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The news is told and echo'd, till the tale Conditions spurns, and triumphs in their fall. Howe'er reviving, almost waxes stale. Wisdom mistrusts itsell, and leans on heaven, --A second convert Gospel grace allures-- Says God. It trusts and leans upon itself, 0, but this time he was not ours but yours;

The world replies.

Wisdom retires, says It came to pass we know not when or how ; God, -Well, are we quite as glad and thankful And counts it bravery to bear reproach, now?

And shame, and lowly poverty, upright; Or can we scarce the rising wish suppress, And weeps with all who have just cause to That we were honour'd with the whole suc- weep. cess?

Wisdom, replies the world, struts forth to

gaze, There is an eye that marks the ways of Treads the broad stage of life with clamorous men,

foot, With strict, impartial, analyzing ken: Attracts all praises, counts it bravery Our motley creeds, our crude opinions, lie, Alone to wield the sword, and rush on death; All, all unveil'd to that omniscient eye. And never weeps, but for its own disgrace. He sees the softest shacles by error thrown; | Wisdom, says God, is highest when it stoops Marks where His trath is left to shine alone; | Lowest before the Holy Throne; throws Decides with most exact, onerring skill,

down Wherein we differ from His word and will. Its crown, abased ; forgets itself, admires, No specious names nor reas'nings, to His And breathes adoring praise. There wisdom view,

stoops, The false can varnish, or deform the true; Indeed, the world replies, there stoops, beNor vain excuses e'er avail to plead, The right of theory for the wrong of deed. It must, but stoops with dignity; and thinks Before that uneinbarrass'd, just survey,

And meditates the while of inward worth. What heaps of refuse must be swept away! How must its search from every creed re

move, All but the golden grains of truth and love :

MUTUAL INFLUENCE OF ERROR Yet, with compassion for our feeble powers,

AND VICE. For oh! His thoughts and ways are not as

COW PER. ours !

FAULTs in the life breed errors in the brain;
And these reciprocally those again.

The mind and conduct mutually imprint WORLDLY AND DIVINE WISDOM

And stamp their image in each other's mint: CONTRASTED.

Each, sire and dam, of an infernal race,

Begetting and conceiving all that's base. POLLOK




WISDOM is humble, says the voice of God.
"Tis proud, the world replies. Wisdom, says

Forgives, forbears, and suffers, not for fear
Or man, but God.

Wisdom revenges, says
The world, is quick and deadly of resentment,
Thrusts at the very shadow of affront,
And hastes, by death, to wipe its honour

Wisdom, says God, loves enemies, entreats,
Solicits, begs for peace. Wisdom, replies
The world, hates enemies, will not ask peace,

SAID Justice, “ Man I'd sain know what you

weigh; If weight, I spare you, if too light, I slay," Man leap'd the scale; it mounted :

" On my word,” Said Justice, “less than nothing, where's

my sword ?"

Virtue was there, and her small weight | Fill those with joy who leave thee none, would try,

And kiss the hand upraised to slay. The scale unsunk, still kick'd the beam on high.

So does the fragrant Sandal bow MERCY, the whitest dove that ever flew, In meek forgiveness to its doom; From Calvary fetched a twig of crimson bue; | And o'er the axe at every blow, Aloft it sent the scale on t'other side,

Sheds in abundance rich perfume ! Man smiled, and Justice owned



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Dum vivimus, vivamus."
“ LIVE, while yon live," the epicure would say,
“ And seize the pleasures of the present day."
“ Live, while you live," the sacred preacher cries,
“ And give to God each moment as it dies.”
Lord, in my view. let both united be,
I live in pleasure when I live to thee.

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