Channel Squadron Princess Alice, 1, st. ves. Mast.-Com. Parker,

855, Devonport Princess Charlotte, 12, Captain M, S. Nolloth,

185ti, Receiving Ship, Hong Kong

ing, China


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