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Between his knees, his hands apply'd
Unto his ears on either side ;
And by him, in another hole,
Afflicted Ralpho, cheek by jole ;
She came upon him in his wooden
Magician's circle, on the sudden,
As spirits do t' a conjurer,
When in their dreadful shapes th' appear.

No sooner did the Knight perceive her, 115
But straight he fell into a fever,
Inflam'd all over with disgrace,
To be seen by her in such a place ;
Which made him hang his head, and scowl, ;
And wink, and goggle like an owl, 120
He felt his brains begin to swim,
When thus the dame accosted him :

This place, quoth she, they say's inchanted, And with delinquent spirits haunted, That here are ty'd in chains, and scourg'd 125 Until their guilty crimes be purg'd : Look, there are two of them appear, . Like persons I have seen somewhere. Some have mistaken blocks and posts For spectres, apparitions, ghosts,


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don, Teblished by Z,

Lean, 1010.

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